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The Birmingham Aero Modelers Association was organized to promote the hobby of flying radio control aircraft. This club is affiliated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics and holds club charter number 981. Although not the oldest club in this area ( Birmingham R/C, charter number 100, holds that distinction ) we are still one of the "older" clubs.

The club holds a monthly meeting, except for December (no meeting in December due to Christmas). The club meetings are held at the Leeds field during the summer months. During the winter months meetings are held at different locations. For the exact location and time for a particular meeting, please call or e-mail one of the officers. Visitors are welcome, and we encourage all members to attend. The meetings are a forum for members and visitors to express ideas or share comments.

We are fortunate to have two flying sites. The oldest is located East of Birmingham near Leeds. The other site is also East of Birmingham located on the City of Birmingham’s eastern area landfill off of Alton Road. Both fields feature a covered pit area; the Alton field has runways of Astroturf and the Leeds field has an asphalt runway. Although both fields do not have specific facilities for the ‘handicapped’ each is still accessible by impaired individuals. Radio Control surface vehicles are not allowed at either field. See the Maps/Directions page for a map and directions to both fields.

Visitors are welcome anytime at both fields when they are open. Visitors wishing to fly at either field that have a current AMA membership are allowed to fly on three visits, after which you must join the club to continue using the facilities. We have a club instructor available at each field to help new comers to the hobby learn to fly.  For more information on the Club Training Program, see the Trainer Program page.

At the present time membership is restricted to those individuals between 5 and 105 years of age. Current membership dues are $75 per adult member, $37.50 for handicapped and seniors age 60 and above. Membership is for one year, beginning and ending in May. Dues are prorated per quarter when joining. Second and subsequent years dues are required in full. There are no ‘buy in’ required to join. All new members are subject to a 90-day probation period. There is a one time New Construction assessment of $100 to be paid during the 90-day probation period in addition to the membership dues.

Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics is required for membership in this club. If not a current AMA member, then confirmation of receipt of application by the AMA will be accepted, pending the receipt of your membership number.

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