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This is Katie's page!

Katie is 3 years old.  She loves to EVERYTHING her big brother does!  She is talking up a storm and running everywhere she goes.   She is great at taking his directions when they pretend, which surprises me, because she is the most independent kid I have ever met!  She loves to sing and like her brother knows most the words to the songs that I sing to them. 

Here I am dancing away!  I was actually spinning and mom was really surprised at how well the picture turned out.  I was really "into" it!

  Look at how cute I look in mom's hat!  (excuse the chocolate all over my face!)

 This is just a cute picture of me, but you must know, my mother took it because it shows that my eyes are two different colors.  (when you enlarge it)

Katie and Grandpa Harper at the kitchen table

Forget the other presents I have a baby

Forget the baby, I HAVE AN APPLE!

Me and Grandpa Harper reading together! (she really was trying to be "just like Grandpa Harper)

Which concerto would you like to hear this evening?

WUHOO! My first real snow!