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This is Thomas' page.

Thomas is my darling five year old son.  He is a very busy kid, and the saying "if you don't keep them busy, they keep you busy" is VERY true with him.  He is a great helper and is very smart.  He loves to play the piano, dress-up, sing, cook. . .well, almost everything I like to do, but I think he likes trains, planes and automobiles much better than I!  Thomas is going to be learning to crochet very soon, sometimes he sits on my lap and holds the crochet hook while I crochet (so does his little sister). 

Please, take this picture of ME!  Look at that gorgeous boy. . .we love him SO much!

At my dad's computer. . .I just learned "no installing new stuff or dad gets mad" SO. . .I have to resort to whatever I have already installed on there!

Just clowning around in the costume box

I get to eat this? (he made it with me and it was SO hard for him to not eat all the candies)

phbhbhht to you too!

Are you really sure you should take a picture of me like this?  (with the broken arm)

mmm. . ..snow

Do I get any cuter?  Can I keep these balloons?

Awe, Magenta and Blue, otherwise known as my two beautiful kids.

Cousin Rich participating in the dress up

Me and mom out in the tulip fields.