UTU Local 258  

Local 258 Union Officials
President/Delegate                                   Vice President/General Chairman
Jack Livingston                                            Joe Moon                                                                                                                                                                                          
1-319-626-6554                                         1-309-787-1965
                                                                        Fax 1-309-787-2926
                                                                        Email joemindymoonaol.com
General Secretary/Treasurer                  Vice General Chairman
Bob Reed Jr.                                              Vacant
                                                 1-563-391-0103 Fax                                   
                                 Email Ngineer258aol.com           
Legislative Representative                      Asst. Legislative Representative
Ryan Egert                                                     Jeff Fugate
1-309-949-3355                                            1-309-756-0897
                                             1-309-949-3366 Fax
Alternate Delegate                                      Board of Trustee
Will Roland                                                     Mike Smock
1-309-762-8237                                            1-319-649-2230                             
Board of Trustee                                         Board of Trustee
Ed Bowman                                                   Mark Harris
1-641-792-6258                                           1-563-322-0085
These are the Officials elected to Represent you, Please feel free to contact us. We can not do our jobs correctly if we dont hear from you. Your opinions and problems,  are ours as well, we need to now about them.
The Elections for your Officers are coming up this year. Anyone interested, keep this in mind you could be the next elected official?