Here you will find piano scores of my compositions. You will need a version of "Noteworthy Composer" to view them. You will find that here there are a few compositions that you will not have seen on my midi page. This is because I have not made them into midi files yet. You will find that when playing these scores, they will seem too fast, or too slow. This is because I have not added a metronome mark to my written scores. (I intended for them to be used for performance on the piano). However, my midi files have been put at the speed I intend for them to be played, so you may want to collect a few. Some of these compositions are longer than others, but I hope you enjoy them. And yes, I wrote "Charlene" for a girl named Charlene, which maybe explains why it's one of my favourites. Any comments more than welcome. E-Mail me at the bottom of the page

Noteworthy Composer Scores

All pieces David Dobson 1999

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