About Me

My name is David Dobson and I am 17 years old. My main hobbies include music, (of course) and reading. I became interested in music and in particular, the piano, around late 1997. I learnt my first real piece of music then, which was the famous first movement of Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata. I started actual piano lessons in September 1998.

I took music for a GCSE and gained a B grade. I hope to progress further in music. I have just got an Intermediate GNVQ in Business Studies.

I have built up quite a large collection of CDs. They amount to over 125 at the moment, and most of them are classical. My favourite composers include Chopin (I must have almost all of his music), Beethoven, Schumann and Liszt, to mention but a few. I also enjoy listening to other styles of piano music such as Joplin and Prokofiev. As well as listening to classical music, I also enjoy listening to a few modern bands, one of my favourites is Ben Folds Five.

My compositions were composed from back in the beginning of 1998, to the present day. The older ones are probably the better ones. The most recent is the piece in C Sharp Minor. It took me a year to compose ("Writers Block"). It is also my longest piece. If you like the midi files, and would like the actual piano scores - particularly if you play the piano yourself - you will need some version of "Noteworthy Composer". You can download a shareware version from "http://www.download.com". You may distribute midis and nwc files as you wish, but please acknowledge the author of the work (me) and please keep my name on all pieces where I have put my name. Thanks.

David Dobson