UTU Local258  

Union Meetings
All regularly schelduled Union Meetings Will Be Held on the third Saturday of Every month.We will post the Time and Exact date on this page monthly for your convience. The General Committee would appreciate a conformed effort by all to try to attend as many of the meetings as possible.We will also make all the minutes to the meetings available here for those of you that can't make it. This is not an invitation not to show up, without your valuable input at these meetings we can accomplish nothing.

There will be a regular scheduled meeting held:
Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 11:00 a.m.
at the " Kitty Hawk Tavern "
Iowa City, Iowa

For directions to the Kitty Hawk get in touch with Scott Christen in Iowa City.
All members available are asked to attend!

There was a regular scheduled meeting held, Saturday, May 18, 2002 at the Kitty Hawk Tavern, Iowa City, Iowa at 11:00 a.m.

Union Meeting Minutes:
Reports of Officers and Committees      
UTU Local 258 Picnic
President Jack Livingston appointed Joe Moon, and Joe's wife as the committee mebers to head up the up and coming UTU Local 258 Picnic.Joe has reported that there will be a summer date, sometime in August. Joe will report his findings at the June 15th meeting. Joe's wife Mindy will be sending out invitations real soon. Joe has reported that his Mother and his wife will do all the catering and preparing of the food and picnic preparations. Bob Reed Jr. made a motion that Joe's wife and motherwill be paid out of the Local and Gca funds, along with the assistance of the law firms, for their time and effort in preparing for the UTU Local 258 picnic. All members present voted to accept the motion. Joe and Bob Reed Jr. will evaluate the entire cost of the picnic and will present their findings at the July Meeting for voting.
Laying Off
Acting General Chairman Joe Moon has reported that there is an enormous amount of Unnecessary laying off, reported to him by the Carrier. The Company has now demanded that everyone that lays off must speak to a Company Official before they can be permitted to lay off. Joe stated " That this intimidating action on the Company part is already in our contract and there is nothing he can do about it at this point." You must get permission to lay off from a Company Official before you  can lay off. It clearly states that in our contract. Joe Moon stated that he is trying to work with the Carrier to help come up with a solution to laying off.Any member that needs to be off due to sickness or illness and the Carrier refuses to let you off, you should try to get in contact with Joe Moon. Joe will try to get you off; with the understanding that nothing is guaranteed. Joe will speak to the FRA on this subject and will report his findings at the June 15th, 2002 meeting.
Railroad Retirement - HR-10 Bill: Secretary/Treasurer Bob Reed Jr. presented Acting Joe Moon letters, that he received from past General Chairman Dick Gavril, regarding Health Insurance  payment under the new Railroad Retirement Bill, HR-10. Acting General Chairman Joe Moon stated, "That he will follow up on the HR-10 Bill, as per national Agreement, and will call some of the General Chairman's in the surrounding areas and find out from them how they got their companies to initiate the HR-10 into their Contract" Joe will report his findings at the June 15, 2002 meeting.
Unfinished Business
We need to keep reporting the missing mile posts and whistle boards. This is an on going problem that needs to be addressed. If we all work together we can hopefully get this problem solved.
It has also been reported that Locomotives are missing arm rests, mirrors and visors these need to be reported to your legislative representative to be addressed in the SACP meetings. Another on going problem is the Locomotive seats, The only way to correct all of these problems is to report these on your Engine reports. If they are not reported they can not be fixed. If a seat in a Locomotive hurts your back or begins to cause you problems fill out an accident report with the appropiate Carrier Official to have this matter corrected                                                                    
End of train devices; It has been reported that we still have a continued problem with this equipment. The only way to correct this problem is if we take responsibility to turn them in to the dispatcher on duty when they fail. If Possible you will need to replace this EOTD with a good one and tag the malfunctioning EOTD and clearly state what the problem with it is and send it to Iowa City.
We all know of the problems we have been experiencing with the Dispatchers not notifying us of open switches. If you come across a switch that is open please document on your timeslip and report your findings to your Leg. Rep. The Company is still trying to resolve this problem and has begun developing a new system to incorporate these switches into our track warrants. If you don't feel safe leaving a switch open, don't, line it back until this new system is incorporated.
Please do not run on a Foreign Line Railroad as an Engineer unless you are qualified. As well as being dangerous, this is a FRA violation that can and will result in a penalty for you. If the Company forces you to go make sure you notify them you are not qualified on a recarded line. Then when you reach this foreign line railroad notify this dispatcher, this should relieve you of all responsibility.
The Sacp committees are slowly working on a way to correct the communication problems when running on the Crandic. It will be brought up at the President Safety Meeting.
It has been brought to our attention that gons are being overloaded everywhere across our system and this is a dangerous problem. This can and will cause serious injuries to our membership if we do not take it upon ourselves to bad order these cars until they are loaded correctly. This has been brought to the attention of the Carrier and their response is the same " Do not pick up these cars". These cars should have no metal hanging over the sides, and should be under the ledge on all 4 sides of the gon. It can only be loaded 18in above the sides in the middle of the car. Please be careful.
Nominations of Officers and Committeepersons:
Just a reminder there will be an election held this year for the following positions:
Local Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer.
General Committee: General Chairman, Vice General Chairman, Secretary.
also available for nomination: UTU Local 258 Representative: Delegate and Alternate Delegate.
Election and Installation of Officers:
Vice General Chairman Joe Moon was the only one to submitt a petition for General Chairman. As per Article 57 of the UTU Constitution, Joe Moon Is now the New General Chairman and will take over the office of the General Committee Immediately. He has resigned as Vice General Chairman and we will be accepting petitions for Vice General Chairman, No later than June 15th, 2002 at the regular schelduled meeting.