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Disaster stikes village..........go to the news page for more info.....

Yes its Beltaine once more and this means fun and frolic's with Kent's very own Ancient Briton's, Cantiaci.

We are joined this year by even more of our "crazy friends".

You don't have to be mad to come along - but you might be when you find out what you've missed.

Joining us this year are star's of stage and screen.

For your amazement THE ERMINE STREET GUARD. A formidable Legion of Roman soldiers, lead by Chris "the Knees" Haines.

For your wonder REGIA ANGELORUM bringing with them the spectacle of Anglo Saxon Warriors and Battle Horse's. (Special thanks to Nigel for all his help with this event:- Thanks Nigel ).

For your pleasure the brilliant Morris Dance Troop of RABBLE who have stuck with us through thick and thin and the Fantastic WOLFSHEAD. Both or which will amaze you with their Traditional dancing.

For your amusement are PEASCOD the wandering vagabond musicians will delight you with their light hearted songs.

Here's one for the ladies the ROYAL ENGINEER'S are sending a tug-o-war team !, yes girl's real soldiers in khaki - all those sweaty bodies I can't wait!! .......( sad woman!!! Web Master )

Now for some pleasure ARDEN STREET JUNIOR SCHOOL are going to do a traditional May pole dance.

You've had all the pleasure's now for the pain, we've got a BEER TENT (yepee...web master) supplied by the Flagship Brewery. So whether it's Friggin' in the Rigging or Nelsons Blood you're after we've got the lot.

And if you still haven't had enough excitement after that veritable feast, CANTIACI and friends are going to burn the WICKER MAN.

Well BELTAINE is the festival of FIRE and if you are going to do it....................Then do it BIG! we certainly are all 17 foot of him......Burn baby burn ( we hope).

It all happens on Sunday 25th April

11am to 5pm at the


Lower Rainham Rainham Road, Gillingham, Kent.

(how to get there)

Admission is FREE

but bring your wallets and purse's coz there is going to be lots of stall's selling allsorts of amazing goodies and crafts.

Just one last thing Mega thanks to our chieftains Bint Christine Toomey for putting all this together.