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Some of these projects are from when I first started crocheting.  I have tried to put them in some kind of order, putting the most recent up at the top, but some things I can't remember for sure so I put higher up assuming people might enjoy the links.  I have tried to include the links to the patterns I have made so that you too can make it if you want to!

Here are some funny pictures of a hat I made for my husband's white elephant party! LOL

Greg:    Nishant:    Albert:

Yuka:  John:   I used the pattern from Bohemian Mermaid's site ( you have to belong to her msn group, but she has a lot of cool patterns.  The hat is her basic hat, I added the flaps on my own along with the mock dread locks and the big pompom on top.  It was a lot of fun :)   

Katie wearing a hat I made for a friend's baby.  I added a little flower on the front of it after this picture, but it sure turned out cute!  I got this pattern from and I made the helmet and then added the ears. 

This is a hat I made.  It was *supposed* to look like the hat in the movie "Just a Walk in the Park" but I think I did something a little wrong.  This pattern can be found  and then choose Erika's tweed hat.  This website is new to me, and I really like it!

A black chenille afghan that I crocheted for my sister.  I saw this beautiful thick and quick chenille and KNEW she had to have it!

spike stitch tote.  I won Sweepstakes at the fair!  I got this pattern by purchasing a membership here:

a pair of socks I made for myself.

My cuties in their sweaters I made for them. I used this pattern: and I did lengthen the sleeves.

  Katie in her Easter dress with her brother in the background saying "mom, when are you going to crochet *me* Sunday clothes?" lol

A table runner I made for my mother.  It fits her little antique table *PERFECTLY*!

A picture of my daughter Katie in her cousin Julie's hat and mittens, I almost should probably put this on Katie's page LOL  The mittens in this pattern were crocheted using this pattern:  I also used that stitch to make the hat and the scarf.  (though I did not use a pattern)

The purse I crocheted for myself after one year's use. Found this pattern at:

  Diaper cover (soaker) made from wool-ease.  I used this pattern:  but instead of adding the knitted part I just crocheted around the edges.

Afghan made for my mom in law

Afghan made for my fiancÚ, now husband

Toilet topper, made for my mom in law.  I found the pattern here:  you must have acrobat reader to view this pattern.

Doily made for an exchange.  The pattern can be found here:

Antimacassar made for a friend. It was actually a doily pattern that I found here:

A baby layette I made for my friend Sue.

Another poncho and pants I made for another friend.  Pattern for this and the one pictured above can be found at: