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August 6th, 2001


Last April 12th Pasha was a guest at NASA’s ‘Yuri Gagarin Night’ gala in Los Angeles. This event was in honor of the 40th anniversary of the founding of NASA and was simulcast around the world in 30 different cities. Pasha was interviewed on MTV and photographed with various VIP’s in attendance and also with many captains of Industry. The clip was shown today, August 6th, on the 'Mandy Moore Show' at 12:00 noon locally.


July, 2001


Pasha will be writing columns for SoCalIce magazine. In her debut article, Pasha shares her opinion on the current crop of eligible ice dancers.


June 1st, 2001


Pasha to film Life Story.
Blades On Ice Online magazine reports that the Two-time (and reigning) Olympic Champion Gold Medal figure skater Ms. "Pasha" Oksana Grishuk and Samaco Productions enter into an agreement to develop a movie based on Ms. Grishuk's life story.


April 27th, 2001


Pasha Grishuk on AM 870 KRLA Radio, Sunday April 29th @ 11:00PM PST with Michael Levine.
Listen live (by AM Radio or on the Internet) to Two-time (and reigning) Olympic Champion gold medalist figure skater, Ms. "Pasha" Oksana Grishuk. Pasha is a guest of "PR Guru to the Stars"
Michael Levine on his "Inside Out with Michael Levine" radio show.   
When: Sunday April 29th @ 10:00-12:00pm PST. (Pasha is scheduled for the '11:00pm' slot)
What: "Inside Out with Michael Levine"
Where: NewstalkRadio 870KRLA Los Angeles/Glendale (Signal: Ventura to san Diego)
How: AM 870 KRLA radio or * worldwide * by, *
InternetRadio feed *  (Click the "Listen Live" button at the top.)
Premise: "Cross between 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'Politically Correct' "
(2nd. Internet Feed: (Find station by typing in box the call-letters 'KRLA' ) then click on Bitcaster 'voltage' sign by 'KRLA call sign' (bottom left), to hear broadcast.)


February 27th, 2001


Pasha's birthday is coming up ( March 17th) and I thought it would be nice to make a online birthday card, but I will need your help to do so. If you would like to send a message to Pasha on her birthday please send your birthday message to and put "Birthday Message" in the subject line.


February 21st, 2001


Los Angeles, Ca February 21, 2001-Lightforce Media Inc, TPM Productions and two time Olympic Champion Pasha Grishuk on the fast track.

Lightforce Media Works, a division of Lightforce Internet Media Inc, executives and co-production heads Jay Malla and Robert Pfitzner announced today they have entered into a joint venture with Jay Ward, President and CEO, TPM Management and Productions, and reigning two-time Olympic Champion and four time World Champion figure Skater Ms.Pasha Oksana Grishuk to produce and distribute a lifestyle magazine series for the Internet.

We are extremely excited to be associated with a very accomplished sports personality such as Pasha. She is a multi-talented dynamo who has proven time and time again her unique ability to perform and captivate audiences. The show hosted by Ms. Grishuk will feature interviews with celebrities from the world of entertainment, pop culture, fashion and sports. Our plans call for us to produce a pilot that will be cut into four episodes that will be web cast on and made available to our affiliate partners for Internet syndication.  There will be ample opportunity both for advertisers and corporate sponsors, says Lightforce Internet Medias Jay Malla.

 I am very happy to be utilizing my talents in sports and acting. I plan to skate, dance, interview, mingle, and entertain my fans and netizens with amazing guests and situations. Its going to be a hip, fresh and cool show that appeals to pop culture enthusiasts. You know Girls just wanna have fun - and we will! This is going to be great, said Pasha.

Its exciting to be associated with a superb company such as Lightforce.The Pasha Show has the potential to grow very fast by means of syndication and I am confident that Pasha will bring the hard work ethic and determination that enabled her to amass a record breaking 26 gold medals in her amateur skating career; including two unprecedented back to back Olympic gold medals in ice dancing to our project, said TPMs Jay Ward.

The show as yet untitled is scheduled to begin production early next month with its worldwide premiere schedule for March 21st on For more information contact Deborah Roseau @ 310-558-9122,,,


February 15th, 2001


Pasha acts in the TV series Black Scorpion "Cop by Day, masked crusader by night". Pasha's will appear in the 9th episode "Officer and a Prankster- Gangster Prankster". This serie is broadcast by Sci-Fi channel . Pasha's episode will air Friday March the 2nd at 8:00 and 10:00 PM EST.


February 4th, 2001


Grand opening of World famous artist, Christian Riese Lassen's latest gallery, benefitting the Millers Children's Hospital and Friends of the Sea Lions.
"8:00pm Special presentation to Pasha Grishuk, two-time Olympic Gold Medal figure skating champion"
Pasha will be presented with an original, signed 'scape' by the artist honoring her work with children's charities.


December 19th, 2000


Pasha skated in "Beverly Hills on Ice - a Winter Wonderland". Other skaters participating in this special ice show were Lucinda Ruh, Surya Bonaly, Lu Chen, Scott Williams, Travoti & Witherby and "special guest" eight year old Marina Guterres  - who won a competition to skate with Pasha!


December 1-17, 2000


Pasha and a cast of ten people star in the show "Nutcracker on Ice" in Biloxi, MS from 1 till 17 December.


August, 20th, 2000


Spotlight Productions (Daniel Weiss) will organize the ARD Christmas Gala on December 6 in Frankfurt, Germany.
You can vote for your favorite skaters ( PASHA!) you want to come there (one per category).
The eMail address for your votes is as follows:


August, 19th, 2000


Pasha had a radio interview at the Eyada website August 18th 12:40 pm NY time. You can read a transcript at the Articles&Interviews site.
You can still listen to the interview at the
Eyada website. At the home page, click on schedule ( top of the page), then scroll to sports channel ( 11:00-1:00 pm weekdays), click on Kevin Cook and click on archives ( top of the page). Pasha appears in the last 20 minutes of the show.


August, 12th, 2000


You can order your copy of Sleeping Beauty on Ice, narrated by Pasha. See the St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet skate this enchanting fairy tale. Pasha wants everyone to know that ALL profits/royalties due her will go to her favorite charity - Orphan houses. More information


July 11th, 2000


Pasha had an interview about "how to become successful" on a local channel in Los Angeles last May 16th. This show lasted for about an hour


July 5th, 2000


Pasha was in a Los Angeles film studio last few weeks narrating and commentating on a pre-made skating show that will be shown on National TV in October - 'Sleeping Beauty on Ice'. She has another commentating job on another ice show titled 'Superstars on Ice'. She will be starring/skating in her own show (title for now) 'Beverly Hills on Ice' in December. Current plans call for a new ice show to be produced every 90 days.


June 10th, 2000


Pasha will be skating with the Russian Ballet on Ice in September.


May 22nd, 2000


Pasha travels to Europe and visits the Film Festival in Cannes and
Monaco. She also spends a few days with her family in Germany


May 13th, 2000


An interview with Pasha has been published on the website Figure Skating -


April 21st, 2000


John Wilson&Co. will sponsor Pasha Grishuk. Pasha will be skating on their Gold Seal skates this season.


April 4th, 2000


The World Figure Skating Museum will exhibit Pasha's famous costumes.


March 25th, 2000


Pasha went to Diana Ross' birthday party and met some great people, like Rod Stewart, Bob Shapiro, Burt Bacharach and others. Later that day Pasha attended Elton John's Oscar party.


March 19th-23rd, 2000


Pasha Grishuk was an honored guest for an interview Sunday evening March 19th on SkateRadio with rebroadcasts on Tuesday March 21st and Thursday March 23rd.


March 12th, 2000


According to the current Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative newsletter, the American Open will take place in October, probably at the beginning of the month. In the same issue, there is a list of candidates for the Cooperative´s Board of Directors. One of them is Pasha.


March 2nd, 2000


Boise (Idaho) Pasha Grishuk had her single dancing debut at a show called "Medallists On Ice" in Boise ( Idaho). She skated two routines,one to "L for Love" by Richard Clayderman and the other one to a medley by Jennifer Lopez.


January 16th, 2000.


Wednesday January 12th evening Pasha was the honored guest of skating show producer, Mr. Steve Disson of Disson, Furst and Partners,(Starskates, Diva's on Ice,etc) at the grand official opening of the new multi-million dollar Staples Arena in Los Angeles and the launch of a new website - ''.
She met many celebrities, example: John Tesh and wife Connie Selleca, Tracy Austin, hockey players. She also hosted a live internet fan chat (being asked questions and replying to same) on this new web based sports site, for almost a half hour. She 'spoke' to skating fans all over the world and is
trying to get a transcripted copy for her Official Info Page.

" It was soooo exciting", Pasha said, "chatting live on the world wide net was great fun, and they have asked me to do it again !". " It was wonderful to hear from fans in Europe and Russia as well as in America !"


December 14th, 1999.


Pasha modelled clothes from the designer Charlie Lapson in  Beverly Hills. Many celebrities attended the fashion show. Charlie Lapsonspecializes in modern design using metallic fabrics. Pasha's main reason to do this was that all the money went to very sick children. " I did this for charity and because I love children very much. It was my Christmas gift to them" she said. International Figure Skating Magazine covered this event as well. 


November 12nd-22nd, 1999.


Pasha visited her family in Germany and celebrated her mother's 50th birthday there. 


October 31st, 1999.


Pasha regrets having to inform her fans that she is now under her doctor's orders and is unable due to a pulled ligament to either 'bear weight, compete or skate' at the ESPN PROS or other venue for up to two weeks. 

"I'm in a state of shock and had prepared two beautiful and emotional programs for my fans since many months; one 'de l'abime au rivage' by the French opera singer Emma Shapplin which I dedicated to my late father and the second; 'L - for love' by Richard Clayderman". 

" I have a letter from my doctor that my management will be faxing in to the ESPN organizers, and I hope that they do understand that my heart is broken not being there". 

" Early saturday morning I thought the World was coming to an end when my home shook violently for what seemed forever but really was some thirty seconds or so, thanks to God I am unhurt though I hear now that there are some deaths being reported from this huge earthquake and I ask my fans to 
pray for everyone concerned" 

" I hope that this non-appearance will not be held against me as I know the organizers were not happy when told, as I really am hurt and was so looking forward to going and cried all night friday - not for myself but I feel that I have let down so many who support me and who were travelling to Huntington  to see me, but I would like to be invited to World Pro's and we are discussing several other projects, tours and shows and hope to be skating again very soon ", said Pasha.   

Source: Jay Ward TPM Management 


September 27th, 1999.


Pasha has been signed to skate in the ESPN Professional Figure Skating  Championships (formerly JP Pros) this October 18th and 19th, held in  Huntington, W.VA. 
She will skate in the 'singles' category and will be required to skate two  programs, one technical and another artistic - these will be marked on a  scale to 10.0 by a panel of five judges. 

The artistic mark will be on the basis of composition, artistry and style! 

The judges are comprised from the ranks of figure skating (i.e. coaches,  former medalists, choreographers, etc). 

There will be two marks for the technical and one for the artistic program. 

Other singles skaters booked are : Elizabeth Manley and Tonia Kwiatkowski 
with another TBD. 

The event will air on ESPN in 'Prime Time', during the fourth quarter of  '99. 


March 15th, 1999.


Beverly Hills 90210 with Pasha as a single skater will be aired in the USA on  
May 12th in FOX. On April 3rd at 6 p.m. (EST) she will appear in the show "Happy Hour" on tv (don´t know the name of the channel). 


March 2nd, 1999.


Based on reliable information we can publish that Pasha will start her career as a single skater today.Pasha has had a role in the TV series Beverly Hills 90201. This is a famous teenage series in the US and also in Europe. In this series she made her debut as a singles skater.