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About Ratz Realm
Pasadena, CA
Hi. My name is Hilloah Whealser.  Ratz Realm Rattery breeds pet rats for great temperament, health, and undeniable cuteness.  We are located in beautiful Pasadena, California.


I am a hobby breeder.   I  love each and every rat I breed.  I take a lot of time cuddling and playing with the babies from birth to ensure they are happy, playful, and well socialized.

I always adopt rats out in same sex pairs unless you already have rats at home.  I never adopt out a single rat if it will live alone.  Rats are very social and are happiest with a buddy to play, sleep, groom and cuddle with.

I  ask that a nontoxic litter be used such as CareFresh or Aspen.  Litters such as cedar and pine are highly toxic to rats.  They cause lung damage-chronic respiratory problems, liver damage, and decreased immune response.

I also ask that if the rat is injured or sick that it be seen by a vet.  Pet store bird & fish antibiotics just don't work.

All caring breeders agree on those three requirements- (adopt in pairs, safe bedding, veterinary care. )   I also feel when pet rats are going to children, even teens, it's still the parents responsibility to see to the pets welfare-the rats are taken out for play time every day, have fresh water, food, clean bedding, and veterinary care if needed.

  I  highly recommend multi-level cages over aquariums for living space.  Cages have better ventilation.  The  rats get more exercise in them--mine love to climb the bars and run up and down the ramps.  Cages make it easy to hang hammocks which rats love and also your rats can better interact with you through the cage bars.  

 I  love all my rats and want to see them go to caring homes--to someone who will love and spoil them as much as I do.

I am always available to answer your rat questions.  Just send me an e-mail.  
E-mail Me

*To reserve a babies please read my  Reservations  page.*


Take my rat poll and help me decide what types of rats to breed in the future.

You can take the poll as many times as you like to select all your favorite rats.

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