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Federal Employers' Liability Act
FELA is a fault based Federal Act that Provides protection to all Railroad employees. Under FELA you are not entitled to any monetary damages, unless you can prove the injury was a direct result of negligence on the part of the railroad.Listed below are some of the Do's and Don'ts when you are injured on the job.

During your questioning, or before, one of the most important things to do, is to contact, or request that you have a Local Chairman on the property or at the Hospital.. Don't answer any questions until this is done...

Do! Fill out accident report stating unsafe places to work and unsafe cars and equipment.

Do! Establish facts to prove Railroad fault ( tell fellow employees, get their statements, photos, ETC.)

Do! See your own doctor for treatment, if you don't have one please contact one of the UTU's designated Legal Council for a recommendation to the finest specialized health care provider in your area.

DO! Tell your doctor about the railroad accident and all complaints, including head and back aches.

Do! Advise your Doctor if you have Recovered from all previous injuries.

Do! Keep Records of your complaints, lost wages and other expenses.

Do! Call your Union Lawyer for Legal Advice


DO NOT! Give the Railroad Any Statement, Oral or Written.

DO NOT! Get treatment from the Railroads Doctor.

DO NOT! Sign A Medical Authorization or any papers or a release without seeking Legal Advice FIRST....

These are just some of the basic Do's and Don'ts under the FELA Law, for more detailed information on your rights please contact one of the many UTU Designated legal firms.
We have linked this page to a couple of Legal Firms that deal strictly with, and fully understand your rights under the FELA Laws. Please feel free to contact them for all your needs and questions concerning your rights under the FELA Laws.


It is the obligation of every railroad company to provide its employees with a safe place to work. It is apparent to me that the only way we can insure a safe place to work is by constant policing and enforcement of safe practices. If an individual is injured on the job due to railroad negligence such as unsafe working condititons this individual should be informed of his/her rights. The Iowa Interstate will not readily inform you. In fact they may even point you in the wrong direction to save themselves a FRA reportable injury.
Remember, if you are hurt on the job due to negligence of the railroad, the railroad does not decide what you are entitled to, the LAW does. For answers or suggestions to any questions you might have pertaining to an injury please contact your local Legislative Representative Ryan Egert. I am here to help you. Also available to help are the assistant Leg. Rep. Jeff Fugate, General Chairman Al Parker, Vice General Chairman Joe Moon, Secretary-Treasurer Robert Reed Jr. Or any UTU Officer.
Each local member can help by providing its Local Legislative Representative with descriptive information when relating to conditions which they believe to be unsafe or unsanitary. UNITED WE STAND

                                   Ryan D. Egert
                                                         Legislative Representative
                                     UTU Local 258