Artwork by Kiran Vedula

Ice Thorn
Singles (Collection)
Martin Jack and Werewolf Sequence

All Words And Music Copyright 2007 By Martin Jack Rosenblum.
All rights reserved. Registered with BMI.
SpiritFugitive LLC 2521 East Stratford Court, Shorewood WI 53211-2635
All songs arranged by Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum (plus Werewolf on 1 and 4).

1. Howlin’ Wolf Drives Past 9:55:60
2. Walking Through 3:05:17
3. Choked-Up 3:21:67
4. Welded 3:47:29
5. The Letter 6:21:52
6. What You Want 3:35:27

1. Martin Jack Rosenblum: guitar, vocal; James Redding, drums; Karl Lerud, bass; Allen Russell, violin; Kiran Vedula, organ. Backup vocal: Dusters.
2. Martin Jack, guitar, vocal, harmonica; James, drums; Karl, bass; Allen, violin; Kiran, piano. Backup vocal: Hunters.
3. Martin Jack, guitar, vocal; James, Karl, Allen, Kiran: Steel Rope Vintage Bottle Rockets.
4. Martin Jack, guitar, vocal; James, drums; Karl, bass; Kiran, organ. Backup vocal: Stoners.
5. Martin Jack, guitar, vocal; James, guitar, piano; Karl, bass; Allen, violin.
6. Martin Jack, guitar, vocal; James, piano; Karl, bass; Allen, violin; Kiran, drums.

Produced By Michael Hoffmann.
Mastered By Trevor Sadler.
Album art: Kiran Vedula; design: Roger Rick.
Portrait of the artist as a photographic image: Daniel De Lone.

Ice Thorn (Under Tone Mountain)
Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum
These six songs are band singles. This is the first album that does not have a concept but there have been ‘bands’ for others. Notably, Blues Riders for The Holy Ranger’s Free Hand; Tribal Frontier for Down On The Spirit Farm; MVM for Navigator and The Last Canyon Band for Omen Dirt (Low-5). However, Werewolf Sequence is the first band that is not another element of compositional narrative.
And so we now release our Singles Collection, from Low-5 to High-6, with songs divined from albums yet to be recorded. Sharp thugs on the branch are frozen and the timbre is beneath high ground.
But that’s me. The band is not. Or if it is then this is a concept album.

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum is an Artist Endorsee for Gibson Guitars, Montana,
And has performed under twenty-five albums and over twenty-six books;
A lecturer in music history and literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Historian for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and on Flying Fish/Rounder Records,
He drives past the devil choking on a welded letter about what you want.

"Ice Thorn" is an album of meta-singles and the first volume from the Werewolf Sequence band that howls and cries, bites and chases, ravages and shape shifts Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum's new work. There is an essay from the prestigious critic, David Luhrssen, within the liner material for the album that locates the arc of Martin Jack's canon coming out of "Omen Dirt (Low-5)" of 2006 into 2007 with "Ice Thorn." Watch this website for the availability of "Ice Thorn" -- coming soon.

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