Living the Vintasy

A site created by Doo and dedicated to Vin Diesel, the actor who portrayed Richard B. Riddick in the awesome sci-fi flick Pitch Plack.

Contains: FAN FICS, Picture Gallery, Articles, Wallpapers and more...

Fan Fic - The Faithful

A kick-ass fan fic following the adventures of Riddick and Jack after the end of Pitch Black.

Contains: FAN FIC, Links

A Vin Diesel site

Another great site dedicated to Vin Diesel.

Contains: Pictures, Filmography, Biography, FAN FIC, Links.

Vin Diesel Addicts Anonymous

Are you an Addict?

Contains: News, Interviews, Pictures and more!

Reasons Why Riddick...

A humorous look at various aspects of Riddick and Pitch Black.

Contains: Funny stuff...Check it out


This site is a wonderful site for fans of Vin Diesel. From news, to filmographies and more, you will find it at VinXperience.

Contains: News, Links, Filmography, Message Boards and more...

Lisa's Vin Diesel Site

Another site about the man himself, created by Lisa.

Contains: Biography, Links, Pictures and more...


A site choc full of images of the man.

Contains: Pictures, Links.

Yahoo! Groups

Vin Diesel Fan Fic

Discussing Vin Diesel, Pitch Black and more.

Contains: FAN FIC, Pictures, Discussion.

Vin Diesel Pitch Black

Another Yahoo! Group dedicated to Vin Diesel and Pitch Black. Friendly discussion of the movie, the actor and more...

Contains: Links, Articles, Pictures, Discussion


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