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Linda Cardellini
Birth name: Linda E. Cardellini
Date of birth (location): 25 June 1975, Redwood City, California, USA
Won a fireplace on "The Price is Right."
Loves art, especially that of Margaret Keane.
Enjoys taking martial arts classes.
Attended Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, CA.
(March 2001) Dating Jason Segel.
Attended Loyola Marymount University.

John Francis Daley
Date of birth (location): 20 July 1985, New York, New York, USA
John's father, R.F. Daley was asked by producers of "The Who's Tommy" to leave "Guys and Dolls" on Broadway (where he was part of the original revival cast) to tour with their production, with John in the title role (middle Tommy).
Auditioned several times for "Les Miserable" on Broadway - but was never tall enough to play Gavroche. By the time he was tall enough, he had lost interest.
When John appeared as a guest star on "Boston Public," his real life father R.F. Daley (a Broadway veteran) portrayed his TV father.

James Franco
Birth name: James Edward Franco
Date of birth (location): 19 April 1978, Palo Alto, California, USA
Sometimes Credited As: James Edward Franco
Attended Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California.

(2002) Won a Golden Globe for portraying James Dean.

Enjoys painting.

Currently writing a screenplay.

Currently living in Los Angeles.

After a short time in Hollywood, James landed a starring role in Freaks and Geeks as Daniel Desario.

Studied acting at Robert Carnegie's Playhouse West.

His mother Betsy is an author.

His grandmother Mitzi Levine is an art gallery owner.

Has two brothers, Tom and David.

Attended UCLA and majored in English, but left to study acting.

Before acting, James worked at the UCLA cafeteria worker and even at McDonald's.

Can speak French.

Auditioned for the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man (2002), but was given the part of Harry Osbourne.

Samm Levine
Birth name: Samm Franklin Levine
Date of birth (location): 12 March 1982, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Auditioned for the role of Sam Weir on "Freaks and Geeks" before being cast as Neal Schweiber.
Raised in Fort Lee, New Jersey
Middle name is Franklin.
He is the youngest member of the NY Friars Club.

Seth Rogen
Date of birth (location) 15 April 1982, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jason Segel
Birth Name: Jason Jordan Segel
Date of birth (location): 18 January 1980, Los Angeles, California, USA
(March 2001) Dating Linda Cardellini.

Martin Starr
Date of birth (location): 30 July 1982, Santa Monica, California, USA

Becky Ann Baker
Date of birth (location): 17 February 1953, Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA
Sometimes Credited As: Becky Gelke
Spouse: Dylan Baker
Grew up as an "army
brat" moving from base to base with her parents.

Joe Flaherty
Birth name:
Date of birth (location):
21 June 1941,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Sometimes Credited As:
Joseph P. Flaherty/Joseph X. Flaherty
Joseph P. Flaherty
Joseph X. Flaherty
Joe O'Flaherty
Joseph O'Flaherty
He was born in Pittsburgh, raised in Toronto

Brother of comedy writer Paul Flaherty (I).

Busy Philipps
Birth name: Elizabeth Jean Phillips
Date of birth (location):
25 June 1978,
Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Auditioned for the role of Lindsay Weir on "Freaks and Geeks" before being cast as Kim Kelly.
Auditioned for the television show "Roswell."
Her parents gave her the nickname Busy, because as an infant she was always moving, the name stuck, and it even appears on her driver's license.
Raised in Scottsdale, Arizona
 Dated Colin Hanks