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Melanie's Bio page
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Hey there everyone!!!

Okay, so everyone has to start a webpage sometime or another, and since I have been wanting to and being afraid. . .here it goes!

A little about myself.  My name is Melanie Harper, I live in Washington near Seattle.  (kind of a suburb of a suburb if you will!)  I have two BEAUTIFUL children who right now are my life.  (of course so is my darling husband) 

My hobbies include, but are not limited to: Playing the piano, singing, playing with my kids (of course), dancing, writing poetry here and there, reading, and crocheting!  I  love my church and am actively involved in it.    Since crocheting is what I can do best around the kids (and display on the web) I will be creating a separate page just for that specialty. (hopefully pictures of projects, links to patterns and I aspire to design a few patterns to post on the web myself)

I will probably also have a page devoted to parenting and links that I have and do enjoy, but this is going to be VERY slow going, I can already tell.   I will also have a page that includes pictures and stories about my darling kids (Thomas--age 4 and Katie--age 2) and my husband (age undisclosed) and our dog Winston (age 5--in human years)

The most recent pictures are at the top :)


Here are my beautiful kids dancing to "Walk Like an Egyptian"  It was SO cute!

And here we are doing the all famous "John Travolta!" pretty funny, since we haven't ever seen anyone else dance this way.  (sorry the picture is fuzzy, they are actually dancing around in these pictures)

Here is another one, a little more clear, but boy were they having fun dancing.  (especially when they figured out we had a camera around lol)

My little Halloween astronaut and fairy princess.  They had SO much fun!  Luckily our trick-or-treating was done inside an office building, so it was light, warm and had magic shows and "THE REPTILE MAN!" 

I know this picture is a little fuzzy, but Uncle Ross was pulling the kids in the wagon so cute! 

Mommy and Katie together on the beach.

Me and the rest of my family at Disneyland. (oh yes, and of course BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!)

A more formal picture of my darlings and myself.  

The way I used to look :)

A picture of me and cousin Emily with the charmin bear in front of the restrooms at the fair---now THAT'S advertising! (my all time favorite toilet paper IS charmin ultra)