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The historical Cantiaci were the Iron Age tribes who inhabited Kent over 2000 years ago. The Cantiaci of today is a voluntary group which aims to show life as it may have been from around 80 BC to the Roman conquest in 43 AD. The village at the Riverside Country Park, Gillingham, has been built by members of Cantiaci and is a representation of a typical Iron Age farmstead based on interpretations of the archaeology of this period. The project has enjoyed the full support of the parks management and staff.


In the Iron Age village, National Curriculum history is brought to life for the many school groups who visit free of charge. The visit includes a narrated tour of the village, staffed by Cantiaci Volunteers and the parks educational Rangers. The children are encouraged to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Iron Age. Each child has the opportunity to make some pottery to take away with them. The school group unit requests a story from the children about Iron Age life. This is used as a monitor to ensure that the information delivery is accurately received.


Numerous schools, including disadvantaged children and those with special needs have taken advantage of this educational resource since 1993. In October 1997, Cantiaci invited 300 hundred children from the Chesworth school to take part in their largest ever school visit. It was a success.


The members of Cantiaci practice building techniques, metalworking, drop spinning, natural dyeing, weaving, pottery, woodworking, prehistoric cookery, net making, thatching and the growing of indigenous plants of the period.

Archaeologists are welcomed and their information and support is invaluable to maintain accuracy in all areas of the project.


All members of Cantiaci that work with school groups or in the living history display wear fully researched clothing and accessories of the time period.

Each year Cantiaci host the ' Beltane festival ', at the village, displaying Iron Age Spring customs and inviting other historical groups and traditional entertainers to show their May customs through time. Cantiaci are also popular attraction at the annual Riverside Country Fayre.


The Iron Age settlement is entirely a voluntary project. Funds are raised through public generosity, grants and film work on educational programmes. Cantiaci can be currently seen in Cromwell films production of 'Boudicca ', BBC Scotland's 'See You See Me the Romans', and Case television's production for Channel 4 'Eureka: Romans and Celts'.

New Members are always welcomed within the group. Should you wish to get involved please contact:


Chris Toomey,

Cantiaci Iron Age History,

24, Johnson Avenue,



Email:             Cantiaci

Web Master: Martin@cazmar.freeserve.co.uk


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