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What's New ?
This page will be updated from time to time to allow the members to see some of the hot topics that are on the table and how the are being dealt with!
We have reached an Agreement with the Company . We will be receiving new lockers for all employees on the Illinois side of the river within a few weeks. This is a great step in the right direction. The General Committee would like to thank the Carrier for working with us to resolve this issue. Chet Wager was very cooperative on this issue and in making sure that these lockers were going to be ordered for us. Please, when you see Mr. Wager please thank him in his efforts in providing these lockers for us. Thank you.
NO, we did not forget about the Iowa side of the river. Mr. Jeff Fugate has been designated to help make sure a Legal matters in Iowa are taken care of. He is currently working on getting a copy of some of the Laws that pertain to us in Iowa, to make sure the employer is following them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact him. We will Continue to work with the employer to provide all the employees with lockers on both sides of the river, and to promote some new ideas on Training and Safety Issues!

Currently your Legislative Rep. Ryan Egert and General Chairman Alan Parker are working with the company to implement a new training program for new hires and student engineers. This new program will be used for training the new employees in Rock Island. This program will be used to better train and educate all of the new employees and student engineers in all aspects. Ryan and Alan are currently asking for any members interested to contact them and express there interests in training these employees. If you are selected  you will be one of the few Qualified Trainers Selected. We are only asking for those people that really enjoy training. If you don't enjoy training new hires we all suffer from there lack of knowledge when they become Qualified. Ryan and Alan will choose the designated trainers for there respective regions. With this program all trainers will direct there comments and thoughts on the new hires learning progress to Alan or Ryan, on a weekly basis. Then they will report their findings to the Company. If at anytime we feel that the employee is untrainable, we will report this to the Company and they are going to take our findings into serious considerations. Which may result in removal from the company. That is another reason we all need to take a more serious stand on training, to ensure the safety of us and the new hires. This will be the first major step into a new training program on the Iowa Interstate Railroad in a long time. This is the first of many steps we want to implement to improve the training program for all of us. And this is also a step in the right direction in the Union and Company working together on the Major issues that affect our everyday job performance. Ryan Egert and Alan Parker and the rest of the General Committee have worked long and hard on this. When you see any of these individuals please make sure to inform them of your interests in this new program, and please show your appreciation. They are working very hard for you.
 Due to a turn down in voting the Engineers Extra Board proposal has been shot down. This was a step in the right direction, Former General Chairman Alan Parker worked very hard on this and The General Committee would like you to extend your gratitude to him for his efforts in this proposal. We are hoping that was a step in the right direction for coming closer to establishing a deal that well be beneficial for all of us. This is not a dead issue, we the General Committee, are going to continue to work with the Carrier to come up with another proposal. So please be patient why we try to negotiate another proposal. Thank You.
If You have any comments about the Engineers Extra Board please feel free to contact the General Committee or post it on our Extra Board.