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Our club has a terrific trainer program for new and prospective pilots. The club has available for new pilots, a .40 size trainer airplane and three pilots recognized by AMA as instructors. By using two transmitters hooked together by a buddy chord, new pilots can learn to fly with almost no risk of crashing. Note the word almost. As everyone knows, "what goes up must come down". However, as every R/C pilot knows, "no plane is guaranteed of coming down in as many pieces as it went up in". Here are the details:

  • Your initial flight is free. The instructor will take the airplane to a reasonable altitude, then release control to you.  You will fly the plane, with the instructor taking control when needed. Finally, the instructor will land the plane.

  • After your initial flight, you must furnish your own fuel and propellers (props tend to get broken during the landing phase of instruction).

  • After 30 days from you initial flight, you must join the club and AMA (if you have not already done so).

  • You may continue to use the club trainer until you solo. Upon a successful solo flight, you will be expected to have your own airplane.

Should you have your own airplane and radio, and you wish to learn on your airplane - the club has buddy boxes for the three major radio brands. We have a Futaba, Airtronics, and JR buddy box. Keep in mind that we have only one of each and there are three or more instructors. So you may have to coordinate with the instructor a time when the buddy box is available.

One final note. On the day that you expect to solo for the first time, wear an old t-shirt. We have a tradition that has it's roots in full size aircraft training.  After your first successful solo flight, other members may try to cut off your shirt tail. Your shirt tail will be cut off and dated, for you to keep as a souvenir.

If this sounds like something for you, then come out to the field, attend a club meeting, or e-mail me to get in touch with an instructor.

Docs for New Members

Print BAMA Flyers Member Application
Print 2001 AMA Application

If you're considering getting into RC aviation, this "How do I?" document may help you.
Documents are in MS Word 97 format

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