It is with Heavy Heart and Great Sadness I make this final entry.

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum passed away in his sleep, January 11, 2014.

We all are born and we all will pass. When our stone is placed it will have our name and dates on the stone, 1946 – 2014. The name tells the world who we are, the dates tell when we were born and when we passed, but the important part is the dash between the dates. That dash is our entire life, things we did, places we went, people we met, lives we touched, and lives that touched ours. The goal is to make that dash mean something … Marty filled that goal, and then some. He touched many people and many lives in many ways, and he loved his family.

I know Marty touched my life and my family’s lives, he will be greatly missed. His dash meant something and he made a difference. I am honored to have had the chance to have known Marty and his family.

Rest in Peace Dear Friend … Pals

2014 is the 16th Anniversary of The Holy Ranger WebSite
Welcome to going down on the spirit farm now for Sixteen Years on the History page for (and do note that History is continually updated and archived).

SeeLP: Film/Music Album Entitled "For All We Sing In Snow"

Legend of the Holy Ranger:
The Lore, Artistry and Scholarship
of Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum.

This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Holy Ranger way of life.

"But destruction is just water rolling beneath a dream plantation
washing down on the spirit farm."From the title song of the
album, Down On The Spirit Farm, and the alternate version of
the song on the album, No Freedom, Honey,
by Martin Jack Rosenblum.

Martin Jack Rosenblum, M.A., Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts, Music Department; History and Literature Senior Lecturer and Rock and Roll Certificate Program Director
Rounder Records Recording Artist
Gibson Guitars Montana Artist Endorsee
Harley-Davidson Motor Company Historian Emeritus

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts;
Music Department, Music History And Literature

Certificate Program in Rock and Roll Studies: Developed in response to strong interest from students and faculty and under the direction of renowned Rock and Roll historian and Peck School senior lecturer Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum , this unique program will prepare students to use the tools of ethnomusicology, musicology, literature studies and cultural studies to examine American vernacular music in a way previously reserved for what is called "classical music." Certificate students will gain a solid understanding of this musical genre while deepening their knowledge of the style from an array of courses across the arts and humanities.

For information, please contact Dr. Rosenblum at 414-229-6490 or .

Feature Article On Certificate Program in Rock and Roll Studies

Martin Jack is the author of numerous books of poetry that are now out-of-print. .... Two of his extremely important volumes, HOME and THE WEREWOLF SEQUENCE, are described in detail by their original publisher in this extensive retrospective. These specific texts had an influence within American Free Verse literary culture and may still be obtainable through antiquarian bookstores. (The Art Rock album entitled DOWN ON THE SPIRIT FARM is a sonic derivitive of the verbal inventions found in HOME and THE WEREWOLF SEQUENCE.)

Bibliography and Discography

Most Books and Albums that are in-print are on the Buy Poetry And Music Here page at:
Those that are out-of-print are available through antiquarian book shops and vintage recording outlets.

Selected Books
Searching For Rock And Roll, Fourth Edition (2012), Cengage.
Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poet Anthology (2008), Archer Books.
Searching For Rock And Roll, Second Edition (2008), Cengage.
American Popular Music (2007), Pearson.
Searching For Rock And Roll: Authenticity And Art In Vernacular Music (2007), Thomson.
Harley-Davidson Lore/Volume II (2000), Chronicle Books.
Harley-Davidson Lore/Volume I (1999), Chronicle Books.
The Art Of The Harley (1998), Barbican Museum Books.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company: 1903-1993 (1994), H-D Motor Company.
The Holy Ranger: Harley-Davidson Poems (1989), H-D Motor Company.
Home/Second Edition (1989), Membrane Press.
Conjunction (1989), Pentagram Press.
Stone Fog (1988), Lionhead Publishing.
Divisions (1987), Great Raven Press.
Burning Oak (1986), Lionhead Publishing.
Geographics (1986), Lionhead Publishing.
Territorial: A Music Folio (1985), Lionhead Publishing.
Hockett Stutter: A Music Folio (1985), Morgan Press.
Brite Shade (1984), Cody Books.
Protractive Verse: Free Verse Theory (1983), Dry Run Press.
As I Magic (1976), Morgan Press.
Scattered On: Omens & Curses (1976), Pentagram Press.
Postpoems (1975), Ziggurat Publications.
The Werewolf Sequence (1974), Membrane Press.
On (1972), Harpoon Press.
Brewing: 20 Milwaukee Poets, ed. (1971), Giligia Press.
Albatross Anthology of Madison Poets, ed. (1970), Albatross Press.
Settling Attention and Other Poems (1970), Albatross Press.
Bright Blue Coats (1970), University of Wisconsin Art Press.
Home (1970), Membrane Press.
First Words The Moon Sings Near Drowning (1969), Albatross Press.

Selected Albums
Got To Keep An Eye On Things (2013), SpiritFugitive.
Nobody But Them: Werewolf Sequence (2009), SpiritFugitive.
Ice Thorn: Singles Collection (2007), SpiritFugitive.
Down On The Spirit Farm/12th Anniversary Edition (2006), SpiritFugitive.
Omen Dirt (Low-5) (2006), SpiritFugitive.
Under Wicked Moon (2004), Katalyst.
Down On The Spirit Farm/10th Anniversary Edition (2004), Spirit Farm Recording.
The Holy Ranger's Free Hand/12th Anniversary Edition (2003), W2R Records.
Swamp River (2003), Katalyst.
Navigator (2003), Katalyst.
Pilgrimage Farm Trilogy-Retrospective Box Set (2003), Spirit Farm Recording.
Loose Recluse (2002), Spirit Farm Recording.
Music Lingo/Re-Mastered Edition (2002), Frozen Sky Records.
Shove n Step (2002), Orange Recording.
The Orange Project: Transmogrification (2001), Orange Recording.
Spirit Fugitive (2001), Spirit Farm Recording.
Places To Go (2000), W2R Records.
No Freedom, Honey (2000), W2R Records.
Down On The Spirit Farm (1994), American Ranger.
The Holy Ranger's Free Hand (1991), Flying Fish/Rounder Records.
The Holy Ranger's Free Hand (1990), Roar Recording.
I Am The Holy Ranger (1989), Roar Recording.
Music Lingo (1987), Frozen Sky Records.
Other Symptoms (1982), Roar Recording.
Backlit Frontier (1979), Roar Recording.

Facebook Fan Page for Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum When opening this link from you may be asked to open in a new window.

Classroom Cross Road: YouTube Lecture Videos with Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum; guest artists, student visionaries and Martin Jack songs also appear ---- "CROSSROADS REVISITED" contains scholastic and artistic crossing as visitation

Media and Commentary Archive .... Reviews, Photographs, Events, News.

Historic photo essay when an album was on the French charts over two decades ago.

Photograph Album Pages .... There are many pages here of vintage and current photographs, so give each page plenty of time to load; there is also lots of explanatory text regarding historical and contemporary scholarship and artistry. There are many photographs at this History page beyond those in this Album; you will find lots of concert pictures and unique photos of Dick Dale, Little Steven, Bruce Springsteen, John Paul Hammond and others who travel the sine wave highway with Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum.

Song Lyrics: The lyrics for songs do not stand alone. They are not poetry. This is why Martin Jack Rosenblum never prints the lyrics to his songs on album liner note materials; however, song lyrics will appear at this link to create a songbook that shall not be confused with a book of poetry. Please check this link as eventually all song lyrics will be printed for the extant albums. A discography will appear with each song. If you want to learn the songs go to the Guest Book and request chord structures. You should not read these lyrics. Please use them to either learn the songs or to look at while you listen to them at full volume.

Martin Jack Rosenblum: SeeLP {For All We Sing In Snow} YouTube

"House Detective" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

"Mabel Tells The Truth About You" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

"Laughing Dog" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

"What She Never Says" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

"Brilliant Stalker" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

"The Letter" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

"Welded" by Martin Jack Rosenblum on YouTube

Martin Jack Rosenblum On Vimeo

Current Published Music Criticism By Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum: Write-In 'Martin Jack Rosenblum' in "Search" To Locate His Essays.

Searching For Rock And Roll ... History text book regarding Rock and Roll idiom (musicology, literary and cultural pedagogies combined) from origins into the 21st Century.

An essay about Lightnin' Hopkins by Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, from The SpiritFugitive Archives.

A short story about Mel Lyman by Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum, from The SpiritFugitive Archives.
{Poems, plays, novellas and songs from the SpiritFugitive Archives are being catalogued. Some of these manuscripts and tapes are already at The Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, housed there by the late Norman Holmes Pearson, and at The Center For Contemporary Poetry at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Murphy Library, placed there when Dr. Rosenblum was chosen as one of the region's leading artists already as of 1970. The complete Archives reveal not unfinished work but ones that were deemed at the time to be fractal and therefore not part of the canon. Correspondence and journals are also part of this vast Archive collection, containing many works-in-progress but also literary and musicological theory discussed with leading writers and musicians from the sixties through the twenty-first century.} A major portion of this archive is now housed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library, and an online catalog is available.

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum: The Music Road Taken

Werewolf Sequence: The Band

With every album Martin Jack creates a new band identity. The album for 2007 is by the Werewolf Sequence band. The spot to watch is: New work from two new albums {entitled Nobody But Them and Got To Keep An Eye On Things} are appearing.
Nobody But Them
Got To Keep An Eye On Things

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum involved with current Les Paul Exhibit and future Museum

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum is in this award-winning, contemporary movie

New Album entitled Got To Keep An Eye On Things is being recorded in 2012 by Martin Jack Rosenblum: this is a four song EP and takes the torpor of Omen Dirt (Low-5) --2006 album with Last Canyon Band-- and vapor of Ice Thorn: Singles (Collection) --2007 album with Werewolf Sequence-- into another side of sound.

Les Paul Discovery World Poster for Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum lecture in 2009

Bob Dylan Together Through Life Album Preview show poster for Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum concert in 2009

Photograph of Martin Jack performing with James Redding's Union Pulse at Miramar Theater on 06/09/2009

2008 Review Of New Martin Jack And Werewolf Sequence Album, "Ice Thorn"

2008 Review Of Martin Jack's Down On The Spirit Farm/12th Anniversary Edition cult album

All of Martin Jack's albums released since the year 2000 are now available in the MP3 format:
MARTIN JACK ROSENBLUM: The Holy Ranger's Free Hand 12TH Anniversary Edition
MARTIN JACK ROSENBLUM: Down On The Spirit Farm 12th Anniversary Edition
MARTIN JACK AND WEREWOLF SEQUENCE: Ice Thorn: Singles (Collection)

Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poet Anthology (Archer Books) ... This anthology contains poems by Martin Jack Rosenblum, Allen Ginsberg, Diane Wakoski, Hunter S. Thompson, et. al. The work from Martin Jack in this collection is from his break-through, outsider poems of the eighties, establishing the idiom in popular culture now receiving attention; Martin Jack also wrote the Foreword to this 2008 text.

Review Of Rubber Side Down

Ice Thorn ... new album for 2007. The album is available at: CD

Shepherd Express Ice Thorn Review

Ice Thorn: Singles (Collection) album release concert photo (April, 2007).

This is a photograph of Werewolf Sequence, the gang of performers on Ice Thorn.

Omen Dirt (Low-5) ... the new album in 2006. An in-depth, detailed review. The album is available at: CD

Omen Dirt (Low-5) is a concept album; however, you can go to iTunes to get individual songs if you so desire.

Down On The Spirit Farm 12th Anniversary Edition is now available at CD Baby.

Down On The Spirit Farm 12th Anniversary Edition is a concept album; however, you can go to iTunes to get individual songs if you so desire. and CDBaby mp3 Links for all Martin Jack Rosenblum albums since 2000. .... All of the currently available albums and books associated with Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum's artistry are at this Site. This is the only geographic location on the shaman's crumpled map for all recorded and written works, and will be continually charted as outriders come in with sacred musical and verbal medicine weapons.

Individual songs from Martin Jack's albums are on iTunes at:
Ice Thorn: Singles (Collection)
Places To Go
No Freedom Honey
The Holy Ranger's Free Hand 12TH Anniversary Edition
Swamp River
Individual songs from Martin Jack's albums are on eMusic at:
The Holy Ranger's Free Hand 12TH Anniversary Edition
Swamp River
Individual songs from Martin Jack's albums are on GreatIndie at:
No Freedom Honey
Places To Go

Spirit Fugitive Visions Newsletter

"THE GHOST OF THE HOLY RANGER" .... (with color photos beyond the black and white photo in the text) from the 26 December 2002 Shepherd Express newspaper feature on Martin Jack's recorded works as 2002 haunts 2003's navigation.

The Last Canyon Band --- New Album in 2006 By Martin Jack

"Ice Thorn" is the new Martin Jack album in 2007 with Werewolf Sequence.

There is a MySpace Canyon

There is a GarageBand Canyon and Werewolf:

UNDER WICKED MOON ... Program Divinations

Go to for albums by Martin Jack Rosenblum that are available directly from CDBaby.

Martin Jack did a singer/songwriter workshop at Cream City Music in 2006 ... Here are photos taken at the workshop. Martin Jack had a couple of Under Wicked Moon thugs with him (James Redding, guitar; Allan Russell, fiddle) as pictured.

The Literature Of Rock And Roll from Martin Jack .... and for more vision code, go to the Phonograph link at

The Notion Of Authenticity Derived From Folk Music from Martin Jack .... and for more vision code, go to the Phonograph link at

Peter Berryman and Martin Jack reunited in 2004 decades after their band in the sixties. Go to the Photo Album for how these two Rat Rock Boys looked back then.

Allen Ginsberg .... This is an oral poetic diatribe on Allen Ginsberg that is not published but instead spoken on 26 April 2002 in Milwaukee at a gathering to mark the fifth anniversary of his death. It is available here for download to your unconscious not as a poem but as a voice.

Allen Ginsberg Again .... Martin Jack writes the liner notes for a 'new' Allen Ginsberg album released on 08 March 08. There is a related concert event.

Photographs of Martin Jack performing at the Allen Ginsberg Tribute Concert

Down On The Spirit Farm .... Information about The Spirit Farm CD

Download Samples of "Down On The Spirit Farm" .... Down On The Spirit Farm has been re-issued in a very limited "bootleg" edition. It can be ordered On-Line at New-Old-Stock editions of the famous album have also recently been discovered and are available by special order only through Visit for details to obtain one of these autographed originals. Samples available are ... I Got A Hand On You --- Get Ready Ricky --- Down On The Spirit Farm.
This Download is now available at

No Freedom, Honey & Places To Go, Volumes I & II CD's are available: .... The Ranger Sound Is Revived.

The Holy Ranger's Free Hand 12th. Anniversary Edition .... Information about the Free Hand CD

SWAMP RIVER .... New Solo Album

Two New Albums Released In 2003: NAVIGATOR (Band) And SWAMP RIVER (Solo)

John Paul Hammond .... and others to whom The Holy Ranger plays tribute

Little Steven .... Martin Jack and Little Steven share harvests upon spirit farm soil, going way back together before Little Steven was a member of the E-Street Band.

Bruce Springsteen .... 27 September 2002, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; from left to right in the photograph: Maureen Rosenblum, Martin Jack Rosenblum, Bruce Springsteen.

Photographs of The Terminator, Little Steven and Martin Jack at the Bruce Springsteen 105th Anniversary Concert in Milwaukee For Harley-Davidson

Dick Dale's Offical Website .... Martin Jack and Dick Dale spent time together at the Harley-Davidson Archives in Milwaukee, and Dick Dale related stories of building choppers with Howard Hughs and creating amplifiers with Leo Fender, and MJR and DD talk all the time about Loud Harleys and Louder Guitars. Experience DD for yourself.


Daddy-O With John Kruth .... Martin Jack and John Kruth, who presently performs with members of The Holy Model Rounders in New York City.

Victor DeLorenzo .... Martin Jack and Victor DeLorenzo rock with free hands from the Free Hand album in the 80's through the Navigator album in the 21st Century.

5 November 2002 .... aol On-Line Chat with Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum and Victor DeLorenzo.

Michael Hoffmann .... On 14 June 2000, Michael Hoffmann and Martin Jack Rosenblum completed the CD entitled PLACES TO GO, which presents brand new material coming now from Dr. Rosenblum's visionary troubadour resurgence. Michael worked with Martin Jack on "The Holy Ranger's Free Hand" album, and was a member of the Blues Riders (which was the band that toured for this album in the early nineties). Check out the Hoffmann Website and get new PLACES TO GO.

Tattoos By Rick .... The real art of tattooing is by this time something that has been lost to fashion; Holy Ranger tattoos go back before fashion trends when last rides through canyons were tribally celebrated with ink that was not just skin deep.

Rauen Guitars .... Now in its 25th year for 2006, Rauen Guitars is where all of Martin Jack's guitars go for setups and restorations if needed. Denny Rauen is a master luthier who possesses world-class knowledge and expertise, but who also comprehends that a guitar or any stringed instrument is an angel's wingspread. He is a master craftsman as well as a poet of harmonic convergence and purveyor of aesthetic secrets. Guitars can take finger style flight if Denny says so. If he says no, they're grounded to strumming hellfire.

Within recent years various definitions of Folk Music have appeared. ----Metal Folk, Stadium Folk and Freak Folk, to call out the primary trio. Especially with the album Down On The Spirit Farm, but significantly throughout all of his albums, Martin Jack has been writing and performing in all three areas now defined for a new, enlightened generation. Especially, it is the rising of Freak Folk that necessitates a vision (which is not revisionist) of Rosenblum's entire canon as it should be seen right now (19 June 2009): a sonic text for all that is Freak Folk with Metal and Stadium periods as well, not to mention You need to understand all this. You need to know what has been going on for well over four decades in the recordings and performances of Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum. The idea is to share it, not sell it. Take inspiration. Truth is priceless.

You can also Go To: or

Archive Narrative

Upcoming and continuously running motorcycle-related
specials on "A&E", "DISCOVERY", "HISTORY", "LEARNING" & "E" Channels
feature Martin Jack Rosenblum.
Peter Jennings' "THE CENTURY" series also shows
Martin Jack in the fifties and now as a Rock & Roller.


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