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Fighting Spirit

Growing through the years.
Fighting against all your fears.
Pulling your feelings out of the depth of your soul.
Never losing sight of your goal.

This life isn't always easy, I know.
Living up to standards to show,
You are strong enough.
You have to fight your own battle, even though it's tough.

Going to the top and staying there.
This life is hard and not always fair.
Keeping faith is all you need.
And I know you will succeed.

You put your heart and soul in everything you do.
So no one will ever be able to stop you.
And at the end you have done it all by yourself and you will be allowed,
To be proud!

By Anushka


My tribute to Pasha

The first time I saw you I admired you, but
Now I wouldn't know what to do without
Like most fans I loved your performances,
But as time went by I discovered it weren't just your dances

I got ill and my life changed entirely
It wasn't the life which it had to be, but
I saw how you fought and struggled to overcome your difficulties
It gave me the strength to carry on and I discovered my new abilities

You taught me to never give up my dream,
No matter how difficult this life may seem
You taught me that if you really want to,
There is nothing you can't do

You taught me if you keep your belief,
There is nothing you can't achieve
I'm sure I'm not the only one to whom you mean this
My life is full of uncertainties,
But one thing I'm certain about,
You will always be there to take away my doubt

By Anushka


Ice Dance

Ice is like glass, only more vulnerable.
Fire of passion will melt it;
Tears of pain will ruin its surface.
The dance in which a lie becomes the truth and in which insecurity becomes security.
Dance on Ice is like daring pain to come and get you.
One clean spot in which you expect to see the shadow of that one….
Dance on Ice to dare pain to come and get you
Haunted by memories
Only your own shadow
Not big enough for that clean spot
Dance on Ice to save yourself from slipping
Dance on Ice, the shadow of your soul will guide you.

By Anushka

These poems and picture are AnushkaR