On 22 May 2004 Martin Jack's new Rock and Roll band will perform a concert at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The name of the band is "Wicked Moon." The new album will be out in 2005, entitled "Under A Wicked Moon." Watch this wicked link for more news!

For the 2003 "Navigator" album, Martin Jack created the band "MVM." "Wicked Moon" is the latest incarnation of bands haunted by him, navigating back with "Spirit Farm" (mid-90's), "Tribal Frontier "(early 90's), "Holy Ranger" (late eighties), "Blues Riders" (mid-eighties) and "Morning Valley" (sixties). Between the sixties into the eighties, Martin Jack performed solo although during this period of time he was primarily an author of books and was on poetry reading and lecture circuits.

During 2004 recording sessions with a young, blazing band called "Pocketbook Revolution" doing a brilliant version of a song from Martin Jack's cult album, "Down On The Spirit Farm," suddenly the moon shone through a cracked window that had been cleaned so much it broke. Pieces of the glass sliced everything in sight, and yet the moon had a wicked light.

WICKED MOON is a band that plays Martin Jack's songs with no concessions to the bleak common but with a stark uncommon glow that slices through music of the day. Martin Jack's songwriting and performing should be seen not by sunray but by moonbeam. There are more shadows then.

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum is not a lizard king for he cannot do anything; however, tonight with Under Wicked Moon at Onopa Brewing Company; 735 East Center Street, Milwaukee, beginning at 9PM, he shall initially swirl the medicine stick on Union Pulse before wobbling and pivoting under Moon. Also on the craggy rattle is Pat MacDonald and a member of The Modern Machines for this evening of sonic numinosity and jaded doors of perception flung wide to view those who shall haunt Martin Jack, Michael Albert Hoffmann, James Redding, Jed Hanson and the absence of the Holy Ranger who is wandering down on the spirit farm.


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