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About TPEL
Transportation Political Education League
"An Investment in the Future"
UTU members, active and retired, need and deserve good government and sympathetic legislators. That's because, compared with others, their jobs, pensions and futures are more directly affected by the actions of state and national lawmakers.
We in the UTU must work for and help those people who we feel are capable, knowledgeable and who recognize the problems that affect railroad, bus and transit workers.
The best way to help elect representatives that understand the concerns of UTU members is by contributing to TPEL.
The best way to have a voice, a say, in matters that affect your finances and your family, is by contributing to TPEL.
You Joined your fellow workers for the fraternal benefits of UTU membership, so why not join them to help elect compassionate state and national lawmakers?
TPEL Contributions
*TPEL contributions can be started or increased anytime,and they are deducted automatically from your paycheck.
*TPEL contributes to qualified state and national political candidates, regardless of party affiliation.
*TPEL protects the interests of active and retired members and safeguards laws, working conditions and pension rights.
*TPEL is the largest operating bus and rail political organization in the AFL-CIO.
*TPEL has well-organized advisory committees in 47 states, and an office in Washington,D.C.
*TPEL contributions can be made on a one-time basis by check, anytime,by active members, retirees, and all individuals who seek a more responsive government.
*TPEL has more than 28,000 members across the country. They welcome your support and investment in the future of our great nation.
These contributions directly affected the outcome of the newly passed 30-60 retirement reform bill. Without these contributions to help fund our lawmakers we may not have passed this extremely important bill, and other bills that will directly affect our retirement, or working conditions. The General Committee of Local 258 would like to thank all of you who contribute to TPEL, and put forth that extra effort to make those phone calls and write those letters to your Senators and Congressman. We would also like to urge you that are yet to contribute to this fund. Even if it is only a small donation a year, every penny will help. Our goal is to have every member of this Union make a donation to this fund. We took a big step toward that at the December Union meeting, where every member that was present at that meeting left a member of the TPEL!
Please feel free to print out a TPEL Application, completeand give a copy to your Local Treasurer.  
If you have any questions about TPEL please contact the UTU TPEL Department by Email at O_Mooreutu.org