Interviewed by the Old Iguana who is doing liner notes to accompany The Last Canyon Band album in progress during 2006, Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum said:

It is the case that every album calls for a new band. This has to do with how I write songs. Albums create an environment not unlike a book, and the narrative voice has all to do with how the musicians ‘read’ my work out loud.

This voice involves lyrics, of course, but also speaking in guitar tongues – I use different guitars for each album, and amplifiers. In performance, were it not so inconvenient relative to the rush of visionary motion, I would use different guitars as well, actually, for nearly every song.

--And so now there is The Last Canyon Band for the album that will be released during October in 2006.
You can get this album at CDBaby or at by mid-October. (Instead of the Old Iguana's liner notes you will find a selected discography and bibliography covering forty years of albums and books. The selection follows the musty trail into omen dirt. The Iguana decided that the spooked five low tracks spoke for themselves.)

The sound is quite different from that of previous bands. (Although washing near to the one for “Down On The Spirit Farm,” it is yet much louder and neo-wilderness with an ocular contemporary sine wave). The audio liquid flame freezes in ominous grit. --The working title of this album is “Omen Dirt.”

The Last Canyon Band will be performing while working in the studio, and “Omen Dirt” thus far is a twang attack on poetic soil that prophetically discovers what Folk music is when blown into sonic bits of Rock and Roll that has survived.

artwork by Steve Bucholtz

Coming Soon To A Burning Prairie
Near You Or Close Enough To
Warrant Loathing

Omen Dirt
(Low Five)

Martin Jack with The Last Canyon Band
Zeus Bucholtz, Allen Russell, Kiran Vedula, James Redding, Mike Hoffmann
and assorted creatures from the wooded parts of high granite



Omen Dirt (Low-5) contains the Death Folk and Artistic Rock visions of Martin Jack Rosenblum with The Last Canyon Band.
Produced by Michael Hoffmann, this album contains an epic Rock song entitled "Standing On The Gallows" that, along with the other Folk songs and one Blues poem, forever changes the borderline at the wedge of secret places we share when lights flicker within our dark fires of startling amazement.
Stark American Folk idioms easily flow alongside Rock and Roll at its most immanent implosion.
Recorded live in the studio, Omen Dirt (Low-5) is a majestic and ragged, simple and expansive album of new music in 2006.

Omen Dirt (Low-5), the newest album with Martin Jack Rosenblum and The Last Canyon Band, is available now by clicking on The Last Canyon Band sticker on the main page at or from CDBaby.

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