Schumann Opus Numbers

Here you can see the opus numbers assigned to Schumann's works. You may notice that some things do not make sense, e.g. sonata 3 comes before sonata 2. This is correct. He composed one before the other, but published the latter first.

Op.1 = Variationen über den Namen Abegg
Op.2 = Papillons
Op.3 = Studien nach Capricen von Paganini
Op.4 = 6 Intermezzi
Op.5 = Impromptus on a Theme by Clara Wieck
Op.6 = Davidsbündler
Op.7 = Toccata
Op.8 = Allegro
Op.9 = Carnaval
Op.10 = 6 Concert-Etuden nach Capricen von Paganini
Op.11 = Sonata No.1
Op.12 = Phantasiestücke
Op.13 = Symphonic Etudes
Supplement to Op.13: 5 Additional (Anhang) Variations
Op.14 = Sonata No.3
Supplement to Op.14: Original Scherzo to Sonata No.3
Op.15 = Kinderscenen
Op.16 = Kreisleriana
Op.17 = Fantasy in C Major
Op.18 = Arabeske
Op.19 = Blumenstücke
Op.20 = Humoreske
Op.21 = Novelletten
Op.22 = Sonata No.2
Supplement to Op.22: Original Presto Finale to Sonata No.2
Op.23 = Nachtstücke
Op.26 = Faschingsschwank aus Wien
Op.28 = Three Romances
Op.32 = Four Pieces
Op.68 = Album für die Jugend
Op.72 = Four Fugen
Op.76 = Four Marches
Op.82 = Waldscenen
Op.99 = Bunte Blätter
Op.111 = Three Fantasies
Op.118 = Three Clavier-Sonaten für die Jugend
Op.124 = Album Leaves (Albumblätter)
Op.126 = Seven Pieces in Fughetta Form
Op.133 = Morning Songs
Theme in E Flat Major - (Schumann's "last musical idea")

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