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【1998年03月分】〜 14 Messages

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  • 98/03/29 04:24 Perry &Patti Richards Age: ?35

    98/03/28 17:29 Gerhard Nanninga Age: 44
    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your pages with the animated figures are
    I'm a beginner caller and have saved and printed your pages and will use them
    to learn all the calls better. Just put them on cards and add own comments. 
    This saved me quite some work. Thanks.

    98/03/27 05:30 Astrid Kam Age: old
    Hello. I'm a squaredancer from Sweden , (not japanese) . 
    We have a  little club with ca 50 members in Gnosj 
    We dance basic, mainstream and plus. 
    Regards Astrid

    98/03/25 11:31 Mark Williams Age: 42
    I think your web site is really a great idea. When I upgrade my computer
    I hope to download the teaching parts for at home use Thanks alot

    98/03/19 11:52 Noriko Age: 31
    Hi everyone!!
    Thank you for visiting my page.
    Please feel free to link my page to yours but please make the link to the
    top page of the English version.
     (which is http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~noriks/ENGLISH/English-Index.html)

    98/03/19 08:43 American Gal Age: 34
    I love your page, and as a contra dancer, found it very helpful.  
    I have a link to it from mine, if you don't mind.

    98/03/19 06:18 E. A. Linkiewicz Age: 62
    Very interesting and very well done.  My compliments to you Noriko.  
    The animations were very clear and well thought out.  
    A real challenge would be to animate the Plus movements.  
    Have you considered doing so?

    98/03/17 02:38 Roland Giguere Age: 38
    I like your animated figures.

    98/03/14 11:36 Lars Christiansen Age: 44
    Hi. I am a Danish square dancer. I started dancing square dance in 1995 
    and are now dancing A2. I think this is a great site you have. 
    I like your cat. I have 6 cats. The one of them are looking like yours, 
    his name are Bob.
    Please visit 'my' homepage: //sunsite.auc.dk/daasdc
    and my clubs: //www.geocities.com/Broadway/3279

    98/03/12 08:54 Retha Age: ?
    I enjoyed your animated basic moves page and have added it to my 
    Bookmark.htm page.
    Thanks you, they were cute.

    "Best Collection of Square Dancing Icons, Clipart & Lines!"

    98/03/05 02:04 ron gibbs Age: ?
    Ms Takahashi,
    Hello again.  You maybe know about this already, but I thought that I 
    would mention it anyway.
    When I click ENGLISH:
            1.  The Basic(1) page comes through perfectly but
            2.  On pages Basic(2),Basic(3),Basic(4),Basic(5) there is a 
                lot of text that is unrecognizable. which I suspect is my 
                monitor not recognizing the Katakana character set.
    When I click Basic(5) at the top of the page I get there with no problem, but
    When I click Basic(5) at the bottom of the page the response is 
                RESOURCE NOT FOUND.

    98/03/04 14:18 Vicki Ringer Age: 55
    My husband and I are "beginning" Square Dancers and have found your page 
    to be very helpful.  We shared your site with other members of our class 
    so you will have more visitors.  Thanks, it's great!!   
    Vicki Ringer
    California, USA

    98/03/03 06:19 Noriko Age: 31
    Hi Ron,
    Thank you for visiting my page and I appriciate your warm message.
    I wanted to send you an e-mail but you didn't leave your address so I'm
    writing here.
    I used to live in Closter, NJ (that's about  20 min from the George
    Washington Bridge). 
    My parents now live in Edgewater, just across the river from you. (^_^)

    98/03/03 06:04 Ron Gibbs Age: 50
    Congratulations on a superb square dancing website; 
    I have never seen a better one.
    My wife and I started square dancing in 1994 and have just learned C-2.
    We are having so much fun with square dancing.  You are too, I hope.
    We are helping a young caller who has come recently from Germany.
    He is trying to get a new BASIC/MAINSTREAM club started here and has asked me
    to look over his webpage for him, which I have done. 
    I will recommend that he put a hotlink directly to your animations.  
    They will be very popular. We too are hoping to attract younger dancers.  
    It is so hard to convince people even to try it.
    Where in New Jersey did you live?  That's just across the river from us.

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