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1990: After the Freedance at Worlds. This pair will be Olympic medallists, I'm sure of that. It is so important to do well at your first World Championships and a fifth place is extremely well. (A British commentator)

1991- if you don't know what ice dance is and you don't know what deep edges are, just look at this pair. (Dutch Eurosport commentator . After the FD)

"This team is a perfect example of the extreme depth of the Soviet pairs and dance teams."--Scott Hamilton, 92 Olympic Exhibition, Tin Roof Blues.

"Their blues was much darker and somewhat violent. It kind of frightened the audience. I sort of felt like I was the voyeur of a personal moment."--Sandra Bezic 93 Worlds, free program.

1994- She is so nervous. People say she is even nervous when she has to skate at the club championships, but she skated like she never did before. ( Dutch Eurosport commentator. Olympics after the FD)

"Certainly challenging Torvill & Dean, for that matter everyone in the competition."--Peter Carruthers after the technical marks come up/Rock Around the Clock/94 Europeans.

"Believe it or not there are specific details which will help the judges separate these teams. And this is one of them. This team has so much energy and just, fabulous steps across the ice."--Peter Carruthers/Rock Around the Clock/94 Europeans.

1994- Pasha changed her costume on the ice (or she changed her blouse into a jacket) and the commentator of the ice rink said: WOW! Which made the men in the audience whistle and Pasha started to giggle, which was funny to hear. ( Olympics exhibition-Dutch Eurosport commentator)

1994- They are in a league of their own! ( British Eurosport commentator. After OD)

"Oksana really works this audience with all she's got."--Kurt Browning, 94 Worlds before the free dance.

"They have every reason to be very happy, and they're going to make some noise in this competition."--Peter Carruthers, 94 Europeans, free dance.

"If anything, they have even more energy now than when they started out."--94 Europeans, TV commentator, free dance (second fast section)

"Very strong for technical merit from the Polish judge."--TV Commentator "Yes, very strong marks clear across the board. Certainly challenging Torvill & Dean, for that matter EVERYONE in the competition."--Peter Carruthers, 94 Europeans, free skate.

"Believe it or not, there are fine details that will separate these teams, and this is one of them. This team just has so much energy and is just fabulous with their steps across the ice."--Peter Carruthers, 94 European free skate

1995:" This Quick Step is really down Oksana's street. Every up tempo dance is down her street!"

1995 -"She is a rare talent" British Eurosport comentator after the Quick step original dance.

"This lady is a firecracker."--Dick Button 95/96 season.

"They've been in a class of their own all week."--Sandra Beziz (I believe) 95 Worlds, after the OD

1996:"They just have to get a 6.0. This Paso Doble is just as good as T&D's or even better. They didn't get any 6.0, but in my book they did." (British Eurosport commentator)

"The technique is just brilliant."--Dick Button, 96 Worlds free dance.

1996- She is so slight. Her legs are so slight and there is undoubted power in there.

1996-" Her turns are so quick, unbelievable!"- British Eurosport commentator during the Paso Doble OD at the Europeans

1996-" The depth of their edges is something to marvel at"- British Eurosport commentator after the Paso Doble OD at Worlds.

"And perhaps the dominant team in recent years."--television guy(USA)

"Yes, definitely THE dominant team in ice dance."--Peter Carruthers/96 Worlds/free skate

Dick Button on G&P's Paso Doble, "I think their style is particularly suited to the Paso Doble."

"The three rules of ice dance are speed, speed, and more speed, and they've got it."--Dick Button, 1996 Worlds, free dance

1997- I'm going to warn you all. I have seen G&P's FD in practise and it's sooooooo great. ( after the compulsories. Joan Haanappel).

The Hungarian commentator after the FD at 97 Euros: "It's simply unbelievable what they can do on the ice."

The British commentator after the Latin American Flavor at Trophe de Lalique '95:
"I'm exhausted just watching it..."

The British commentator after the Tango OD at Euros 97 (after the 6.0s came up)

The British commentator after the Arabian FD at Euros 97: "Grishuk and Platov are the very-very best! Tonight they have to be!!!"..."A standing ovation all over this arena..."

1997- I talked to Christopher Dean and he was quite impressed by these guys' FD, but who wouldn't be. (A British commentator. I think Eurosport. After You'll see).

"But the important thing is that this program got a whole row of perfect sixes at the European Championships."
"But just look at this, at their feet, the way their moving, constantly changing position."
"Just look at the way she moves, the way she stands there is the best. It's just the ESSENCE of the tango. They really do stand out in this dance."
"Can't you just feel the nails breaking?"
"With Grishuk it was practically a nail splitting emotion."--All Dick Button on Libertango/97 Worlds

"They have the best speed, flow, power, and balance of any of the ice dance teams in this championship."--Dick Button, 97 Worlds, Arabian Passion.

"The way she moves, the ways she stands the best."--Dick Button, Libertango, 97 Worlds

"Look at this, the way they're moving, changing positions, there feet never stopping."--Libertango, 97 Worlds, Dick Button

"With Grishuk you could practically feel the nails breaking."--Dick Button, 97 Worlds, during B&K's free dance.

"If one could see only this one program, it would be worth coming here to Lausanne. It has everything: speed, edge, it is tremendously difficult and probably the most sexiest thing I have ever seen on the ice."

(The German Eurosport commentator - in a preview for the Worlds 1997 where they showed G&Ps "Arabian Passion"-program from the Europeans.) "Every other Tango we saw tonight - and we saw some excellent ones - seems to be stiff and boring compared to this one."

(When they showed the warm-up, for the Tango at worlds 1997): "Now you see the best couples of the world, but to be honest, everybody here is watching G&P. When this lady is on the ice, you don't see anybody else. She can make the ice melt."

"This is exactly what a Tango should be - there is no way to make it better."
(German Eurosport commentator at Worlds 1997.)

1997- Worlds in Lausanne before the first compulsory. G&P are ready to skate:
Joan Haanappel: "And now watch this couple. Now you can see the difference, just look at her facial expressions and arm movements, THIS makes the difference.

"They really do stand out in this dance."--Dick Button, Libertango, 97 Worlds.

"I look to them to do something. There the leaders in the dance world right now. They must go out and put together something that's inventive, but stays within the rules, and they've done that. And they've skated it well. They haven't tripped up. They haven't messed up. That's important."--Judy Blumberg, 97 European Free dance

"Good, that will set them up for Worlds."--Arabian Passion, Judy Blumberg, 97 Euros after the marks come up.

"They look like they are one", "Absolutely brilliant" and "The program is incomparable, a delight to watch" (Swedish television, Arabian Passion, Worlds 1997).

"What an impressive number, they skated actually four minutes and ten seconds but the time just disappeared" (Swedish commentator on Eurosport, You'll See, Worlds 1997)

"You lose your breath watching this program. Very captivating and a fantastic performance"
(Norwegian commentator about Arabian Passion, Worlds 1997)

"Wow."--Dick Button

"She got the better end of that deal."--Terry Gannon, You'll See, 97 Worlds Exhition

"Wonderful."--Peggy Fleming

"Well you realize that she's 25 and he's 29. You just don't put together something like that when you're sixteen."--Dick Button, You'll See, 97 Europeans Exhibition.

L'Equipe (French paper, 1997)
Grishuk and Platov made history on the ice rink of Maley in four minutes time, four minutes parted them from equals and sweetness, four minutes in front of sour faces and sad old men.

The music composed by Peter Gabriel resounds, obsessing, lifts the couple away in an unheard procession of taken risks, of the influence of the body. Every second brings them in danger, she rolls around, he turns, and they rise.
It is an extraordinary virtuosity, says Philippe Pelissier, a French coach,
enthusiastic. They are always on the edges; it seems to everyone like they
perform like it doesn't cost them any strength. This is amazing.

"The admiration and the respect between us is real. Oksana is magnificent. She is really strong. With her it's impossible not to win. And, really, I think that we can't be separated. I don't think that I ever would have reached this maturity, with someone else":Evgeny Platov

"They have been outstanding best in the world the last three years" (Swedish television, Arabian Passion, Worlds 1997. He said outstanding in English so it's really accentuated)

1998- Europeans in Milan during the second compulsory (Argentine Tango):
Joan Haanappel: I have to say I'm a BIG fan of Anjelika Krylova, but this is just the best, no one can come close to this performance.

1998-"She has this overwhelming personality on the ice, so of course she will win another Olympic gold medal." Joan Haanappel at the 1998 Europeans.

1998-After the fall at the Europeans:" They solved that so quickly. She took over did you see that".

"They got to the top because of their skating skills."--Tracy Wilson/98 Olympics/Jailhouse Rock

"Look how fast they are moving in everything they do, they have time to do so many things.
When she twizzles she does it so fast you hardly see it, that's how fast it is" (Swedish commentator on Eurosport, Jive OD, Europeans, 1998)

1998:" She is just so fast. I think if she would sign up for the Russian Olympic speed skating team she would even get a medal over there". (Dutch commentator at N2.)

"Well, it's a magnificent program."--Dick Button, 98 Europeans, Memorial

"Pasha Grishuk & Evgeny Platov skated above the critics last night to sweep the judging panel during the free dance at the 98 Olympics."--Spokesman Review

At the Olympics:" She has this tremendous star quality and I love her twizzles. She is the only one who can do that." (A British lady commentator)

"This program reminiscent of the impact Bolero had in the mid-80's with Torvill & Dean."--Dick Button/Memorial/98 Europeans

"She has some spark and some flare that goes a long distance."--Dick Button 98 Champions On Ice after Frozen

Natalia Linichuk about Pasha (out of different articles):
1) She is a genius.
2) You look at her and it is not possible to turn your head away.

Kati Winkler about Pasha:
Ice dance is a difficult and hard sport and it involves a lot of theatre. Everyone does it, Pasha is a really nice person. Yesterday she came up to me and wished me good luck."(Olympics 1998 at ADR/ZDF)

"PASHA, without doubt, is the best female skater forever" (Ottavio Cinquenta)  

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