Movies from the BAMA flying field

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10 second Movies

The links below will start a process to download an mpeg file. In testing there were problems trying to save the program to disk. You can still view the movie by choosing to run the file from it's current location. So when you click a link for one of the movies and are prompted to 'open from current location' or 'save program to disk' - choose 'open from current location'. Using a 56K modem it will take an average of 4 minutes to download.

Also, I only tested using Windows Media Player. If you are using another media player and have problems, send me an e-mail.

If you watch the movies, post a message on the message board or sign our guest book and let us know what you think. I'd like your comments.

Bill's Giles G-300 taking off
Bill's Giles G-300 landing
Chris's electric being hand lauched
Tim landing Chris's electric plane
Frank's Sukoi taking off
Frank landing his Sukoi
Roy's Extra taking off
Roy landing his Extra
Robby and his Shuttle #1
Robby and his Shuttle #2
The Marketta Field
Clarence's big Mustang taking off
Clarence's big Mustang landing
Don Wade's inverted climb out
Don Wade's Raptor 50 pirouetting
Mark's Magic flat spinning
Don Wade's Raptor 60 inverted