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Featuring the Love and Romantic poetry of EDDIE J. PORTER.  Porter a purveyor of love has mastered the heart.  Romantic, Loving, Caring and Sensitive - his poetry serenades the heartstrings, lights the candles and pours the wine by the fire.  "It's quiet time as Love speaks."  He has written three books of poems: Satin TreasuresA Look On The Inside Of Me, and Angel Come Home.


Hello My valued Visitor,

My name is Eddie J. Porter, and you have entered the Love Zone. Please kick back, have a glass of Merlot, and stay awhile.

In the Love Zone a world of discovery is but a mouse click away. Getting to
know me is easy ...

For instance, to get a feel for my poetic style, locate "POETRY BOOKS" at the top of the column on the left hand side of this page, then mouse click on either: Satin Treasures, A Look On The Inside Of Me, or Angel Come Home.

Also, in the left hand column under "MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER ARTICLES ON MR. PORTER", and "POETRY READINGS",  you'll find interesting articles and interviews that speak  to both my literary and martial arts accomplishments.

For those of  you who may be interested in owning a Limited Edition signed and numbered poem(s).  In the left hand column under "POETRY BOOKS" mouse click on: Satin Treasures,  A Look On The Inside Of Me (under collectibles), or Angle Come Home.

Again, I appreciate your visit today.  May I also invite you to click on "Heart To Heart"  if you have a question or questions concerning your relationship or relationships in general, seek advice on love matters, or just want to talk about Love. Oh and by the way, before you leave, don't forget to drop by "INTERNATIONAL LOVE POETRY" and "RELATIONSHIPS". You're more than welcome to stop by any time to make a product purchase, or just hang out. 

I hope that you found your visit to The Love Zone both enjoyable, and thought provoking.   Let The Love Zone be your personal "Zone for Love".

Until next time,

The Love Zone

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