List of Links

(In alphabetical order)

This is a list of the places I have visited that I enjoyed or found useful. Some of these are music pages, some explore other subjects.

Homepages (made by people like you and me)

Allison's Page of Thoughts - Allison's page of thoughts contains her poetry, and her quotes. I read through every one. These poems and quotes are generally interesting. If you like to read poems, or are just stuck for something to do, I advise taking a look at her work. I enjoyed this site.

Ben Folds Five: The Man From Uncool - This is a good Ben Folds Five page that has BFF midis, news, sheet music, lyrics e.t.c.

Classical Midi Archives - This is a site with thousands of classical music midis for download. Easily the largest classical midi site I've seen, however some midis are not of such a great standard.

Remember, if you want a certain piece of music made into midi, contact me with the name of the piece, and I'll try to make a good quality midi file of the request.

Comfort Zone - This is a very large site with lots to read about. There is literature, an ever growing list called "good things", religious pages, pictures, and loads more. A great and a huge site. Visit it!

Jinny's Ben Folds Five Sheet Music - Ben Folds Five sheet music for piano made by "fivers" (Ben Folds Five Fans). Ever growing list of transcriptions.

Poetry Pages - This is a site with the author's poems, other works, and links e.t.c. Worth a visit sometime!

The Ultimate Chopin MIDI Collection - This is exactly what the link says, almost all of Chopin's pieces lie in this page. Some are in "real-time" (e.g. not exactly in time, meant to represent an actual performance). Worth a look if you have time.

Underground - The Ben Folds Five Webring - This has a collection of pages that contains a lot of Ben Folds Five stuff. Worth a look.

"Company" Sites (Search engines, Downloads, Companies e.t.c.)

Altavista search - This is my favourite search engine to look for just about anything. - This is a huge site owned by CNET where you can find thousands of downloads and shareware in all subjects.

Hotbot - This is a reasonably good search engine.

Naxos Home Page - I keep talking about the good quality of Naxos classical CDs. This link will take you to the Naxos homepage. Here you can find information about Naxos, composers, their CDs, and much more. If you like classical music, take a look.

Rocket Download - This site has a nice collection of downloads for you. A bit like

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