Rex Nebular Demo
This Demo lets you walk around the Slippery Pig in the beginning of the game.  It give you a good feel for the interface and lets you see just how great the design of the game is.  (1.15M) 

Rex Nebular UHS file
Using the Universal Hint System file reader, you can get step by step instructions for finishing Rex Nebular.  It gives you everything from subtle hints to blatant solutions.  (10.0K)
You could also just read the text of the UHS file here.

Rex Nebular patch 8.49
The patches gives you two chances to enter the copy protection at a time, and also fixes what few bugs there were in the game.  It corrects the chicken-bomb and poly-seal problems.  To update, unzip the file to the REX Directory.  (213 K)

Rex Nebular Bonus Disk
This is a zip of the install files for the Rex Nebular Bonus Disk.
To use, just unzip, put on a disk, and run the install file.  The Bonus Disk lets you listen to all the music in the game, view the evolution of Rex, read some bonus notes (located on the right side of this page), see some sets in the game, and watch some of the death scenes.  This is very cool!  It also includes a F-15III preview.  (361 K)

Rex Nebular Bonus Disk Files
If you just want the files you need for the Rex Nebular Bonus disk without having to install it, just get the this zip and unzip it in the directory where the game is located.  I removed the F-15III preview.  Get the other file if you want that.  (137 K)

Walkthru by Patch

Walkthru by Pletcher

Walkthru by Abadoo

Solution complète (Français)

Solution (German)

What languages can you speak?

Mention of the game

Problems running the game on a Mac?
Maybe this will help.

Microprose Newsletter - Jan 1993 (24K)

Microprose Newsletter - Spring 1993 (75K)

Microprose News Flash - Summer 1993


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