Down On The Spirit Farm CD

This is the best CD ever released by The Holy Ranger.

The Holy Ranger and Deputies

Song list and the band.

No Freedom, Honey and Places To Go, Volumes I and II of the revival CD series in 2000, present alternate versions of some SPIRIT FARM songs and anthologize others; DOWN ON THE SPIRIT FARM epitomizes the crazed and wild final days of The Holy Ranger as the eighties wound down and the nineties spun out.

Down On The Spirit Farm has been re-issued in a very limited "bootleg" edition. It can be ordered On-Line at New-Old-Stock editions of the famous album have also recently been discovered and are available by special order only through Visit for details to obtain one of these autographed originals. Samples are available at the Spirit Farm download link. In 2006, a 12th Anniversary Edition of DOWN ON THE SPIRIT FARM was released, containing two Bonus Tracks. (A solo cut and a band cut that did not make the final album due to space limitations at the time the CD was mastered in 1994.) This 12th Anniversary, Re-Mastered Edition is also available at the same website noted below.

10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION of DOWN ON THE SPIRIT FARM now available by going to and to the Buy Page. When you order the album, you get the 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION that is available in very limited quantity. The ANNIVERSARY EDITION has the original artwork but new liner notes.

Due to a 2005 surge of interest in DOWN ON THE SPIRIT FARM, epitomizing Literature and Rock and Roll as a form of Art Rock, here is more historical detail on this cult album:

The Spirit Farm Band in 1993 was: Martin Jack Rosenblum, Scott Finch, Susan Jeske-Dermody, Greg Slavik and Drew Webb. Martin Jack played guitar and harmonica, sang, and wrote all of the songs; Scott played lead guitar; Susan was the fiddler; Greg was the drummer; Drew played bass guitar. Background vocals were by all band members, including Cicero DeWestbrook who wrote the liner notes. The album was co-produced by Scott, and Greg, who got Martin Jack's leg planted on rock. The recording sessions were at Velvet Sky, the famous home of the band, Gypsy. Drew was the lone seer of the sound, having played with Martin Jack in previous bands, evolving Martin Jack's vision alongside him onto sonic Spirit Farm turf. Scott wrenched guitar sounds out of stone.

In 2004, a hand-made, limited edition of Down On The Spirit Farm was created (with new liner notes by The Old Iguana, as DeWestbrook had passed away) and as inspiration for it was a painting Drew Webb did of the band's vision territory, significantly Martin Jack and Drew, out on Amarillo Road with the wolf. All band members have gone on to significant music careers in various idioms: Scott and Greg in Blue Hand and a revival of Gypsy, producing core Rock and Psychedelic music; Susan in Folk music with Frogwater; Drew in Blues-Rock bands and as a lone wolf bass rider.

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