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  Breeding planned for the year are blues, creams, and hairless in standard, dumbo ear and rex.  I will also  be breeding double-Rex dumbos and later in the year possibly Siamese & Himalayan standard and dumbo.
If you would like to be put on a waiting list for any of the above rats e-mail me.   As always if I'm not breeding what you are looking for I'll be happy to refer you to a someone who is.

How To Reserve and Pre-Reserve Babies

First, please read my  About Ratz Realm  page before reserving babies.
To reserve babies go to one of the Babies Available pages and pick out the little one you like that has Available typed underneath the picture.  Send me an e-mail with your choice and your phone number and city.  

To pre-reserve babies before the litter is born or pictures are up on the website, click on the  Parents-To-Be  page.  If you see a pair of parents that you think you would like a baby from send me an e-mail with your preference.   Describe what you are hoping for.....markings, ear type, male or female, etc.

If  this is the first time you've e-mailed me please include something about yourself and your rats.  If you are going to be a first-time rat owner let me know that too.    

I will take double reservations on babies.  That way if the first person changes their mind I will notify you of the recent availability of that baby.    *  If the adoptive parent misses their appointment to pick up their baby and does not contact me within three days to reschedule I will drop their reservation.  *                     
I must have your phone number and city to reserve or pre-reserve rats.   

  When I e-mail you back I will supply you with the adoption price and my phone number.  In a second e-mail I will send you my address,  directions and comfirm a date and time for pick up.

Ratz Realm Rattery is located in beautiful Pasadena, California off the 210 Freeway.

E-mail Me

last updated 10-26-2001