Here you will find midi files of Schumann's piano works. As usual, I will use only my own midi files that I have sequenced on this page, so there isn't much here at the moment - but there will be more in the near future. Remember, there is an opus list of Schumann's works - though it isn't very big at the moment. If you have a request for a certain piece, you can E-Mail me, and I'll try to get it done. When I have completed a set, e.g. all of the "Symphonic Etudes", I will put them into zip files for download, and will include a zip file of NWC files so those of you who have the program can see how I sequenced them. You will be able to see that I took no shortcuts in creating "Toccata". Remember, I put most of the midi files here so that you can see if you like the music. If you do, I recommend buying a CD with the music on as these bring much more pleasure to listen to. Midi files have so many limitations. "Naxos" CDs can be bought at around £5 each and they have a fair selection of the best Schumann piano music. I hope you enjoy the music of Robert Schumann.

Please note: A complete downloadable work which consists of more than 1 piece e.g. the complete "Album für die Jugend" will be in zip files. Works consisting of only 1 part e.g. "Blumenstücke" will not be zipped. In this case you will download a midi file or a nwc file. If you want to download a midi or a nwc file, you will have to right-click and "save target as".

Toccata Op.7 (Midi) or (Noteworthy)

Album für die Jugend Op.68

No.1 - Melodie (Melody)

No.2 - Soldatenmarsch (Soldiers' March)

No.3 - Trällerliedchen (Humming Song)

No.4 - Ein Choral (A Chorale)

No.5 - Stückchen (Little Piece)

No.6 - Armes Waisenkind (The Poor Orphan)

No.7 - Jägerliedchen (Huntsman's Song)

No.8 - Wilder Reiter (The Wild Horseman)

No.9 - Volksliedchen (Folksong)

No.10 - Fröhlicher Landmann (The Merry Peasant)

No.11 - Sicilianisch (Siciliano)

No.12 - Knecht Ruprecht (Knight Rupert)

No.13 - Mai, lieber Mai, bald bist du wieder da! (May, lovely May, you'll soon be here again!)

No.14 - Kleine Studie (Little Study)

Symphonic Etudes Op.13


Etude 3

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