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Dear Pasha fans and visitors,

First of all a very happy New Year to all of you! I know I'm very late, but I hope you can forgive me:-) Due to some health problems I wasn't able to update this site as much as I wanted to. I hope this will change very soon though. I'm writing this message mainly to thank you for being patient and visiting this page.

I also want to ask your attention for the passing away of our beloved Thomas Latrell. Thomas was a great fan of Pasha, but more importantly a great friend of all of us. He was a true inspiration to me. I hope the place where he is now is a place full of love and happiness and without pain.


~Anushka~ ( January 31st, 2001)



Dear Pasha fans and visitors,

It has been 1 1/2 years since we started to work on this website and I thought it was about time to update this section as well. The layout of this site has been changed a lot, since we first started. We have added more things we thought you might find interesting to know. I'm always open for new ideas and suggestions though, so feel free to e-mail me. The same goes for any questions you might have about this site, Pasha, or even about me:-)
Last but not least a big *thank you* to everyone who has helped me with this website, not only with information and photos but with moral support ( I'm afraid I will leave someone out when I would type any names, so I won't, but I'm sure you know who you are. I love you all!)
I love working on this website and I hope it will keep bringing me joy for yet a long time. I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope you will visit us soon again.

~Anushka~ (August 30th 2000)



Dear Pasha fans and visitors,

We, Anushka and Norbert, have been working on this site for approximately three weeks and we thought it was time to publish it. The way we made this site went kind of strange:

I (Anushka) had been walking around for several months now to make a page.
It would pop up in my head, but then I realised that I had no idea how to do it.

So one day I (Norbert) was playing on my computer and on one of my web surfing trips I found a site where you could make your own home page and for whom would I make one...... For Pasha of course. So I wrote some things about her career and put up some pictures with my story and I e-mailed Anushka  if she wanted to take a look. Just for fun.

And I (Anushka) did  and I was quite impressed, since I have made several attempts last summer to make one and I didn't succeed.

So we were just fooling around and changing stories and changing pictures, but after a couple of days we decided to join our forces and try to make one for real. So we spend all our spare time making this site and we loved doing it, because we love Pasha.For those who don't know us from FSW or any other message board we are a part of the Pasha "defence" team and we are fans/friends of her.

We have had lots of fun making this site and we hope you will like it as well.We hope you will visit us often!!!!

And we want to thank a couple of people for helping us out: Ritti ( Jyrki), Pasha's family and everyone else who helped us making this website.

Anushka and Norbi February 26. 1999.    

N.B. All pictures on this website are copyrighted. When pictures are owned by other sources/photographers than the webmasters these sources/photograhers are listed below graphic/photo. The pictures/graphics used for backgrounds, banners, animated gifs are all copyrighted by AnushkaR. Please do not republish or copy without our permission.