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Transcript from July 30, 1999
7/30/99 - NBC All Star Party
NBCLive: LIVE! From Pasadena, welcome to the NBC All-Star Party!
NBCLive: We are coming to you live from the Twin Palms restaurant
NBCLive: where stars of NBC's new fall programs, as well as
NBCLive: your favorite cast members from returning NBC shows are
NBCLive: unwinding after a day of answering journalists' questions!
NBCLive: Now they are ready to answer YOUR personal questions.
NBCLive: And now, before we get started, a word from our lawyers:
NBCLive: You agree not to use offensive language or
NBCLive: personally attack any other participants or
NBCLive: third parties. You are solely responsible for
NBCLive: all of your communications, and you agree not
NBCLive: to violate or infringe upon the rights of others.
NBCLive: NBC and Talk City reserve the right, but are
NBCLive: not obligated, to edit or delete any information
NBCLive: that it deems to violate these ground rules. NBC
NBCLive: and Talk City reserve the right to suspend access
NBCLive: to anyone who violates these rules. NBC and Talk
NBCLive: City also reserve the right to republish,
NBCLive: disseminate and broadcast any materials posted.
NBCLive: To ask any of our stars a question use the input bar above
NBCLive: your chat window. If you are on WebTV or an IRC client
NBCLive: simple send a private message to AskNBC with your question.
NBCLive: if you want your question asked of a specific star be sure to put their
NBCLive: name first, then your question!
NBCLive: Hi Everyone
NBCLive: We are here Live in humid Pasadena tonight!
NBCLive: We will be chatting with some of your favorite stars from NBC
NBCLive: There is a lot of food and Television stars everywhere here.
NBCLive: The Palms on the out door patio is where we are stationed for tonight
NBCLive: Here comes Seth Rogen.
NBCLive: from Freaks and Geeks
NBCLive: Hi Seth!
NBCLive: Seth: Hello how's it going?
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Maggie says: &previews you can give us???>

NBCLive: Seth: I don't know about any of the upcoming episodes yet, I've heard they just keep getting better and better.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: August_Star says:
NBCLive: Seth: Yeah, it's a lot of fun
NBCLive: Seth: I am from Vancouver and it is nice having
NBCLive: Seth: a lot of friends with you.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-jillcan says: Seth-I'm going to watch Freaks and Geeks! Are there going to be any famous cameos?

NBCLive: Seth: You will just have to watch and see jillican.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-LIsnob says: Seth, are you going to play a Freak or a Geek?

NBCLive: Seth: A Freak, an easy one.
NBCLive: Thanks Seth for stopping by.
NBCLive: Seth: Thanks all for showing interest in the new show!
NBCLive: Next up we have Samm Levine from Freeks and Geeks.
NBCLive: Welcome Samm
NBCLive: Samm: Hi guys!
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-jillcan says: Cast of Freaks and Geeks- when does the show start, like when in August/Sept.?

NBCLive: Samm: Our first episode is September 25th.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-shogun says: What was your first acting job?

NBCLive: Samm: A toy commercial.
NBCLive: Samm : But the product actually never came out.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-jillcan says: Samm- cool spelling of your name, any reason behind it or you just wanted to be original?

NBCLive: Samm: Yeah, I just wanted to be original.
NBCLive: Samm: People always remember the weird names in Hollywood.
NBCLive: *


NBCLive: Samm: Anyone who has every been in high school
NBCLive: Samm: anyone who is in high school
NBCLive: Samm: and anyone who is going to go to high school
NBCLive: Samm: so just about everyone.
NBCLive: Thanks for joining us Samm
NBCLive: Samm: Hope you will all watch.
NBCLive: Next up we have Debra Messing and Will McCormick from Will and Grace
NBCLive: Welcome Will and Debra!
NBCLive: Will: Hi cyber gang!
NBCLive: Debra: Hi everyone!
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: manda1515 says: are any of you practical jokers?

NBCLive: Eric: the producers are funny they keep telling us that Sean is coming back for the second season and we laugh
and laugh.
NBCLive: Debra: Of course only kidding. ;-)
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Marty says: Hello Debra, What aspect of Grace's character do you most admire?

NBCLive: Debra: Oh Lordy,
NBCLive: Debra: Eric just whispered in my ear,
NBCLive: Debra: "her love for Will" LOL
NBCLive: Debra: I think her passion and her determination.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-jackie470 says:

NBCLive: Debra: Good question.
NBCLive: Eric: In college
NBCLive: Debra: Grace was dating Will's college roommate
NBCLive: Debra: and they became immediate friends and the boyfriend was ultimately ditched
NBCLive: Debra: and the friend stayed.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Gabby says: Will what other shows were you in before will & Grace

NBCLive: Eric: Lonesome dove
NBCLive: Eric: and Street Justice. Remember those?
NBCLive: Eric: Me neither, LOL
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Marty says: Hello Debra and Eric -What makes "Will and Grace" such a popular show?

NBCLive: Debra: People like you who tune in every week.
NBCLive: Eric: That an extortion.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: Karissa_S says: I love the dialogue on your show, do you help write any of it?

NBCLive: Debra: We all contribute during rehearsals
NBCLive: Debra: if things don't work, or feel awkward
NBCLive: Debra: We all throw out ideas and the writers often use them.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Kristin says: I love Will and Grace it is the only show I really try to watch! Do you guys get along as
well off the set as you do on?

NBCLive: Debra: NO!!!!!! LOL
NBCLive: Eric: My lawyer says I should says yes.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-SideShowLew says: do the names of the characters say something about them - ie, grace = =she takes it with
good grace?

NBCLive: Debra: Yes, Will has a strong will and Grace is sort of a sick joke.
NBCLive: Debra: She is one of the least graceful designers in New York City
NBCLive: Debra: but I think it is pretty funny she is called Grace
NBCLive: Debra: She is constantly tripping falling and every other kind of physical catastrophe
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-dalias says: Love Will & Grace! Eric - I'd like to know how Will and Jack met, since they're such total

NBCLive: Eric: That's a good question
NBCLive: Eric: There was an episode where we showed a flash back of Will and Jack meeting.
NBCLive: Eric: About 12 years ago, but the scene got cut.
NBCLive: Eric: I like to think they met, while getting beat up at summer camp.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: ash1_a says: do you plan to have any special guest on the show this season?

NBCLive: Debra: We know Debby Reynolds is returning this season as Grace's mom.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-fishchic says: cast of will & grace .... Do your real personalities resemble those of your characters??

NBCLive: Eric: Yes, I am so Will it scares me.
NBCLive: Debra: And unfortunately I have the bruises to prove how Grace-like I am.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: CELESTE_33 says: Is there ever any chance of Will and Grace developing more than a friendship?

NBCLive: Eric: Yes...the season two finale. They develop a cure for the common cold.
NBCLive: Eric: That was what you meant wasn't it?
NBCLive: Thanks Debra and Will for joining us tonight.
NBCLive: Eric: Thanks for having us on.
NBCLive: Debra: Thank You so much for watching us, we'll do our best to keep you laughing.
NBCLive: Debra: Tune in Tuesday at 9:30 on NBC.
NBCLive: We have a few minutes before out next guests arrive.
NBCLive: The place is filling up with more stars now.
NBCLive: I see Jay Leno over in the other corner of the room.
NBCLive: and Florence henderson is here with cast of her new NBC show
NBCLive: Here comes John Daley from Freeks and Geeks
NBCLive: Hi John!
NBCLive: John: Hey guys!
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Lizzie415 says: Were you a freak or a geek in school, or were you a popular guy?

NBCLive: John: I guess I was a mixture of both freek and geek
NBCLive: John: but I would not have considered myself particularly popular.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: JB2K says: is freaks and geeks gonna be a drama, or comedy...or a "dramedy"?!?

NBCLive: John: A Dramedy.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: Miseryme says: Do you play a freak or a geek. And is it a like "star" of the movie?

NBCLive: John: I play a geek and I am the lead.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: meriwidow says: John! Is this your first internet chat?

NBCLive: John: No, I've been chatting on the internet for a while.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: VerucaSlt says: John Daley: I love the concept of Freaks and Geeks. What attracted you to the part.

NBCLive: John: Well I loved the name because it was unlike any other name of a show
NBCLive: John: and once I read the script I fell in love with it.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-JenBren13 says: In your show, do the geeks get the girls?

NBCLive: John: Unfortunately not, hopefully in an upcoming episode I will though.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Kara says: What day of the week will Freeks and Geeks be on and what time?

NBCLive: John: Saturdays at 8:00
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-jillcan says: Do you think Freaks and Geeks will be like the Wonder Years of the '80s?

NBCLive: John: It has a lot in common, the differences are there is no narration
NBCLive: John: and most of the events occur in the high school
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-jillcan says: John- who is the youngest cast member on Freaks and Geeks?

NBCLive: John: It's me!
NBCLive: Thanks John for stopping by.
NBCLive: John: I hope you watch the show and enjoy it.
NBCLive: John: It is in a difficult time slot, so your watching it would be appreciated.
NBCLive: We are waiting for the next celebrity to make the rounds our way.
NBCLive: They have a neat jazz combo playing over in the corner.
NBCLive: There are Tons of NBC stars milling around.
NBCLive: Here comes Jason Segel from Freeks and Geeks.
NBCLive: Hi Jason!
NBCLive: Jason: Hi ask away with your questions.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-LIsnob says: Which do you play on the show - Freak or Geek?

NBCLive: Jason: A Freak- I play nick who is a drummer whose idol is John Bonham from Led Zepplin
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: Luv_n_Miguel says: How does it feel like working on the set of Freeks and Geeks?

NBCLive: Jason: It's been fantastic, and I have never been surrounded by such a talented cast and crew
NBCLive: Jason: from the writers on down.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: VerucaSlt says: Jason Segel: What's it like being at this awesome NBC party?

NBCLive: Jason: It is ridiculous! We are sitting here 50 feet away from Martin Sheen
NBCLive: Jason: and I don't have enough courage to go talk to him and tell him he is my inspiration.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: sassysmurf1 says: Jason, are you a freak or geek, and do you resemble your character at all

NBCLive: Jason: To some extent he is an extrapolation of my personal self
NBCLive: Jason: I bought the led Zepplin box set so I could get more in touch with Nick
NBCLive: Jason: and his motivations.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: freakgeek says: Jason, this is so cool getting to talk to you on the internet! I wish I were there. Have you
ever done internet before either in chat with friends or email or anything?

NBCLive: Jason: I am not connected to AOL, but I have friends all over the world and we keep in contact through instant
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-JenBren13 says: Hi Jason! Would you rather date a geek or a freak?

NBCLive: Jason: I think there is a little beauty in both
NBCLive: Jason: but I am more drawn to Geeks personally.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: oobit says: jason, are you excited about your new show. I went to high school in the 80s and I guess you could
say I was a freak.

NBCLive: Jason: I mean freaks on last answer, I was a bit of freak myself and most of my friends were.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: HippieStu says: Jason, did you like Zep?

NBCLive: Jason: Oh yeah, definitely it is not easy keeping up with John Bonham.
NBCLive: Jason: But I am getting better with my lessons.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: groovin says: Do you have a favorite 80s music band or song?

NBCLive: John: I guess Led Zepplin, it is hard to narrow it down.
NBCLive: John: but they are so diverse in their sound.
NBCLive: Thanks for joining us John.
NBCLive: Thanks for having me and watch the show =-)

NBCLive: Martin Starr from Freaks and Geeks is making his way to our table.
NBCLive: Hi Martin.
NBCLive: Martin: Hello!
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-alabastar says: Martin tell us what you can about your role on Freaks & Geeks!

NBCLive: Martin: I ply a geek
NBCLive: Martin: I play a tall geek.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-wangchung says: do you have a favorite band or song from the 80s? What did you pull on in the way of
memory, personal or cultural to prepare yourself for the show?

NBCLive: Martin: That's a tough one, I wasn't alive in the 80's
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: VerucaSlt says: Martin: Were you a geek in highschool?

NBCLive: Martin: Yeah, a BIG one.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-chiquita says:

NBCLive: Martin: Yeah we are all great friends.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: meastro_cn says: Martin, If you could have any one entertain you for a day, who would it be?

NBCLive: Martin: David Spade, I think he is one of the funniest guys.
NBCLive: Martin: I got to meet him tonight at this party.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: ROWDYRONSTER says: this is for Martin'd u get a part on your new show?

NBCLive: Martin: I auditioned several times.
NBCLive: Martin: I guess they liked me best.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: guest-Andrea says: Martin, how old are you? Are you by any chance related to Maurice Starr or anyone else in

NBCLive: Matrin: I am 17 and I am not related to another soul.
NBCLive: Martin: Starr is my stage name.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: lisalobe says: Martin what time and night with Freaks & Geeks be on?

NBCLive: Martin: Saturday nights at 8:00
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: ROWDYRONSTER says: hey Martin.....what do feel your show has that others lack in the funny department?

NBCLive: Martin: You can't explain it, we don't have a laugh track
NBCLive: Martin: so you laugh when you want to and not when the TV tells you to.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: oobit says: martin, will the clothes and music be as they were in the 80s?

NBCLive: Martin: Of course, it is set in 1980.
NBCLive: *

ASKNBC: VerucaSlt says: Martin Starr: Is this your first network TV series?

NBCLive: Martin: Yes , this is my first one.
NBCLive: Martin: All I have done before this was TV commercials.
NBCLive: Thanks Martin for joining us.
NBCLive: Martin: Thanks for having and please watch the show.

Busy Philipps Chat October 22, 1999

Busy Philipps:  I was born Elizabeth. And by the time I was about 6 months old, my parents and older sister began to refer to me as Busy because I was such a crazy kid. And it stuck. I've never been called anything else.

TV Guide:  Tonight we are chatting with Busy Philipps from "Freaks and Geeks." Welcome, Busy! Thanks for coming!

Busy Philipps:  Hi, everyone!

Question:  What got you into acting?

Busy Philipps:  I've always loved to act. I've been doing it since I was in elementary school, in community theater and school plays. I always knew it was what I wanted to do. That's what got me into it. That, and I'm starved for attention. :)

Question:  Who are your role models?

Busy Philipps:  My mother is my biggest inspiration. She's the most amazing woman in the world. As far as actors go, I would have to say Meg Ryan, Parker Posey and Madonna.

Question:  Do you plan to do a big movie soon?

Busy Philipps:  I did last summer, an independent film called "The Smokers," with Dominique Swain and Thora Birch. It's going to the festivals soon, hopefully, and we'll see what happens. I'd love to do movies. It was such a great experience. I'm kind of new to this. So the more experience I can get, the better.

Question:  Are you anything like your character in real life?

Busy Philipps:  I hope not! I think I'm a really nice person. I try to be. I think Kim can be a little mean-spirited at times.

Question:  How did you get discovered?

Busy Philipps:  Well, I moved to LA two years ago to go to Loyola Marymount University. About a year ago, I had a friend who was an actress who introduced me to her manager. And from there, it all snowballed. And I got an agent. And I started auditioning. And this was the first job I booked, "Freaks and Geeks." So I got very lucky.

Question:  How do you like working with the cast?

Busy Philipps:  I love, love, love the entire cast. It is so much fun to go to work. Linda and I went to college together, so we've been friends. I mean, what are the chances of that? She's amazing, and just the most fun person to work with. Everyone else is great too. Hi, Scott!!

Question:  What roles do you aspire to play?

Busy Philipps:  Hmm. I'm interested in playing strong females. I don't think women are portrayed as strong as I think they are in real life. I'm sick of women being nominated for Oscars for playing prostitutes. Even though those are very complex roles to play, I'm interested in real women. Like my mother is my greatest inspiration. Very few strong female roles are written that are worthy of playing.

Question:  What interested you about the role?

Busy Philipps:  First off, it's fun! It's fun to be mean! I have to be honest! Secondly, a lot of times when you get the sort of archetypical bad girl, there aren't... a lot of layers to her. And that's what makes it interesting and fun.

Question:  What do you plan to do next in your career?

Busy Philipps:  Hopefully, continue working! That is a good thing. I hope the show picks up and is a success. And I hope that gives me the opportunity to do films.

Question:  Hi. What do you think about the practice of labeling people in high school?

Busy Philipps:  First of all, I think it comes with the territory of high school. I was labeled when I went to high school. My sister, who is four years older, was labeled when she went to high school. It's something that not only is part of the turf, but should be taken more seriously by adults. Because, especially if you happen to be one of the kids who winds up with an unpleasant label, high school can be really rough.

Question:  What do you relate to most about your character?

Busy Philipps:  Kim really doesn't have girlfriends. And I always found it difficult to relate to girls in high school because I wasn't... or didn't like the cattiness that high school girls come along with. I did have girlfriends, don't get me wrong. But I enjoyed boys' company more. And Kim hangs out with the boys. Which is why I think she feels threatened by Lindsay.

Question:  Does going to a dance and not dancing make a person a geek?

Busy Philipps:  No, I didn't dance at any high school dances. I thought it was lame. LOL!

Question:  What is "Freaks and Geeks," and when did it start? On what network?

Busy Philipps:  "Freaks and Geeks" is an hour... sort of drama, sort of comedy, about the two least popular groups of kids in high school in Michigan in 1980. It's on Saturday nights, 8-9PT, check your local listings, on NBC. If you want to know more specifically, it was created by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow, who executive produced “The Larry Sanders Show" and "Ben Stiller Show."

Question:  Are you involved with anyone? 'Cause you are fine!

Busy Philipps:  Thank you! No, I'm not, and apparently no one wants to ask me on a date.

Question:  What was your audition for the show like?

Busy Philipps:  I had read for the casting director before on another show. And she had brought me back straight to producers for this show. I went in, and I was reading for Lindsay. And Jake Kasdan, who directed the pilot, said that they were writing a new character, and they didn't know where it was going, but they would like me to read it.

Busy Philipps:  So I did a cold reading, and they put me on tape. And four weeks later, they called and asked if I would guest star for the pilot only. So I did it. And then I went and did another pilot, which did not get picked up. And then after "Freaks and Geeks" got picked up, Judd and Paul called my manager and said that they would like to make me a series regular. To which I said, "Hell yeah!"

Question:  Do you film in a real high school or is it strictly filmed on a set?

Busy Philipps:  We do both. We film about half our show on location.

Question:  Hi, Busy -- I'll ask a question you probably have never been asked before -- where did you get your name? :-)

Busy Philipps:  I was born Elizabeth. And by the time I was about 6 months old, my parents and older sister began to refer to me as Busy because I was such a crazy kid. And it stuck. I've never been called anything else.

Question:  What do you like to do in your free time?

Busy Philipps:  I'm having a party tonight! And I like to hang out with my friends from college and from back home. I'm from Scottsdale, Arizona. And go to movies. Go to coffeehouses. Go to dance clubs. Go to parties. Whatever.

TV Guide:  Thanks, Busy, for chatting with us! We wish you the best and hope you come back soon!

Busy Philipps:  Bye, everyone. Thanks for writing in! And don't forget our show comes on after the World Series is over, in two weeks, with new episodes.

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October 27, 1999
Cast members of NBC's "Freaks and Geeks" and "Profiler's" Robert Davi chat with fans about their acting careers and their hit television shows.

NBCLive: Welcome to a special NBC Live double treat! Tonight we will be having guests from two of NBC's most popular shows. First on the bill we will be featuring cast members from NBC's new show "Freaks and Geeks." After a brief intermission we will be bringing out Robert Davi, star of NBC's "Profiler." And now a word from our lawyers- BORING BUT NECESSARY INFORMATION-You agree not to use offensive language or personally attack any other participants or third parties. You are solely responsible for all of your communications, and you agree not to violate or infringe upon the rights of others. NBC and Talk City reserve the right, but are not obligated, to edit or delete any information that it deems to violate these ground rules. NBC and Talk City reserve the right to suspend access to anyone who violates these rules. NBC and Talk City also reserve the right to republish, disseminate and broadcast any materials posted. Thank you. Set in a suburban High school in the 1980's "Freaks and Geeks" is a new comedy/drama series from the producer/writer of "The Larry Sanders Show" and "The Ben Stiller Show". The show follows the realistic, funny and sometimes touching lives of two teenage siblings who are trying to get through high school and figure out their place in the world. Our first guest for tonight is Martin Starr. Martin plays Bill, a tall geek who, despite his stereotypical think glasses and nerdish demeanor, really isn't all that smart. He has appeared in numerous commercials and can be seen in the movies "Arcade", "Night Skies" as well as "Hero". Welcome Martin!
Martin Starr: Hi! I'm happy to be here.
EZguest21: Martin, how did you get your role on "Freaks and Geeks?"
Martin Starr: I auditioned 3 times. The third time being for heads of NBC.
Okcoral: Martin, are you anything like your character on "Freaks and Geeks?"
Martin Starr: I'm not as big a geek, but I am similar in certain points of personality. For example, they are pulling me on the set. The next person will be with your shortly!
NBCLive: Our next "Freaks and Geeks" star is Linda Cardelli. Linda plays Lindsay Weir, an intelligent, goal-oriented high school student who has suddenly begun to question how she wants to live her life. her television credits include "Clueless", "Boy Meets World" and "3rd Rock from the Sun". her film credits include "Good Burger" and "Dead Man on Campus". Welcome Linda!
Linda Cardelli: My name is Linda. "I'm on Freaks and Geeks." Other than "Freaks and Geeks," I don't do very much right now, except for hang out and take it slow.
NBCLive: Also joining us now is.Busy Phillips. Busy plays Kim, Daniel's dangerous and unpredictable girlfriend who tries really hard to intimidate geeks and prevent Lindsay from joining the "freaks". Her first professional gig was working for Mattel at the New York Toy Fair Convention playing a live Barbie doll. She recently finished production on the film "The Smokers." Welcome Busy!
Busy Phillips: Hi to everyone. Thanks for supporting us, and I hope that everyone watches the new episodes in the upcoming weeks
Frankie: Linda and Busy, how did you get started acting?
Linda Cardelli: When I was 10 years old, a new teacher came to my school and she asked me. In music class, we had to do a tape of singing, and I sang. She asked me to be in one of the plays in school. I agreed. I started doing plays when I was 11. I also did Community Theater for a long time. Ever since then, I never quit.
Busy Phillips: I was in a school play when I was in the third grade. I was Wilbur the Pig in Charlotte's Web and it hooked me! So I continued to do Community Theater and school plays until I moved out to Los Angeles. And then I attempted to do this professionally. This is my first real job. I got very lucky.
NBCkicks: Linda, do you have a brother? If yes, is your relationship with him like the one on the show?
Linda Cardelli: I have two brothers, but they are much older than I am. We are really close. But sometimes when I tease Sam, it reminds me of how my brothers teased me. I am doing unto Sam as was done unto me by my brothers. My brother always called me a geek.
Handsomeone: Busy, don't you think your character is a little rough on Lindsay?
Busy Phillips: I think that Kim uses her toughness, her tough shell, to protect herself. But I think that we may find out in subsequent episodes that Lindsay and Kim may actually form some sort of friendship.
EZguest432: Linda, I saw on the NBC website that you toured Europe this summer performing in a medieval play. Are there any interesting stories you can share? Did you get to do any sightseeing while you were there?
Linda Cardelli: I didn't get to do much sightseeing outside of the places where we performed, which was in Oxford and Italy. We performed in front of a chapel where Queen Elizabeth used to pray at the Rycote Estate in England. In Italy we performed in the Piatza where Borsha used to throw her lovers off the cliff. So the places we performed were really beautiful and historical.
LUVSBusy: Busy, I just love your name, but I heard it is not your real one. How did you get such a neat nickname?
Busy Phillips: My birth name was Elizabeth. By the time I was six months old, my parents and my older sister started calling me Busy. I guess it's because I was such a wacky baby. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. I've never been called anything else.
Sheeza: Linda, I read somewhere that you were a contestant on the "Price is Right" once. Did you win anything?
Linda Cardelli: Linda: Yes! I was a lousy contestant, too! I won a fireplace. But I didn't make it to the Showcase Showdown, much to my chagrin. I didn't truly understand the game that I was given and when the lights went down, Bob Barker told me to just nod yes, and I'll explain it later to you kid. Suffice it to say that I lost.
Gustofwind: Busy, are you anything like the character you play?
Busy Phillips: I don't think so, but I can relate to Kim on certain levels. I don't think I'm as mean-spirited as she can be sometimes. She's a cool chick.
Marty: Busy and Linda, are you friends off the set as well as on?
Linda Cardelli: We are better friends offset than we are on the show.
Busy Phillips: Linda and I get along really well, and it's a joy to work with her. And we have the same birthday. We have a lot of unusual similarities. Our laughs are the same.
NBCLive: Also joining us now is. John Daley. John Daley plays Sam Weir, a geeky high school freshman trying to overcome the challenges that face most 14-year-olds who arrive at high school far less mature (both physically and socially) than the rest. He appeared in the live theatre version of "Tommy" and also in the independent film "Allerd Fishbein's in Love." Welcome John!
John Daley: Hello everybody. I hope you like the show. Linda and Busy are great.
Harrison: John, how did you get the job on "Freaks and Geeks?"
John Daley: Like everybody else, I auditioned. But this is a different type of audition because I was sick. It was overwhelming the day I went to the audition because they seemed to like me. I was acting natural, and later on in the screen tests I acted the same way. So it got me the part.
NBCkicks: Linda, do you have your own website?
Linda Cardelli: Apparently, I have heard that there is a website. There is nothing official, but I think someone started one. And I would like to thank them. It's so flattering.
Falala: Busy, what was your reaction when you found out you got your role on "Freaks and Geeks?"
Busy Phillips: Well, I was really excited. It was amazing. But the role was only as a guest start for the pilot. When I was cast, it was uncertain whether or not I would be seen in future episodes. But the producers called me in July and asked me if I would like to be a series regular. It was amazing and I was really excited about that.
 NBCLive: Joining us now is Samm Levine. Samm plays Neal, a confident sci-fi loving geek who cautiously studies every path taken by the school bully, in order to avoid any chance of running into him. He performed stand-up comedy appearing at such famous clubs as 'Caroline's' and 'Stand Up N.Y.'. His television credits include roles on "One Life to Live" and the Discovery Channel's "Discovery Kids." Welcome Samm!
Samm Levine: Hello fellow web surfers!
Villaness: Samm, Do you see a lot of yourself in your "Freaks and Geeks" character?
Samm Levine: Yes I do. I'm told that the writers based a lot of my character on me. So there are certain similarities between Neil and me.
Selfreliant: Busy, if you could go anywhere where in the world for a trip, where would it be? Who would you want to go with you?
Busy Phillips: I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand. I would love to go with my Mom, probably. I love her and she is fun to go sightseeing with because she reads those books out loud when you are driving around.
Davidg: Linda, is there an address to write fan mail to the show for cast members?
Linda Cardelli: You can leave email at, or you can write us at- Raleigh Studios; 5254 Melrose Avenue; Suite 411D; Hollywood, CA 90038.
Amazingmac: Samm, I hear that you are quite the budding magician. What is your favorite trick you perform, and are there any tricks you would love to be able to learn and try in the future?
Samm Levine: My favorite trick is a hard trick known as "Brain Waves," for those who are magicians out there. I would love to be able to perform the stage trick, "metamorphosis"
Dean: Busy, what are some of your non-acting jobs that you've held on your way to stardom?
Busy Phillips: California Pizza kitchens, baby! I worked there for three years, I believe. Plus I was a student in college. I worked in the Bloomingdale's makeup department for a week. I did not love that at all. I taught theater one summer to little kids in Arizona. That was a lot of fun.
Friendlyone: Linda, I heard you were into the art of Margaret Keane. What about her work intrigues you?
Linda Cardelli: I love the way you look at the children in her pictures. You can see a little bit of their soul. Everyone else thinks they are scary, though.
Livecomedy: Samm, I saw you perform at Caroline's in NY and thought you were hilarious. Any plans for more stand up? (other than this interview? Grins.)
Samm Levine: Unfortunately, I won't be in New York in the near future. But I should be appearing at a club in LA in the near future.
Citi-x: Busy, what is the best thing about being a TV star? What is the worst thing about being a TV star?
Busy Phillips: Well first of all, I don't really think I'm a star yet. The best thing is working. I don't have to look for a job. And I don't have to worry about rent. I don't really think there are any worst things. It's strange that people know my name that I don't know, and that people think things about me that aren't true. I've read some things on the Internet about me that are pretty funny. That's weird, but not a bad thing. It just goes along with the job. Overall, it's pretty good.
Geeknotfreak: Linda, I think you are beautiful. My question is do you prefer acting on stage or on TV?
Linda Cardelli: They are both very different. The thing I like about acting on stage is that you can re-invent it every night. In television, I'm still getting used to it.
Daysfan: Samm, I loved you on "One Life to Live." Do you ever consider going back and working on a soap again?
Samm Levine: In my opinion, soap opera work is the hardest work in the entertainment industry. I don't think I'll be doing a soap opera in the near future; there's not too much of a possibility for that to happen.
Suzie: Busy, can you tell us one of those 'weird' things you read about yourself on the Internet?
Busy Phillips: I heard I was dating Leonardo DiCaprio. And people keep saying they see me with Edward Nortin. I never met either of those guys. I don't have a boyfriend. So I think that's pretty bizarre.
Imp: Linda, describe Samm in just three words.
Linda Cardelli: Loves stand up.
Charlie: Samm, describe Linda in just three words.
Samm Levine: A multi-faceted woman.
NBCLive: We are just about out of time for tonight. Do you have any last comments for our audience?
Linda Cardelli: Thanks for the questions and the support. Please keep watching the show. We love it, and we hope you do too.
Busy Phillips: Bye. Thanks for all your questions. Keep watching for new episodes because they are starting tomorrow night.
Samm Levine: We hope you had a better time in high school than we did. Check out our website at for all the information on the show, and inside jokes from the producers!
NBCLive: A very special thanks to the cast of "Freaks and Geeks" for participating tonight.

John Daley and Becky Ann Baker Chat January 3, 2000

TV Guide Online: Joining us right now are Becky Ann Baker and John Daley from NBC's Freaks and Geeks. Thanks for coming for chat.
Becky Ann Baker: Happy New Year!
John Daley: Aren't you glad that Y2K didn't screw up anything?
Question: What made you guys want to play the parts you do?
Daley: For one thing I was a lot like my character. And it was something I had always wanted to do, play on TV; this is my first actual big thing on television. When I was going through the auditions I was younger than my character. I was in middle school and he was in high school. So I felt it would be a challenge to play someone older than me. But it was basically the same.
Baker: For me, I am a mom, I have a little girl. And I love the way they wrote this mother. Our writers have such a great sense of humor and made her truly middle- American.
Question: What did you do for the millennium?
Daley: I went up to Colorado, away from all of the scary stuff, because of Y2K. Deep down, though, I knew nothing was going to happen.
Baker: I live in the Times Square area, so my husband, daughter and I went out to New Jersey to visit friends and played bridge all day and all night.
Question: John, when Freaks And Geeks returns on Jan. 10, what is that episode about?
Daley: Just a relaunch pilot, a new pilot. It goes more into the characters. Because people know who the characters are and what they are all about already. I don't want to give too much away, because it's going to be a big surprise when you see it.
Question: What's the most challenging part of playing a row that takes place 20 years in the past?
Baker: I think remembering what you don't know! But the writers help us a lot!
Daley: For me, I wasn't even born in 1980, so it's like being in a museum and not knowing anything about any of the objects or artifacts.
Question: Becky, Do you enjoy working (for) with Paul Rudnick?
Baker: I think Paul Rudnick is one of the funniest human beings on the planet. He is a joy to work with, lighthearted and smart. He has a great new movie coming out called Isn't She Great.
Question: John, do you have e-mail so fans can write you?
Daley: I guess you can write me at the Freaks and Geeks web site (, at the message board. I don't have any fan clubs or anything at this point.
Question: For Becky and Daley: Do you (or have you ever) classified yourself as a freak or a geek? :)
Daley: I don't know...I haven't been, in direct words, classified as a freak or geek. If anything it would be geek, definitely not freak, but mostly I don't get that kind of stuff.
Baker: For me as an actress I'd like to think that I've played both freaks and geeks.
Question: Do you guys have to work a lot of hours and do you mind doing that?
Daley: Since I'm a minor my maximum work every day is 9 1/2 and that is definitely more work than I ever did in school and doing sports. But I like doing it. So it seems to go by really quickly. So it's less work and more play when it comes to the way I look at it.
Baker: I don't have quite the load that the kids do, but there are some days when we go 12 to 14 hours on the final day of production of a show. But we have such a great set and a terrific crew, so that everyone makes it pretty easy.
Question: So off the topic... what are your favorite types of music?
Daley: I like all types I guess.
Baker: I love jazz, especially female vocalists. Because I came up as a chorus girl on Broadway, I also love show tunes.
Question: I was Class of '84 and when I watch your show it takes me right back to high school. Do your wardrobe people have a hard time finding clothes for you?
Daley: Well it's a really gigantic wardrobe department. And if you look at some of the movies and shows that have been going on this decade, it is easy to see that there is a lot of 1980s-type things going on. So it's not as hard as you might think. When I looked at the wardrobe I saw a vast amount of '80s stuff.
Baker: In L.A. they have huge stocks of various decades of clothing for films and everything. In L.A. there are a lot of polyester pants!
Question: What do you feel will be the biggest disadvantage/advantage to changing time slots?
Daley: I think that it is a mix. Now that we are in the big leagues, you could say, there is a lot more competition unlike on Saturday when people hardly watched it because most of them were out. So it's going to be a big turnout, and it's going to be the moment of truth. Because we'll know if a lot of viewers like it and watch it.
Baker: I think the biggest problem we had with Saturday night was being pre-empted by the baseball playoffs for three weeks in a row. People didn't know where to find us anymore. A new night and a relaunching will be great.
Question: Becky, I saw you in Storm of the Century. How did you do such a convincing New England accent?
Baker: Thank you very much! Accents are actually something I really love doing. And we had a coach up there where we shot it. But I had also done a production of Our Town not that long ago. So it came back pretty easily.
Question: Daley: I heard you are a Jim Carrey fan. Have you seen Man on the Moon?
Daley: Yes, I actually went to the premiere of it, and I got to meet Jim Carrey. And instead of what I was expecting of him not to know me, it was a great surprise to have him say that he loves my work on the show and loves the show altogether. So that was pretty nice!
Question: Were both your families supportive of your decision to act?
Baker: Originally my parents were horrified. At my moving to New York especially. But I got my first Broadway show pretty early on. And they were pretty supportive after that. I think they were pretty terrified of their daughter living in New York City originally.
Daley: Since my mom and dad are both performers, it wasn't as hard as in Becky's case. Because my dad was an actor on Broadway for a long time, and he supported it strongly. And said, do whatever you want to do.
Baker: Actually, John did his first job in a show that his dad was in.
Daley: Yes, I was in Tommy; my dad played the minister in the National and International tours.
Question: Becky, any plans for the hiatus?
Baker: I'll be back in New York. Hopefully doing a play. But no definite plans now.
Question: My cousin is here with me and I can't seem to explain the show to her. Can you briefly summarize it for her?
Daley: The title basically gives it away. It's about a geeky freshman, and a geeky/freaky sophomore. Linda Cardellini plays Lindsay Weir who was a geek the previous year but is starting to change. And I play Sam Weir, a geeky freshman whose main conflicts are dealing with bullies and trying to get a cheerleader to like him.
Baker: Beyond that as well, it takes place in 1980, which was a lot more innocent and not so informed. So a lot of the issues are very fresh and original.
Daley: And there is a great supporting cast that comes along with the great show.
Baker: And to top it all off, the writing is hilarious.
Question: How long did it take to get your black belt, John?
Daley: It took me about seven years. I was really young when I started. And I never expected to go so far. But now I know a lot more. It helps me in school and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into that sort of stuff.
Question: Can you give any details about the upcoming episodes of Freaks and Geeks?
Baker: There are some amazing things coming up. I'll give one tiny one away for my character. Which is I do the unforgivable and read my daughter's diary.
Daley: But we don't want to go any further than that!
Question: Whom do you spend the most time with on- and off-set?
Daley: I guess my dad. He is actually a cast member in the show. He has a part as a teacher in an upcoming episode. And I usually spend about 20 hours a day with him. But the good thing is we haven't gotten bored of each other and we enjoy each other's company.
Baker: I spend time off the set with Linda Cardellini and Busy Philips. A lot of us have gone to see a couple of cast members do their standup routines in L.A. Which is great! And we also have a softball team, that instead of going undefeated, went defeated. We never won a game.
Daley: In fact I got my first black eye ever on that team. It was so bad that I had to go to the hospital to get an MRI to see if my cheekbone was broken.
Baker: He caught a softball with his eye. We told him he was really keeping his eye on the ball!
Question: Becky, hello. Did you attend college? Where?
Baker: Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Question: What so far has been your favorite episode of Freaks and Geeks?
Daley: Well of the ones that have aired, I would have to say that it was the episode called "Tests and Breasts ." I loved the storyline and the plot was terrific. It was about on the geek side, they are confused about the female reproductive system and decide to watch a porno.
Baker: Of the ones that aired, the Halloween one was my favorite for my character.
Question: Where do you do all your taping?
Baker: We're out at Raleigh Studios in L.A., across from Paramount.
Daley: Not a lot of people have heard about it, but in fact, it's one of the oldest standing studios in California.
Question: Both actors, If you could meet any person in the world, who would it be?
Baker: Hmm. It would have to be somebody out of show business. Maybe Tony Blair of Great Britain.
John: For me, hmm, I don't know. I'm drawing a blank.
Question: Becky, who did you play in Men in Black?
Baker: That's a great question actually. I was the woman in the back of the car giving birth to the alien baby, the big giant squid baby that throws Will Smith all over the place. That's really a trivia question there!
Question: Becky, what is it like working with the legendary Joe Flaherty?
Baker: Oh man, he's the best. He keeps us laughing so hard, John can tell you. There are scenes we cannot get through because of Joe.
Daley: Even when he's not trying to be funny, he's hilarious.
Baker: We are biting the insides of our cheeks to keep from laughing. They tell him to just improvise and he comes up with the funniest things ever.
Daley: Bizarre I may add.
Question: John, how old are you and do you have a girlfriend?
Daley: I'm 14 years old, and I'm currently single!
Question: John, are you like your character Sam? And if so, how?
Daley: Even though it's a pain to answer this, yes, I do have a lot of similarities with my character Sam Weir. To be more descriptive, I'm as low-key as the character is. And I try to stay away from trouble as much as he does.
Question: How many episodes have been completed so far? Do you currently have a 13-episode commitment? What are the chances for 22?
Baker: We'll be starting our 13th, including the pilot, tomorrow. We know for sure that we are going to shoot 14. And we should know on January 11 if they are picking us up for more, so we need everyone watching on the 10th so we can possibly get some more episodes. So tell your friends!
Daley: Who happen to be in the Nielsen family!
Question: John, In the Halloween episode, did it hurt when you got hit with the egg?
Daley: Yeah! It surprisingly hurt, because they had to do about 28 takes literally because they kept missing. And the only way to make it look real was to use an actual egg and poke some holes in it. So it hurt a lot. And in the wide shot they were supposed to get me in the chest, and that was an easier target, but on one take it got me a little lower than the chest if you know what I mean...and that hurt.
Question: Were you really nude in the show that you wouldn't shower?
Daley: Well, I was 99 percent nude. The only thing I had on were skin-colored, skintight briefs. And that's it.
Question: Define what you guys mean by geek and freak. How can you tell which is which?
Daley: A geek is socially challenged.
Baker: And a freak is someone who is starting to get into something wild, maybe drugs, a burnout.
Daley: To make it easier, there is only one classification that would see Star Wars more than 27 times.
TV Guide Online: Thanks for coming to chat with us John and Becky.
Baker: Please remember to watch on January 10, and thanks for talking!
Daley: We need all the support we can get. We'd appreciate it if you'd stop the remote on NBC and watch our show!

Martin Starr & Sarah Hagan Chat January 4, 2000

Q: How do you think... "Freaks and Geeks" compares to what really goes on in high school?

Martin Starr:  There are a lot more swear words in high school. But to the best of our ability, we show what high school was like for these kids. If we were on HBO, we could do more. There would be a little more reality. I don't think the show would change much.

TV Guide Online:  Tonight we are chatting with Martin Starr and Sarah Hagan from the acclaimed TV series "Freaks and Geeks." Welcome, Martin and Sarah! Thanks for chatting with us tonight!

Sarah Hagan:  Hello, hi everybody.

Martin Starr:  Need I say more? She's pretty much summed it up.

Question:  How did you two get the roles for "Freaks and Geeks”?

Sarah Hagan:  I basically auditioned, ‘cause this lady submitted me for it. I auditioned the first time and crashed, and the second time did great, so that's how I got it.

Martin Starr:  Ditto.

Question:  Sarah, I really like your website. How long have you been acting?

Sarah Hagan:  I've been acting since I was six years old.

Question:  Do you really relate to your characters?

Sarah Hagan:  I don't know. I feel comfortable in my role. I don't know if that answers anything, but....

Martin Starr:  Well, you have to relate in some way, otherwise the character wouldn't be there. When you become a character, you take aspects of things you know and have learned. You take those aspects and create another person.

Question:  Were either of you a freak or a geek in high school?

Martin Starr:  Well, Sarah was a big freak.

Sarah Hagan:  Actually, I was in the middle.

Martin Starr:  She used to wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle all day.

Sarah Hagan:  Where does he get this stuff?

Question:  Sarah, how do you like working with the other cast members?

Sarah Hagan:  I like it. They are a really fun and professional group. They make it easy for you. Basically, on the set, we've become one big family. We're always saying "hey" and giving hugs. It's fun working with them. Martin's a real drag... gets on my nerves.

Question:  Did you think, when starting the show, that it was going to catch on like it has?

Sarah Hagan:  By the title, no. But after I finished it and saw a screening, I was pretty sure it was going to make it, ‘cause it's a really great show.

Question:  Sarah, who has influenced you the most?

Sarah Hagan:  I think just watching all the actors on TV and in movies. My mom. As far as the show, I think Linda.

Question:  Martin, I love how you deliver lines. Did anyone in particular inspire you as an actor?

Martin Starr:  Oooh. There are people that I like as actors. There are people that I really look up to, Edward Norton. He's one of the actors I admire most. Also Kevin Spacey. Those two are big in my mind. I also took classes in Century City at a place called Center Stage, LA.

Question:  What's the funniest/most embarrassing thing that has happened behind the scenes?

Martin Starr:  I was standing on a podium and Sarah pulled my pants down in front of 30 people.

Sarah Hagan:  He's just joking.

Question:  How do you think high school life portrayed on "Freaks and Geeks" compares to what really goes on in high school?

Martin Starr:  There are a lot more swear words in high school. But to the best of our ability, we show what high school was like for these kids. If we were on HBO, we could do more. There would be a little more reality. I don't think the show would change much.

Sarah Hagan:  Ditto what Martin said.

Martin Starr:  You weaseled your way out of that one.

Sarah Hagan:  Yes, I did.

Question:  Do you have any help for actors/actresses trying to make it in the theatrical world?

Martin Starr:  Yeah, give up. Just joking. Be different. Just stand out from the crowd. One way to make it is to be different, to stand out. When people think about actors, they think about you, ‘cause you're different.

Sarah Hagan:  I'll have to go with Martin on that one, and add the following. You got to be prepared for letdowns, ‘cause there is a lot of rejection out there. It's hard if someone is sensitive, and there are a lot of people out there trying to act.

Question:  Have you put any thought into movies?

Martin Starr:  Not that I know of, but you never know. I did a student film done by Jack Nicholson. A lady who won the Jack Nicholson award directed me in a film called "Eyeball Eddie," and Sarah's doing Showtime softcore porn. She's done four episodes of "Red Shoe Diaries." B)

Sarah Hagan:  It's not true.

Martin Starr:  I'm just joking.

Question:  Is it hard to keep up a normal life when you are an actor?

Sarah Hagan:  Yes.

Martin Starr:  Not really, ‘cause our show has aired seven times.

Sarah Hagan:  Actually four times.

Martin Starr:  Our show has only aired a number of times that I can count on one hand. I've been recognized two times. It's not a big deal. It's nice.

Question:  Can you give us any spoilers that will be happening on "Freaks and Geeks"?

Sarah Hagan:  No, you'll just have to watch.

Martin Starr:  Shut up, I'm gonna spoil something. If you're smart, you'll figure this out. If anyone remembers the Halloween episode, something briefly talked about during our walk down the street may come up on the show. Barking cows chase Sarah Hagan at midnight.

Sarah Hagan:  I'm not giving anything away, that's the fun of it. If they want to know, they have to watch it.

Question:  What's been the most interesting part of working on "Freaks and Geeks"?

Martin Starr:  It has to be working with Sarah Hagan. I've only heard stories of how great it is to work with her. I study each episode and try to understand what's behind such tremendous acting genius.

Sarah Hagan:  I like the schoolroom with Martin and the schoolteacher. Martin likes to throw things at the teacher. He acts like a little two-year-old in the schoolroom, right Martin?

Martin Starr:  I don't act like that.

Sarah Hagan:  It's really funny.

Martin Starr:  ‘Cause I'm a funny, funny guy.

Sarah Hagan:  Yeah, you are.

TV Guide Online:  Thanks, you guys, for talking with us tonight! We had a great time and hope you come back very soon!

Sarah Hagan:  Stay tuned.

Martin Starr:  Don't forget to watch Mondays at 8PM EST on NBC. NBC's the place, TV in your face.

Sarah Hagan:  I've never gotten fan mail.

Martin Starr:  Check out and you can put messages on the board. We read them.

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Linda Cardellini Chat January 5, 2000

Q: How has being in a new hit on a new TV show changing your life?

Linda Cardellini:  I have a good job now! A steady paycheck! And I was also living in a dining room with two friends, and now I have my own place. But I miss them terribly, and I go back and see them on the weekends.

TV Guide Online:  Tonight we are chatting with Linda Cardellini from the television series "Freaks and Geeks." Welcome, Linda! Thanks for chatting this evening!

Linda Cardellini:  Hey, everybody, thanks for having me online.

Question:  I love your character. Any similarities between you and her?

Linda Cardellini:  There are some similarities. We both are really good liars. And pretty close to our parents, though we try to be independent. We look a lot alike. She's better at math than I am. But I'm glad you like my character. I meant before -- we are both really BAD liars! :)

Question:  Hi! I was just wondering how your relationship is with the other cast members.

Linda Cardellini:  We all get along really well. We hang out pretty often. We spent Halloween together. Sometimes it feels like high school. We bicker, but we always make up.

Question:  Hey, Linda! What are some of your favorite things to do when you're not acting?

Linda Cardellini:  I like to snowboard, although I may not be the best at it. I like to play soccer. I like to sleep, when given the opportunity.

Question:  In real life, are you a freak or a geek, or both, or neither, like you are on the show -- caught in the middle?

Linda Cardellini:  I always get asked that question, and it's tough to categorize yourself. I think everybody feels a little bit of both, at least I do. Maybe that means I'm somewhere in the middle.

Question:  The chemistry between Lindsay and Nick is awesome. Will we be seeing any more between these two?

Linda Cardellini:  Yes, their relationship takes a few twists and turns. There is definitely a little bit more to see.

Question:  So Linda... what did you ever do with that fireplace you won on "The Price Is Right"?

Linda Cardellini:  My parents kept it. I wanted to sell it back for the thousand dollars because I was working for minimum wage, but my parents wanted to keep it so I could put it in my first house with a plaque that says “First Television Appearance.”

Question:  What was it like working on the cast of "Clueless"?

Linda Cardellini:  It was a lot of fun. My character was pretty outrageous, so they gave me a lot of freedom. I had a lot of fun playing that part. Rachel Blanchard was really nice, and we're still friends.

Question:  Hi, Linda! My name is Tiffany and I'm a HUGE fan of yours! I've admired you since I saw you in "Good Burger." I was wondering, who are your acting influences? You're definitely one of mine!

Linda Cardellini:  Thank you! It's hard to say who your influences are. But I know the work I've admired that I've seen so far. I don't think I've yet seen anyone's entire body of work. I admire Uta Hagen and Judi Dench and Meryl Streep and Glenn Close. Who else? I love to watch Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant.

Question:  What is "Freaks and Geeks" high school compared to real life high school, in your opinion?

Linda Cardellini:  I believe that the show is an honest portrayal of what high school is like, because it's agonizing for my character when she's going through it; but looking back, it's funny and not as dramatic as you thought it was at the time.

Question:  Hi, Linda, do you have a boyfriend?

Linda Cardellini:  Hi and no!

Question:  First, congrats on Leno. Second, what was it like working with Dee Snider in "Strangeland"?

Linda Cardellini:  Thank you! Dee Snider is a really great man, he's a lot of fun, and a family man, and a lot more straight and narrow than you'd expect. Not to say that he's not crazy in his own way!

Question:  What has been your favorite role so far?

Linda Cardellini:  God, that's tough. Every time I do something, it seems to be my favorite role. And right now it's Lindsay Weir.

Question:  Linda, any plans to do any major movies?

Linda Cardellini:  No plans as of now, but hopes for the future.

Question:  About how long does it take to film an episode?

Linda Cardellini:  It takes eight days to film one episode.

Question:  How old were you when you got your first acting role, and what was it?

Linda Cardellini:  I was ten, in my school's Christmas play.

Question:  Linda, what was it like working on "Dead Man on Campus" with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tom Everett Scott?

Linda Cardellini:  I had a lot of fun shooting that movie, but I was only there for a few days ‘cause my part wasn't huge. But I was [in] good things with Dave Ruby, who I did "Bone Chillers" with, who is now in "Grownups." And we all ended up hanging out and going to the horse races together. And Paul was very nice, and Tom is a gem.

Question:  Hey, Linda! Can you tell the fans if you have an e-mail address or website where fans can write you? Thanks!

Linda Cardellini:  I am not computer savvy, and I have no idea about those things. I've heard there are some unofficial sites, and I'm grateful to whoever took the time to do that for me, but I really don't know the details.

Question:  Hi, Linda! What can you tell us about Lindsay when the new episodes start?

Linda Cardellini:  Lindsay gets deeper and deeper into the Freaks circle, which eventually causes some trouble within.

Question:  How has being in a new hit on a new TV show changing your life?

Linda Cardellini:  I have a good job now! A steady paycheck! And I was also living in a dining room with two friends, and now I have my own place. But I miss them terribly, and I go back and see them on the weekends.

TV Guide Online:  Thanks, Linda, for chatting tonight! We had a great time and hope you come back soon!

Linda Cardellini:  Thanks for all the support. Please keep watching, and take good care!

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January 6, 2000
Actors John Daley and Seth Rogen answer questions about their roles on NBC's "Freaks and Geeks."

NBC-Live: Welcome to #NBC-Live! Our guests today are some of the stars from the NBC primetime drama, "Freaks and Geeks." Set in a suburban high school, circa 1980, "Freaks and Geeks" is a new one-hour comedy/drama series from the producer/writer of "The Larry Sanders Show" and the Emmy Award-winning "The Ben Stiller Show." The show follows the realistic, funny and often touching lives of two teenage siblings who are trying to get through high school and figure out their place in the world. Join us in welcoming to the chat John Daley John plays Sam Weir on "Freaks and Geeks".
John: Hello everybody!
NBC-Live: Join us in welcoming to the chat Seth Rogen Seth plays Ken on "Freaks and Geeks."
Seth: Hi!
NBCSoapFan: Are you excited about the show being moved to Monday nights?
John: Yeah, I think it's going to help us a lot; it's going to take us in the big leagues, and we'll see how we actually do in the competition of other shows.
Seth: I agree. I hope it will work out, I know it will.
Happichatterer: How did you get your start in acting?
John: I started acting professionally when I was nine years old, but I was acting every since I was four, in several plays and school events.
Seth: I did stand-up for about five years, and I took acting classes, but I never went out on auditions. I just took the classes, then I finally decided to start auditioning, and auditioned for "Freaks and Geeks." This is pretty much the first thing I ever did.
Gabbie56: How did you get your roles on "Freaks and Geeks"?
John: I got my role on "Freaks and Geeks" by auditioning, but the funny thing is that I was very sick when I auditioned, so I did it in a low key style, and they seemed to like that. So that's what I continued to do.
Seth: I just auditioned!
EZGuest146: How old are guys?
John: I'm 14.
Seth: I'm 17.
EZGuest146: I love your show! Have you guys done any other acting work?
John: I've done commercials, and I played Tommy in the first national tour of the musical "Tommy."
Seth: No.
Curiousfan: Do you guys have like a tutor on the set? What do you do about school?
John: Well, for me, I'm home schooled. I just started this year. And I have a tutor on the set, and a little school trailer that I work in. I like English.
Seth: I do school in that same little trailer that John does. I don't really like any of my subjects. I am not a big fan of the schooling, but I do what I've got to do. I think school is important.
Sly Sunshine: Do you get tired of wearing the early '80s fashions?
John: Well, the thing is, what I have to wear are these really tight polyester pants -- because I'm a geek -- so it's not so much me that gets tired, it's my thighs!
Seth: I have a similar problem. I am not a thin man, and I also have my pants way to tight. They hurt a lot! I think my acting depends on how loose my pants are. Every once in a while I get a loose pair, and I act better. There's a direct correlation!
EZGuest146: Seth, you are a great actor, and very good looking. Are you single?
Seth: I am currently single. Although I disagree with both statements that are said! Thanks! Thank you very much.
JoanieNChachi: Where is "Freaks & Geeks" shot and where does it take place?
John: "Freaks and Geeks" is shot at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, California. It takes place in Chippewa, Michigan.
Ilovefreaks: Are you like your own characters in real life?
John: Well, I guess I have many similarities to my character. But in some cases, I'm a little bit more outgoing than my character is.
Seth: I'm similar to my character. I'm probably a nicer guy than my character, but we definitely share some of the same attributes. I am like Ken, but nicer and happier -- I'm a ray of sunshine.
Born2BAGymnast: Are the same cliques visible in your school as on "Freaks and Geeks"?
Seth: Now my school consists of John Daley! And Martin Starr!
John: I don't go to an actual school. I guess there are these characters in every school everywhere, because everybody has their cliques and it's very common.
Seth: Yeah, mine too!
Ashley21f: For those of us who have missed the original episodes - will you be replaying them? I've heard that the Monday episode is a new episode.
Seth: It is new, and I heard they might replay the pilot. But other than that, I don't think they are replaying any of the old ones.
John: They might! We don't know yet. We don't want to give out any false information.
Seth: Check your local listings!
Mlordi: Hey, Seth, how does it feel to play a character from the '80s?
Seth: Feels like I wish I could cut my hair and shave off my sideburns! But other than that, it's just like any other character in the '80s. It's pretty much the same. I think people were the same back then; they just looked different. People are all the same when you come down to it.
Dirkin: What is going to happen to the show in a couple of years when everyone's too old to be in high school?
Seth: Who knows?
John: We don't know. Hopefully, they will do something interesting.
Seth: It depends on the kind viewers at home to make the show last a couple of years. If the biggest problem in our lives is that the show is going on too long, we are doing OK.
HoneyBee212: Which actor/actress is the clown of the group?
Seth: James Franco. He plays a lot of pranks on us. He will try and make us laugh through the scenes sometimes -- funny stuff like that.
Freaksgeeks: If you weren't on "Freaks and Geeks," do you think you would still watch it?
Seth: Yeah!
John: Yes, because it's a great show.
Seth: Everyone should watch "Freaks and Geeks"!
John: Yes, watch it Mondays at 8pm!
Seth: It's a good show!
Daisymae: Did you guys do any special research to get into your roles?
John: The only research that was really beneficial was actually being in school and actually seeing how people act, and what it's like. The whole 1980 thing doesn't really matter when it comes down to it, because it's all school.
Seth: I made a time machine and traveled back to 1980 to see what it was like! And that's it.
Luvsjohn: John, did you find moving to California a big a adjustment from New York? What are some of the differences?
John: Well, for one thing, you can go out in shorts in California in January. And you can't do that in New York now. Another thing is the fact that this is so much more television and movie-related, unlike New York, which is more into theater. Otherwise, they are both entertainment states, and I like it when it's hot and when it's cold -- so I like both of the places.
HoneyBee212: What is the funniest thing about being on the show?
John: I think that one of the funniest things of being on the show is getting to do what I like doing the most, which is acting. And I have a lot of fun on the side.
Seth: Yeah. Anything you would do for free but get paid for is a good job to have. It's fun; it's a fun job -- there is no denying it. We all get up wanting to go to work every morning, which I don't think happens in many lines of work. (Unless we have to go real early!)
Nannyg: John, how is performing on TV different than on stage? Which do you like best?
John: Well, it's really different, because you have to get theater right the first time, whereas in television you can do many takes and express many emotions and different kinds of feelings. But other than that, they are both acting, and I love acting. I love both of them about the same. Maybe television a little bit better for now.
Sammya: Seth, I heard you are learning to play the drums in real life. How's that going?
Seth: (laughing) You might think I am someone else on the show, but it's going good. I get blisters sometimes, but I love the drums.
Mlordi: How did your friends react to you being on TV?
Seth: My friends didn't actually believe I was on television until they saw me on television. But they think it's kind of neat and they are supportive, but only supportive enough so that I don't get a big head about anything.
John: As for me, it is basically the same way. My friends like it and they are excited about it, but they don't treat me any different than if I wasn't on the show. Well.maybe a little bit differently.
Strawberry152: What is the most embarrassing thing that happened during a taping of the show?
John: I guess one of the things is in the Halloween episode, I was dressed up in my Halloween costume and a bird pooped on my nose!
Seth: It was only part of a poop! I think a tree filtered out most of the heavy poop.
John: But it was poop! On my nose!
Seth: Hilarity ensued.
EZGuest146: What kind of music do you guys like?
Seth: Since I actually got on the show I started listening to more Zeppelin and stuff that we listen to on the show, and I really liked it, so now I am listening to Zeppelin and Cream and Floyd, and I really like it.
John: I basically like all music. I don't have any favorites.
EZGuest146: Do you enjoy the music which is played on the show?
John: I think the music that they play on the show is great because it really expresses the mood of the characters at that time. Both the score and the songs that were actually from the 1980s.
Elliair: Your songs on this show are cool. Who are they by?
Seth: Well, the music director -- the guy who writes the score -- is a guy named Mike Andrews, but all the music is by old bands, and they use lots of different ones, like Styx and Santana, and a whole slew of old bands. There is a lot of Billy Joel.
Wandering: I read on the NBC site that you write music, John. What kind?
John: Well, I don't know what to call the kind of music I do. I guess it's all different kinds. Some of it is sort of classical- sounding, and some of it is sort of modern. Some of it is blues and jazz. Basically, a wide variety.
JoanieNChachi: On the Halloween episode, did Joe Flaherty do his Count Floyd routine on the set?
John: No, he didn't really do a Count Floyd routine, but I guess you can say anything that Joe Flaherty does is a routine, and it's really funny.
Seth: However, it's NOT routine! He is a funny dude.
Justin32: Seth, you used to be quite the stand-up comedian. Do you still perform live? Any upcoming shows you can tell us about?
Seth: I do still perform live. I've been doing it in L.A. But I don't have anything scheduled right now that I can tell you kind people about, but look around -- I regularly make appearances. Nothing I know of right now -- it's hard to plan too far in advance when the show is going on like this.
Frkgkfan: How does it feel to be suddenly the center of attention as an actor?
John: It feels pretty overwhelming. People treat you very awkwardly. And you just got to try not to let it go completely to your head.
Seth: I really don't feel like I'm the center of any attention, so I'm just waiting for it to go to my head, but right now nothing much is happening!
Surferme: Is there a "Freaks and Geeks" website? Where is it?
John: Yes! There is a "Freaks and Geeks" website! It's, and it shows highlights of the shows, upcoming shows, mistakes that the writers made according to the timelines and stuff, postcards. They are coming out with screensavers, chat rooms -- Oh! The big thing about the chat rooms -- we need a lot of support in the chat rooms, because not many people are in the chat rooms yet.
Anne: Does the cast hang out with each other?
Seth: Yeah! We do, actually. I didn't know anyone when I came here, so pretty much all the friends I made were on the cast of "Freaks and Geeks." Everyone is nice and we get along pretty well.
Oriole28: What do you like to do in your spare time, when not acting?
Seth: As little as possible! I enjoy lying down and watching television, and feeding the homeless.
John: ! I enjoy doing martial arts, which I don't have a lot of time to do since I've been in L.A. I like playing on my keyboard, going on my new computer -- you know, doing stuff, the stuff that kids do. And editing home movies that I make.
Seth: And feeding the homeless.
John: Yes, and feeding the homeless!
Daphne4: What is your personal favorite TV show?
Seth: I'd have to say "Freaks and Geeks"! But the close second is "The Simpsons."
John: Same with me! "Freaks and Geeks" is the best.
MoUnTaiNDeW00: How do your parents feel about your acting?
John: My parents are performers, so they definitely didn't discourage me. They said do whatever you want to do, and that's what I want to do.
Seth: My parents were very supportive as well. They moved down here with me and they wouldn't have done that if they weren't supportive. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here, because they birthed me -- but I wouldn't be in L.A., either!
Limpbizkitgal: How long does it take to film one episode?
John: It takes eight days to film an episode. We don't work on the weekends, only on weekdays. And sometimes we do a little extra, if there's an accident or something occurred, like when I got my black eye.
Seth: Yeah, eight days.
Heath: Seth, do you ever miss living in Canada? My family moved here, too, and I miss maple cookies!
Seth: I do miss living in Canada. I just went back home for the break and I had a lot of fun. It reminded me of how much I miss it, but of all the things I miss, I am sorry to say, maple cookies are not high on my list. But I like Canada a lot.
Dirkin: Is the show always going to occur in the summer, or are you going to ever do location shooting for the winter in Michigan?
Seth: Maybe. We don't know.
John: We doubt it, though.
Music76: What's the most difficult thing about being on the show? Do you ever have problems learning the lines?
Seth: Working with John Daley!
John: (laughing)
Seth: Sometimes I have problems with the lines, but often it's just trying to keep it fresh and always make it look good. Sometimes it's difficult, but it is always rewarding. You just think of the part that you like doing.
John: I don't have too much trouble with the lines. I usually memorize them just before I go on, so I have a fresh feeling with them, and I don't overwork them. It's all great because when you get to see the finished product, like Seth said, it is very rewarding.
Blondie1584: John, did you like doing the episode where you had to streak through the school?
John: Well, I thought the episode was hilarious. For the streaking, I was in skin-tight skin-colored briefs. And that's it. And I was running around, and it was pretty funny, because when the people who weren't familiar with the show or didn't know what was going on saw me running past them, they were confused.
EZGuest146: Do you guys actually read your fan mail?
John: Yes. I read most of my fan mail. Most of it is pretty cool, and I get lots of compliments. Some of it's weird, and I have to take it lightly.
Seth: I read all my fan mail because I don't get all that much. It's always exciting. I like the spooky ones, because even spooky people count as ratings. I think it's nice, but lots of the letters are these 'fill in the blanks' letters -- they are collecting autographs, and even though it's not the most sincere compliments of your work, it's always nice to get them.
Palsgraf: Although I am MUCH older than most everyone in your cast, I see your show as really a timeless theme. Do you think that your show would be presented differently if it were set in the '60s.or for that matter set in the '90s or '00s?
Seth: Yes. It would be presented according to whatever era it was in, with the clothes and the lingo, but I think the general plots would stay the same, because I think they are timeless themes, as you put it.
John: Well, I agree with Seth. I think that whatever time period the show is set in it would always be school-related and entertaining.
NaeAct14: What has been your favorite outfit that you have gotten to wear on the show? How about that blue jumpsuit, John?
John: Well, that blue jumpsuit is quite a trip! The actual episode hasn't been shown yet, but I'm glad to hear that people are waiting for it. Yeah, that's definitely my favorite outfit.
Seth: There is this flannel shirt I get to wear sometimes; it rocks!
Malkmusgirl: If you didn't go into acting, what other thing would you have done instead?
John: I don't know. It's really weird to think of what I would have been if I didn't get into acting because for most of my life acting has just been part of the family. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut.
Seth: I wanted to be a pony. I would have been doing stand up.
Chesney: You said the website shows previews of upcoming shows. Have you all already taped the last episode for this year?
John: No, we are still working hard on the episodes. We have a lot of great and fulfilling episodes in store, so you just sit tight.
Seth: Yeah. What he said.
Freaksgeeks: Do you use a real school for McKinley High, or is it a set?
John: It's a set. It is very confusing because it looks exactly like a high school. And when my friends and family come to visit, they get confused for a while and they think we are actually filming in a school, even though when you walk outside, you can see it's a set or a stage.
Frkgkfan: I have wanted to be an actor for a long time and have had chances, but they don't feel right. Any advice?
John: Well, the only thing I can say is, find an agent or a manager and if it's something that you really want to do, just go for it!
Seth: Yeah, don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't right.
Sarah: Where can we send fan mail?
John: Check out the NBC website, tell them how much you love the show -- that would be very helpful because we need a lot of support.
Lyndi: Do you consider your selves mega-stars? Or just people that got lucky?
Seth: I consider myself more of a person that got lucky than a mega-star.
John: Yeah, but we also put a lot of work into what we do.
Seth: Yeah.
John: You could define this as a job that gets a lot of attention.
Seth: We're no different than the President!
Jolt47: Do you get recognized often?
Seth: I don't. I've been with other cast members, and they get recognized and I don't, and I have to convince them that I'm on the show, too! They are like, "Yeah, buddy."
John: I guess the most places that I get recognized are grocery stores -- I don't know why! But I get recognized a lot in grocery stores.
NBC-Live: Looks like we are about out of time for today. Thanks, guys, for joining us. Any last comments for our audience today?
Seth: Thanks for chatting, and please watch the show on Monday!
John: We need a lot of support, so find anyone besides yourselves that you think would make a big difference in the ratings -- ask your friends to watch!
Seth: Have a "Freaks and Geeks" party!
NBC-Live: A very special thanks to Sam Weir and John Daley of "Freaks and Geeks" for participating tonight. Tune into "Freaks and Geeks" at their new day and time Mondays at 8pm on NBC. Do you have comments or questions about this chat or anything you've seen on the NBC television network or e-mail us: Produced by NBC and Talk City, Inc.NBC-Live: All rights reserved. Copyright 2000.

Jason Segel & Busy Philipps Chat January 7, 2000

Busy Philipps:  I was kind of more a freak in high school than a geek. I liked to dress kind of wildly. I still do sometimes. I really was into the subcultures like punk rock and the rave scene, and I was into the coffeehouse culture.

TV Guide Online:  Tonight we are chatting with Busy Philipps and Jason Segel from "Freaks and Geeks." Welcome, guys! Thanks for chatting with us tonight!

Jason Segel:  Hi, everybody, and hi to Busy's mom!

Busy Philipps:  She got so excited about this. She's so cute.

Question:  How similar are you to your characters?

Jason Segel:  I'll go first... not so similar to my character. We're both pretty ambitious. But I think his ambitions are sort of unrealistic, and he has his head in the clouds. But he's as nice a guy as could be.

Busy Philipps:  And you're nice too, Jason. That's how you guys are similar.

Jason Segel:  Ah, thanks, Busy!

Busy Philipps:  I don't consider myself to be much like Kim Kelly, in that I think I'm a very nice person, and I think Kim does some intentionally cruel things that I would never do. But my high school relationship is SO similar to Kim's relationship with Daniel that it's almost frightening. I had a really bad relationship with my boyfriend in high school. It wasn't so bad, it's just that I think a lot of times high school relationships are extremely passionate and very misguided, I guess, 'cause you change so much. It's really a difficult time. I think Kim and Daniel's relationship really reflects the way a lot of high school relationships can be.

Jason Segel:  It's also tough because you are surrounded by the same group of people for four years, and you don't get a break to assess what the rest of the world is like, also.

Busy Philipps:  Right.

Question:  Hey there, Jason. I was wondering if you can tell the fans what Nick will be up to when the series returns on Monday.

Jason Segel:  You get to see a lot of new sides of the character, exploring his relationship with Lindsay, and you get to see what happens when he doesn't have his drumming to fall back on. But I think everyone will be excited to see. I am.

Question:  Busy, can you give us some insight as to what makes Kim the way she is? I thought there was supposed to be an episode that looks into this.

Busy Philipps:  Well, I can do that! There actually is sort of a lost episode that we shot about Kim's background and what makes her who she is, which in my opinion is very interesting. She comes from, definitely, I would say, the wrong side of the tracks. She has a mother and very bizarre relationship with her stepfather, and there is a lot of mental abuse that goes on in the household. The episode isn't going to be aired at this time but maybe in the future, maybe not. It's a gritty, dramatic episode and not the typical "Freaks and Geeks" comedy.

Question:  In high school, were you more a freak or a geek? Or both or neither?

Jason Segel:  I was sort of neither. I was on the basketball team for a couple of years, and I went from that to trying to work. I went from being around the athletic crowd to doing my own thing pretty quickly. I sort of knew everybody, I guess.

Busy Philipps:  I was kind of more a freak in high school than a geek. I liked to dress kind of wildly. I still do sometimes. I really was into the subcultures like punk rock and the rave scene, and I was into the coffeehouse culture. I was into a lot of stuff, and most of the kids in my high school were into the J. Crew crowd. But I got along with almost everyone. I wasn't the kind of person that judged someone by the way they dressed or something. I was nice to everyone until they gave me a reason not to be. Definitely more of a freak, though.

Question:  What was your most embarrassing moment on the set?

Jason Segel:  It happened yesterday. I had to do this scene where I go to play basketball with Linda's character, Lindsay, and I'm supposed to dunk. Back in high school I won a couple of dunk contests.

Busy Philipps:  He was known as Dr. Dunk!

Jason Segel:  And I couldn't dunk during the scene. I messed up take after take. It was horrible. Finally I got one for the cameras. But it was embarrassing that my abilities had gone so downhill.

Busy Philipps:  Did I ever have an embarrassing moment? I'm trying to remember -- I can't.

Question:  What are your pet peeves?

Busy Philipps:  Hate feet. I think they're really ugly. I hate negativity. I really dislike it when people try to bring you down.

Jason Segel:  I hate it when the room you are in is too hot. I like it temperate.

Question:  Who are your influences as actors?

Jason Segel:  James Dean, Robert DeNiro, and I like Edward Norton a lot, too.

Busy Philipps:  I adore Parker Posey and Meg Ryan. I have liked Meg Ryan since I was a little girl. I admire Susan Sarandon. She's so talented, and she gets to go home to Tim Robbins -- he's great. Meryl Streep... God, there are so many good females. I like Madonna, but she hasn't been an inspiration as an actress, just as a strong female.

Question:  Do either of you have any movies or other projects coming out we should look for? I love your show!

Jason Segel:  Thank you for loving the show. And I have a movie that hopefully is going to come out soon called "The New Jersey Turnpikes." A mock documentary about basketball in the seventies. And I dunk pretty good in there.

Busy Philipps:  I did an independent film called "The Smokers." We just got into the New York Film Festival and the Santa Barbara Film Festival, so maybe that will come out. The premiere is next week. I'm really excited.

Question:  Do either of you have e-mail addresses so fans can write you?

Jason Segel:  Nope, not now. There is a "Freaks and Geeks" website where you can post messages,

Busy Philipps:  I've got, I guess, a club that someone started on Yahoo!

Question:  Do you have a favorite "Freaks and Geeks" episode? If you do, which one, and why?

Jason Segel:  My favorite so far is the band episode, 'cause I had so much to do on it. I had to learn how to play drums on it. It was really fun to do. Busy was really great in it.

Busy Philipps:  They cut me out of it!

Jason Segel:  Yeah, whatever.

Busy Philipps:  They didn't cut me out of all of it. I was in it! My favorite episode is "Kim Kelley Is My Friend," which never aired, 'cause I had so much to do with it. It was an awesome experience to be working so closely with Linda. We finally got to forge our friendship on the show. We're friends off the show, but we never got to be friends on the show. It was just a really cool episode. I enjoyed it. But, unfortunately, the public will never see it.

Question:  What do you do for fun?

Jason Segel:  I try to sleep as much as possible. We work so hard on the show, I'm tired all the time now. I like to play piano a little bit.

Busy Philipps:  I like to go to movies and hang out with my friends and go to clubs, and I like to dance recreationally. And I like to drink coffee. And play Sony PlayStation, my new favorite thing!

Question:  Do you have any boyfriends or girlfriends?

Jason Segel:  Pass.

Busy Philipps:  I have a boyfriend.

Question:  Hi. When the show comes back on Monday, is Kim still going out with Daniel?

Busy Philipps:  Yeah, we are.

TV Guide Online:  Thanks, guys, for talking with us tonight! We had a great time and hope you come back soon!

Busy Philipps & Jason Segel:  Nice talking to all you guys! See ya! Thanks for watching!

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Part Of An Interview With Freaks And Geeks creator Paul Feig

PLUME: Describe to me the process of gearing up for a show like this...
FEIG: Fortunately, I was working with Judd - who is a master at this stuff. When Dreamworks got involved, they really push it right through and Judd really gets stuff going, so I was really just sitting back - involved, but taking it in and watching how it all works and seeing how it's done. It was a very painless process, doing this thing.
We brought it to the network and they just loved the script. Apparently, they'd been trying to develop something like it and had a bunch of scripts in development, and this one was exactly what they wanted, so they didn't even have hardly any changes on the script. Suddenly we were in production right away and we made this thing. The casting was fun - we went all over the country and took a long time to cast it, because we were really hard on that process. We found this terrific cast...
PLUME: Also bringing in somebody severely underused in the last few years - SCTV's Joe Flaherty...
FEIG: Mr. Joe... What a kick that was. Somebody brought it up, and Judd and I both thought, "God, what if?" Judd had done a pilot where he'd just worked with Andrea Martin. We figured, "Hey, let's work with as many SCTV heroes as we can." So when Joe got brought up and he sent in an audition tape that was hilarious, we just jumped at it. We got him doing some pretty dramatic stuff from time to time on the show, and he really knocks it out of the park. He's great.
PLUME: It's ironic that he and Eugene would surface as fathers in projects in the same year...
FEIG: We tried to get Eugene on the show to play Neal's dad, but it just didn't work out. We're always going, "How can we get so-and-so in?" Getting Hodgson on was the same thing, and then having David Corrigan and Jonathan Schwartzman and Ben Stiller just did an episode.
PLUME: And you even got another MST3K alumnus, Trace Beaulieu to come in as - in an ironic twist with your Sabrina background - a science teacher...
FEIG: We've been using Trace a lot. He's so funny.... Just hilarious.
PLUME: And you've got kids of different ages, so he shouldn't have the same fate as Mr. Poole. I guess they never thought that high school teachers often teach different class levels.
FEIG: Totally. I always remember from high school that all these teachers were showing up everywhere. Suddenly you'd have your gym coach as your driver's ed teacher.
PLUME: You also gave a great role to Dave Gruber, as the guidance counselor.
FEIG: That was always one of my goals in life - to make Gruber a star. He's so great. The Higgins Boys & Gruber was always about the Higgins Boys, but he's just so good. I can't speak highly enough of how great he is.
PLUME: What would you say, right now, is the future for the show?
FEIG: It's completely up in the air. So up in the air that I'm not even being the fakey guy and saying, "Oh I don't know...." and I really know. I literally have no idea. Dreamworks is shopping it around to other networks.
PLUME: It's good to have Dreamworks in your corner.
FEIG: Yeah, and Spielberg's a huge fan of the show.
PLUME: Where's his cameo?
FEIG: I know... We want him to direct one.
PLUME: How many doors had Freaks and Geeks opened in your career?
FEIG: Quite a few. I have a blind script deal with Scott Rudin's company. I'm looking now at who to make a deal with, because once you get a show, you can generally make a deal to do more shows for somebody, so I've been interviewing with a lot of different places that want to make a deal... So that's great. It's really afforded me everything I've ever wanted. I definitely hung in there. That's really the way you make it in this town - It's whoever doesn't give up will generally get something at some point.
PLUME: It's an endurance test and you know it...
FEIG: It is... and so far so good. It's been a blast, and this has really been the best year of my life. I've learned so much and had such a great time, and been so proud of the work we've did. I'd love to keep it going, but if it doesn't, I'm proud of it. If it has to go down, I feel good about it. I'll be sad, but proud.

James Franco Chat March 23, 2000

"Whatever It Takes" star James Franco chatted LIVE about "Freaks & Geeks." See what he had to say below!

TV Guide Online:  Tonight we are chatting with James Franco from the upcoming film "Whatever It Takes" and the TV series "Freaks and Geeks." Welcome, James! Thanks for coming!

James Franco:  Hi, this is my first online chat appearance... thanks a lot for having me.

Question:  Describe what the new movie’s about, in your own words.

James Franco:  A modern Cyrano adaptation. Two guys -- a jock and a socially inept guy -- make a pact to help each other seduce these two girls. I play Chris. He's a popular jock.

Question:  James, my name is Anthony and I'm a huge fan of yours. Can you tell me what it was like working with the cast of "Freaks and Geeks"? Thanks.

James Franco:  Thank you, Anthony. Yeah, I think that one of the compliments to the show is how perfectly cast it is. They were looking for distinct personalities that they liked, and they shaped the show around them. As a result, the show works very smoothly. It's one of the best sets I've ever worked on -- very original actors and very special. And although they are very skilled, it doesn't feel as though there is a lot of craft involved because everything flows, and the actors have made it so personal to themselves. It's surprising how intelligent the show is. The kids haven't been in the mainstream for very long, but most of them have a lot of experience behind them. Even at a young age, they are very skilled.

Question:  Hi, James, can you tell us your thoughts on the cancellation of "Freaks and Geeks"?

James Franco:  Comparatively, "Freaks and Geeks’" ratings are fine. We do just as good, if not better, than other teen shows on other networks. But because we're on NBC, there's added pressure to compete with the bigger shows. It's resulted in a very bumpy ride. People weren't aware of when it was on, and the ratings dropped, and the network didn't want to carry it anymore. So even with the critical acclaim, they couldn't keep it on anymore.

James Franco:  I think it's a shame. I think it was a very original part of television. It tried to portray teenage life in a very realistic, grounded way. But that's the way it goes. The whole concept behind "Freaks and Geeks" was to give it an almost documentary style, although there was comedy laced in there. It was very off-the-cuff, and I think it results in a loose yet realistic piece of drama.

Question:  James, do you have any favorite name for my child? My wife will give birth in a few days. Thank you for being a role model for the youth of today.

James Franco:  I am into exotic names... huh... hmmm... here's a wonderful name. How about "Trout Fishing in America"? After Richard Brautigan's novel. There is an actual character named that in the novel. I do like that name.

Question:  But what if it's a girl?

James Franco:  You could call him Trout for short. It would work for a boy or a girl. I want to use that name for my child... really!

Question:  Who are your role models?

James Franco:  As far as acting, Jack Nicholson is by far, because of his energy and how personal he seems to make each part. I tend to lean towards pulling your own self out into the part. I think Nicholson's work is an example of that. It's never exhausted; he seems to expound on this wonderful, enigmatic personality. This style allows the actor to have a stronger voice. If you look at the other arts -- painters, for instance -- they tend to move through different periods. I think that's ideal for an actor.

Question:  James, is there a specific reason you draw when signing autographs?

James Franco:  How do you know that? Wow! I do paint. I've been painting longer than I've been acting. I figured while doing so many signatures, I might as well practice sketches. And I think drawings can be much more expressive than a generic "best wishes." Do you?

Question:  Do you have a girlfriend?

James Franco:  Yes, I do have a girlfriend. Marla Sokoloff, who I met on the filming of "Whatever It Takes." She portrays the receptionist on "The Practice" -- and that's that.

Question:  What is your style in painting? Is there something that inspires you, or is it just your ideas?

James Franco:  I use -- well, when I was in high school, I took several years of life drawing and painting. When I went to UCLA, I developed a more graffiti-esque style. They're cartoony, comic-y. I use large canvasses. The artists who inspire me -- Basquiat, Keith Haring -- and as far as subject goes, I like to use a lot of images from the media and pop culture and the news and cartoons and comic books.

Question:  My friend Anthony asked that question about drawing in your autographs. He isn't a stalker, just an autograph freak. Are you frightened of stalkers or people being too obsessed with you?

James Franco:  No, I haven't run into any bad situations with fans. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I have any, and that people are here asking questions. My life hasn't changed much. So, for right now, I have no fears.

Question:  What made you decide to pursue acting? And what was your first professional role?

James Franco:  I had always wanted to act, since I was young. I suppose when I was young, it was a desire to be liked and loved and adored... I put it off until I went to UCLA. I was in the midst of the largest movie industry in the world, and it became conceivable for me to be an actor. And so now, the desire doesn't stem from any desire for affection, but from a purging of myself and expressing my ideas and emotions.

Question:  Do you have any other upcoming film roles that we can look forward to?

James Franco:  Yes, I do. I am sorry to say that I am not able to disclose, because we're in negotiations. But "Freaks and Geeks" just ended, so I am planning on shooting one movie or another very soon.

TV Guide Online:  Thanks, James! We had a great time. We wish you the best, and please come back soon!

James Franco:  Thank you very much, and I appreciate all the support and questions. And good night!

Copyright 2000 TV Guide, Inc.; licensed to America Online, Inc.

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Modern Humorist -The Freakiest Geek- Judd Apatow

TWO YEARS AGO, the NBC TV show “Freaks and Geeks” came in under the radar—and basically stayed under the radar until it crashed into the mountains. A year later, reruns of the show’s 18 episodes on the Fox Family Channel finally set radar screens tingling, and folks who’d missed the series entirely the first time around discovered something remarkable: a blindingly funny yet emotionally harrowing comedy-drama that captured high school life as nothing else on television ever had.
Its cast has moved on, and “Undeclared,” the new half-hour college comedy from “Freaks and Geeks” producer Judd Apatow is, at least around here, the most hotly anticipated show of the year. Apatow called Modern Humorist from his car to talk about “Undeclared,” “Freaks and Geeks” and why failure is always an option.

Note: This is an actual interview with Judd Apatow, not a parody of an interview.

MODERN HUMORIST: In a way it feels odd to me that the cast of “Freaks and Geeks” are actually actors and not people I went to high school with, because I swear I went to high school with some of those people.
JUDD APATOW: Well, most of them are playing characters, but the characters are based on the writers’ observations of who the actors really are. So when something would happen on the set or we would notice the dynamic between the actors, we would write it into the show. So we would notice that the kid who plays Neil, Samm Levine, would annoy the other geeks with his dumb jokes. So as you watch the episodes you see the other geeks getting more and more hostile toward Neil, because we noticed that he was driving them crazy a lot of the time. We also noticed that John Daley seemed to be blossoming into a handsome young kid and that he would naturally gravitate away from his friends, and so we built that into the show.

MH: It’s also just very unusual to see such verisimilitude on TV. Did you have to put up a fight to establish that? To get actors who didn’t look like TV stars and plots that are all about humiliation and awkwardness?
JA: Well, the show wasn’t “developed” — Paul [Feig] just wrote a draft of it and then showed it to me, and I set it up at Dreamworks and then sold it to NBC, and they loved the script, so it was very clear from the moment of sale what we wanted to do. The teen show craze was at its peak and people were beginning to get irritated with it, so the time was right for a show that went the other way, so we decided to cast a high school show with kids that actually looked like high school students, and sadly that was seen as something original. But it wasn’t to us. We didn’t think it was that daring a concept to have actors look like what they play. But that’s something that you don’t see on TV because TV executives think that TV is an escape for people. In movies it’s not a big deal. That’s why there are movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Welcome to the Dollhouse, which were some of my inspirations in terms of the tone of the show.

MH: I think that when I was a high school freshman I looked a lot like Sam only with worse hair. Who from the show were you most like?
JA: There’s a piece of how I see myself as a high school student in Nick, in the way he obsesses over Lindsay and embarrasses himself by singing “Lady” by Styx. That’s the kind of thing I would do. I might not sing Styx, but I would do something that over the top, and I would fail. I’m a big comedy fan as was Paul. We were both obsessed with Steve Martin and “Saturday Night Live.” All of those things were peaking at the time we were in high school, so we made Neil’s character really into comedy. All of the geeks are really into comedy.

MH: There’s that great scene with Bill watching Garry Shandling.
JA: When I was a kid I used to go home every day and my friends would play sports. While they would have football practice, I would watch the Dinah Shore show and the Mike Douglas show and the early “Love Connection,” and I would make a grilled-cheese sandwich and chocolate cake, and I would watch TV straight through until Letterman was over at 1:30 in the morning. In high school! And I did that way too often. And that’s my most personal moment on the show. There’s a little bit of that everywhere. An enormous amount of the stories happened to Paul. Paul was afraid to take a shower after gym class. Paul would buy a gift for a girl. Like when Sam bought Cindy Sanders the necklace — that was a Paul move. All the writers contributed these horror stories from their youth, and we put them into the show. Most of it happened to someone on the show.

MH: It happened to all of us. You know, they show two episodes in a row on the Fox Family Channel and I can’t watch two episodes in a row because I have to get up after an episode, and walk around and shake it off.
JA: That may be why we weren’t successful.
MH: A lot of people are hoping “Undeclared” is going to be “Freaks and Geeks” goes to college. Is it?
JA: I don’t think it is. “Undeclared” is more of a comedy. It’s shot in the same style as “Freaks and Geeks.” But it’s much faster paced, and it’s not trying to reveal the most painful parts of your adolescence, because that’s not what college was. College for most people is a reward for surviving high school. I mean, I was a geek in high school. When I went to college, I learned how the real world worked, and I didn’t have as many social obstacles. In college most of the kids are accepting. You can find yourself playing a game of quarters with guys on the football team, and they would be nice to you. The show is more about what kids do when they are given freedom and responsibility at the same time. What do kids do when they have to go to class but no one is taking attendance. The show is similar to “Freaks and Geeks” because it is about a former geek going to college and trying to change his reputation. It’s how a collection of very different people figure out how to get along in a dorm space.

MH: Following “Freaks and Geeks”—which I think was simultaneously one of the best shows that’s ever been on television and also, for whatever reason, not a success—are you under two different kinds of pressure with “Undeclared,” to create a show that’s just as good and also that performs better?
JA: I created “Undeclared” with the intention of wanting people to watch it, much more so than “Freaks and Geeks.” “Freaks and Geeks,” we thought if it was pure, people would love it. We thought, like, there would be a backlash against these high school shows, and that if one was more honest, people would run to it in droves, and we were very surprised that we weren’t a gigantic hit. As we shot more and more shows, we realized we wouldn’t survive, so we approached the show like it was an 18-hour miniseries, and we literally didn’t change one frame of film to please anybody at the network or the production company, because we felt like our fate had already been decided so why not make something as good as we can make it? With “Undeclared” it’s different because I think we have a shot to survive. And I’d like to figure out a way to get people to watch something that I do. It doesn’t mean I make any concessions, because I don’t, but I am aware of trying to entertain people. But not in a way that’s different than when we did “The Larry Sanders Show.” We tried to make the show as funny as we could. That being said, I don’t have any belief that it’s gonna explode through the roof, because it still has enough weird, dark, odd comedy to make it a long shot.

MH: What can you tell me about the basic setup? You said the central character is a former geek coming to college.
JA: In the first scene he’s talking to his geeky friend and he says he decided to go to college because he grew six inches senior year, and he feels like he’s looking good now, he’s gained some weight, he’s filling out, and no one knows who he is in college, he can be whoever he wants to be. In the pilot story his dad shows up and tells him that his mother wants a divorce from him, and it’s about trying to enjoy your first day of school when you find out your parents are going to get divorced. [pause] I guess that’s not much lighter than “Freaks and Geeks.”

MH: If you can wring humor out of that, it sounds like it’s going to get off to a good start.
JA: And there are some pure comedic episodes about what happens when all of the kids get their first credit cards and what they spend the money on. Steven decides to buy term papers from this speed freak in town, played by Will Ferrell, and the show’s about what happens when Will Ferrell doesn’t get him good grades. So there’s some funny episodes, but they all have a good heart, I hope—that is my intention. I’m always trying to do something original. The cast is really funny. But we are definitely going for comedy much more than “Freaks and Geeks.” “Freaks and Geeks” was funny, whatever, half the time. This tries to be funny most of the time. But funny in a James Brooks, Broadcast News kind of way.

MH: One thing about shows that are set in high school and college—are you setting yourself a four year limit? And do you have to think from the beginning how you’re going to extend it beyond that?
JA: I kind of feel like it probably won’t even say what year they’re in much. I don’t think I’ll track them from freshman year to sophomore. I’ll probably just let it be one long year until the end of the series. But I never believe that any of these shows are going to last very long, so I don’t think about it too much. If it happens, I’ll deal with it, but in the beginning I always assume failure—it makes it all easier to handle.

Sources:, TVGuide Online, America Online