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This is Ron's page :)

Why is he not doing his own page?  Well he might someday, but at this point I thought that it could just be a page dedicated to him, kind of like my children's. 

Ron is such a thoughtful husband, we have SO much fun together.  He always tries to support me in the things I love (he helps me count things in crochet, he buys me yarn and supplies needed, he watches the kids while I go to dance class or play the piano. . .whatever it is I want).  He is VERY romantic and brings me fresh roses on a regular basis!  (Thomas helps him with that too, when they die he tells his dad to buy more!)

He is a wonderful father, and I will be posting some kid/daddy pictures.  He loves his children so much, and always tries to provide whatever they need.  (and sometimes just want!) 

Daddy and Thomas reading a Christmas story together

  Matching robes and darling princess on the lap.

Oooohh. . .sporty car.

wuuuooo, yummy interior!