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This is Winston's page!

Winston is 5 years old!  I guess almost 6, since he was born in December.  He is a miniature American Eskimo, although he really is almost the size of a standard.  (imagine that, and he was the runt of the litter!)  We really enjoy him.  He loves to play outside with the kids, and he loves to chase balls.  He hates when plastic crinkles and he will bark at the vacuum the entire time it's on, and often when it's not!  (we have to put it away so that he can't see it)

Cousin Emily gives me a bath

Thomas helps to squirt me off

Here I am obeying the sitting command, but wishing I could jump all over you!

yum yum, raw hide. . .yeah, I shouldn't eat it, but what do the vet's know?

Awe, look at that sweet seal baby face. . how can you turn me down?

(this is a huge picture when you use the thumbnail, sorry) This is my view from the back deck, aren't you jealous?  Yeah, I thought you would be, makes you want to be the dog eh?