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Divided, We Fall picks up a few months after where Holding Onto Nothing leaves off. Parker is about to embark on his summer stay at the Hanson house but has no idea what problems have been brewing between the family members since he last saw them.
Chapter One Chapter Twenty-One Chapter Forty-One
Chapter Two Chapter Twenty-Two Chapter Forty-Two
Chapter Three Chapter Twenty-Three Chapter Forty-Three
Chapter Four Chapter Twenty-Four Chapter Forty-Four
Chapter Five Chapter Twenty-Five Chapter Forty-Five
Chapter Six Chapter Twenty-Six Chapter Forty-Six
Chapter Seven Chapter Twenty-Seven Chapter Forty-Seven
Chapter Eight Chapter Twenty-Eight Chapter Forty-Eight
Chapter Nine Chapter Twenty-Nine Chapter Forty-Nine
Chapter Ten Chapter Thirty Chapter Fifty
Chapter Eleven Chapter Thirty-One Chapter Fifty-One
Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirty-Two Chapter Fifty-Two
Chapter Thirteen Chapter Thirty-Three Chapter Fifty-Three
Chapter Fourteen Chapter Thirty-Four Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter Fifteen Chapter Thirty-Five Chapter Fifty-Five
Chapter Sixteen Chapter Thirty-Six Chapter Fifty-Six
Chapter Seventeen Chapter Thirty-Seven Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter Eighteen Chapter Thirty-Eight Chapter Fifty-Eight
Chapter Nineteen Chapter Thirty-Nine Chapter Fifty-Nine
Chapter Twenty Chapter Forty Chapter Sixty


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