Fan Fic Submissions

Think your Fan Fic is worthy of this archive?

Then send a link to your fic and I'll check it out! If you are not archived anywhere, then please send a Microsoft Word97/WordPad file or a text-file of the first three chapters only.

All fics will be considered - slash - het - whatever. Please make sure that you include an accurate rating for your fic and a concise summary of the story.

NOTE: I reserve the right not to post your fic at my disctretion

Link Submissions

If you would like a link to your site to appear in this archive...

Email the following information:


A brief description of your site.

A small list of what your site contains

(Links, FAN FIC, whatever).

Check out the LINKS section for examples of how links are presented.

NOTE: Banners are a bandwidth nightmare. I won't include them in the general links section. At a later date I will add a page for banner links, therefore do not send banners.


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