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Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five

This page is about my favourite modern band - "Ben Folds Five". Over the time, the page will get larger with new things being added all the time. At the heart of this page are my own transcriptions of piano music to Ben Folds Five songs. If you are a Ben Folds Five fan who plays piano, these files will no doubt be useful to you. I spend some time now and then with my CDs out next to my piano, trying to work out best as I can, what Ben Folds plays on the piano. This is where these files come from. As usual, all files are made by me. You will need "Noteworthy Composer" to open these ".nwc" files. You can get a trial copy from I also will include Midi files of the music I transcribe, so that all of you who have never heard Ben Folds Five can have a listen. Right click and "Save as Target" to download. I am having trouble with NWC files at the moment, you'll have to save the file, then change the extension from ".htm" to ".nwc".

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