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Letters received from the wonderful people who have adopted rats from the Realm

Re: Ratz Realm Best Rattery in Town!!!

I would like to take a few minutes of anyone's time to say some words about Ratz Realm and Hilloah's Rats.  I have three  beautiful babies from three different litters from her.  My Rats have a wonderful temperment and have been healthy since  the day I picked them up in October 2001.  I have "Hudini" a  black self dumbo boy born 9-5-01 out of "Hashimoto & "Sara Lee's" litter. I have "Saboo" a black self hairless boy born 9-4-01 out of "Sabin" & "Babette's" litter and "Darcy" a black self hairless girl born 8-31-01 out of "Buddy" & "Fifi's"  litter.  Anyone who knows Hilloah can tell you of her love for her Ratties and there Health!! As for myself I look forward to  January 2002 when she will continue to breed more beautiful ratties.  I live in Orange County and it is worth the drive to be able to get such quaility rats.  I highly recommend her rattery and will be the first on her list for her upcoming litters.
 Huntington Beach, CA


My name is Heather. i love in southern california. On october 14th i bought 2  rats from Hilloah at Ratzrealm Rattery. Since i have recieved them their health has been perfect. and they are 2 of the funniest and happiest rats we have.  They have never shown any signs of sickness. Not even a little sneeze. but  they brux almost constantly.

Hilloah did a fine job socializing them and keeping them in perfect health. I would definitely buy more rats from Hilloah in the future if i had the space for more.


Heather A.
San Diego County
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 19:49:35 -0700
"Sue Cooper" <>
"Ratlist" <>
Simon, the new little blue dumbo dude (very mushy)

I'm head over heels in love.  Simon came home with me yesterday.  
I finally got a blue dumbo!!  He's the cutest little dude, and super-social.  He's so cute, I want to cry every time I see him.  He just met me yesterday, and he already wants to come out and be with me when I go to his cage and softly call his name.  He wants to stay out with me when it's time to go back in.   He was with two of his brothers yesterday, and I just sat next to the bed in the rattery where they were playing until one of them adopted me.  Simon sat on my shoulder and bruxed and fell asleep.  Hilloah said he was eye-boggling, but I couldn't see it because he was sidled up to my neck.  Last night he was performing dentistry on me and licking the insides of my lips.  This morning during playtime on my bed, he was grooming my eyelashes.  He isSOOOO precious!  I am smitten!  And I'm done for now!  NO MORE RATS!  He will never replace Chong, but it looks like I have another squish in the making :-)

I highly recommend Fairy Tale Rattery and Ratz Realm Rattery if you're in southern California.  These little guys were born at Fairy Tale Rattery, in Hesperia, way out in the boonies toward Las Vegas, and were brought to Pasadena to hang out with Hilloah at Ratz Realm for adoption this week.  Both these ratteries hold, talk to, and play with pinkies from birth, so that when they open their eyes, they know who their human slaves are and come right to them en masse.  This litter is related to one of Hilloah's blue dumbos, and Kellie at Fairy Tale Rattery found an unrelated blue dumbo for mating, and these little ones are adorable.  Click on the link below to see my little dude with two of his brothers, and their sisters below.  If you're in Southern California, Hilloah ishaving an open house this Saturday from 11am till 5pm, with lots of cuties for adoption.  Follow the links on her site to email her for directions.

(Kea, you were right about Hilloah!  She's a very sweet lady with great

Here's the link for the pics:

Off to shower and play with Simon and spend time with my son.

Bubbles, Leeloo, Cheech, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Simon
RIP Jessica, Mindy, and Chongie the Squish

I purchased my second hairless rat, Gidget, from Ratz Realm. I chose Ratz Realm because of the time and effort that Hilloah puts into the care of her ratties.  She has a passion for her pets and loves each one individually. She continually updates her web site with new pictures, new information and new ideas. She personally handles every rat daily so that they are affectionate, socialized pets when the new owner picks them up. Her rattery is a happy, healthy, fun place to breed rats.

Gidget was born in September, and Hilloah delivered her to me on October 14, 2001.  She is an adorable beige, hairless, dumbo girl who has proven to be perfect in every little ratty way. She has such character! She is also beautiful and healthy. I would recommend (and have recommended!) Ratz Realm Rattery to anyone who is interested in exploring the world of ratties as a new family pet, or who just wants to add to their ratty family!

Holly Boland
San Diego County, CA

Dear Hilloah,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful ratties I have gotten from you! Parker (7/30/2001), Lux (9/5/2001), Tony (9/4/2001), and Scarlet (9/4/2001) are so sweet, healthy, loving, and smart! They are by far the healthiest and best socialized rats I have ever gotten!

I am making you my #1 rat provider. I just am so happy that I have found someone who really puts a lot of time, energy, and love into developing perfect pet quality rats.

Thanks Again,

Sweet Pea Rattery

I have two male rats from Ratz Realm Rattery who are doing really well and who make me smile every day.  I'm very glad with my choice and will try to explain how my expectations were fulfilled.  

I brought my two guys home on October 19, 2001, and I've been absolutely delighted with them!  They were gentle and friendly from the first day I got them and it really made it obvious to me that they had been used to getting a lot of attention.  

I wanted to go with a breeder so the rats would be raised well and have a better chance at being healthy over the long run since there are, unfortunately, certain genetic illnesses that can afflict the poorly bred rat population.  Also, I know that at the pet stores, there is just too much traffic of rats coming and going (and they come from rat farms so there's no way to know how careless the breeding is), plus the store policy is that if the rats dies, you can get a refund but they don't want to attend to the health issues in their stock.  So I wanted to deal with a breeder who was knowledgeable about health issues and breeding and takes health issues seriously.

 I take it as a sign of confidence that Hilloah is very open and forthright with health information because it shows she's very conscientious and professional with her rattery, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I originally chose Ratz Realm as the rattery to get my pets based on viewing the website.   I thought that the pictures there  indicated that the rats are kept with very high standards of care.  I can tell you from visiting the rattery to pick up my two guys that I was right about the rats being kept very well.  Everything is neat and clean, the rats have large, nice cages in their own room, and they all come bounding out of hammocks at the sound of Hilloah's voice (I could have sworn I saw one smiling.  It must have been my imagination <g>).   

Essentially, I wanted to avoid pet shops for ethical and for practical reasons and knew what I would ideally like to see in rats coming from a breeder ¦and all my expectations were fulfilled.  Nice feeling!

If you'd like to see my rats, take a look at my homepage:

Susan K., Los Angeles County

I adopted my first three boys from Hilloah in July 1999. I had met her on AOL. Up until then I had always purchased my rats from pet stores. I had wanted to start getting them from a breeder but I did not know of any in my area.

The boys were born in June and I was counting down the days until they would be ready for me to pick them up. I was only planning on getting two but after I saw how cute and friendly they were, I ended up taking three home.

 I have adopted 5 more rats from Hilloah since then. She is very knowledgable about the care and breeding of rats. All of her rats live in large,clean cages with plenty of shelves and hammocks. Every rat I have adopted has had a wonderful personality. She takes great care in choosing the parents of the litters and breeds for health and temperament. She handles the babies from birth so they are very accustomed to people and make great pets. Every time I check on a new litter on her website, the reservations fill up fast.

I highly recommend Hilloah. She is a responsible breeder and all of her rats make great pets and companions.

Orange County

All letters are unedited and published here with the permission of the authors.