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Show Links

 Freaks And Geeks  Official website for the show.

 Sights and Bytes  "Freaks and Geeks sounds, music, and image gallery."

 McKinley High   "Cast profiles, message board, episode guide, photos, fan club, news highlights and survey. Also a petition to save the show."

 Freaks and Geeks   "Pictures and cast biographies."
Freaks and Geeks: A Fan Page   "Free e-mail, news, cast, discussion list, images, sounds, episode guide, quotes, poll and links."

 Onelist: Freaks and Geeks   "Mailing list for discussion of the show."

 Operation: Haverchuck   "News, multimedia, petition and support for the show and a poll."

 Save Freaks and Geeks   "Letter writing campaign, sponsor addresses, strategies for show recognition and links to articles about the series."

Freaks and Geaks @  "includes photos and audio/video samples."

 Dom's Freaks and Geeks  "tribute to the NBC canceled dramedy."

 The Freaks and Geeks Web   

 Reelteen: Freaks & Geeks  "online magazine covering movies, celebrity gossip, and more."

Freaks and Geeks - Shows  "Read descriptions of five classic episodes from the series featuring "the escapades of two groups of societal misfits," and link to the rest of the plots plus an article."


Television And Entertainment Links

 IMDB (The Internet Movie Database)  "Exhaustive database profiles more than 120,000 movies. Each entry has production credits, reviews, and actor and director details."

 Television Without Pity (formerly Might Big TV)   "Contains recaps, polls and message boards."

 EP Guides   "A vast archive of episode guides for television series past and present."

 Zap 2 It  "Your Guide to what's On-screen - TV, Movies, Internet."

 E! Online   "Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, games and community."

 Pazsaz   "Not the corporate site its name might suggest, but rather 400+ pages listing episodes and providing desultory information for oodles of TV shows."

 RetroWeb   "You'll find classic television, steam locomotives, moonwalks and much more here at RetroWeb, Kipp's web site for the similarly undercultured!"

 TV Guide Online  "Entertainment zine and guide to TV shows contains reviews, interviews and a movie database. Find out today's TV schedule."

Auction Links

 EBAY   "Provides person-to-person trading community on the internet where buyers and sellers are brought together to buy and sell personal items such as antiques, coins, collectibles, computers, memorabilia, stamps and toys. (Nasdaq: EBAY)."

Yahoo! Auctions  "Explore photos and descriptions of thousands of items up for auction. Place bids on toys, electronics, books, clothing or antiques."

Auction Watch  "The number one auction services web site for both buyers and sellers."

Cast And Staff Links

Linda Cardellini
Linda Cardellini Web
Linda Cardellini Web // version 2

johndaleysgurl Franco
Unofficially James Franco
Entertainment Weekly -- James Franco
TV Guide Online - James Franco

The Just Jason Segel Site  "Biography, filmography, photos, fan club and links."

Jason Segel: Cast/Credits

The Busy Philipps Net: Your Busy Resource

Sarah Hagan: Official Web Site   "Resume, "ask Sarah," vital statistics, photos and general information."

Paul Feig's Home Page

Other Links

Undeclared -Fox (Judd Apatow's Show)  "Visit the University of North Eastern California's undergraduate directory, dean's office, dorm bulletin board, UNEC Times, and student union."