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Apprentice - Ardath Rekha

Rated NC-17 (L - A - V - S)

Four and a half years after the crash of the Hunter- Gratzner, now-18-year-old Jack is released from the juvenile facility she's lived in for four years. Due to her refusal to help the authorities capture Riddick, they've done their best to ensure that her future will be as bleak as possible...But a reunion with an old friend is about to change everything.

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Dark Angel - By Thora Arwin

Rated NC-17 (L - A - V - S)

In an alternate reality, after the crash of Hunter-Gratzner, 18-year-old Jack faces the dangers that await her on T2. Everything changes after her encounter with Riddick. What happens between them? What reveals her past? And what is the CodX?

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The Games We Play - By Ally Ranger

Rated R (V - L - A - R)

Jack finds herself in a world of trouble when she leaves Iman's care and heads off for adventure. Instead she finds herself the target of a serial rapist. Meanwhile, Riddick begins searching for her, crossing paths with a Merc set on making the kill...

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Interim - Susy Strom

Rated R (L - S - A)

This story is set shortly before the events of Pitch Black. A woman on the run crosses paths with a dangerous fugitive. Their arrangement of convenience takes an unexpected turn and places both on a collision course with destiny. COMPLETE.

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Legacy of Circumstance - Deceptus Nimius

Rated R (R, V, A)

Life is about to take a sharp twist for Jack and Riddick as a legacy of circumstance begins...

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The Ninth Life - Shan'ica SilverPheniox

Rated R (L - S - A)

An interesting young woman with highly profitable talents meets Riddick and Jack and forms a friendship with them, especially Riddick... COMPLETE

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Renascence - Susy Strom and Shazrolane

Rated R (V - L - S - A)

A sequel to Interim, by Susy Strom (A summary of Interim appears in Chapter 2) Riddick fulfills a promise he made, before the events of the movie Pitch Black. COMPLETE.

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The Slow Burn - Ardath Rekha

Rated R (V - L - S - A)

In this alternate reality, there is another survivor of the Hunter-Gratzner crash. She's a young woman named Fiona and she lost her entire family in the crash. She and Riddick enter an intense relationship which begins when she's the first person to simply accept him as a human being. The eclipse is still six months to a year away, and the skiff requires a lot more repair work to get our merry gang off the ground. Hurt/Comfort themes.

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The Storm - Tracy Roberts *Brwneyes*

Rated R (V - L - S - A)

Five years after being abandoned by Riddick, Jack is about to get her revenge...

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That Which Binds Us... - Ally Ranger

Rated NC-17 (V - L - A - S)

Riddick and Johns. Crim and Merc. Adverseries. But before the Hunter-Gratzner, before Pitch Black, their had been Rick and Laurie - friends, colleagues and theives, bound by something more than friendship. But it is that which binds that can also tear people apart.

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Unrestrained - Ardath Rekha

Rated R (L - S - A)

"Ever wondered what might have happened between Riddick and Fry if the skiff's hull integrity tests had lasted longer? Here's a glimpse at one possibility..." COMPLETE.

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The Ratings System Explained

All fan fictions are rated by their authors. Beside every general rating is a list of furthur specifications to help aid you in deciding if a certain fic is right for you to read. The specifications are as follows:


Contains harsh language



Adult Situations or themes. For example: implied sex, sexual innuendos etc...


Sex scences - the higher the rating the more graphic the scene/descriptions





Rape scences or extremely distressing assualt scenes with possible sexual overtones

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