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We are an Iron age living history group who aim to depict life as it may have been from around 80 B.C to 43 A.D when the Romans invaded Britain. Cantiaci are not a battle-orientated group of re-enactors. We aim to recreate all aspects of Iron Age life as accurately as possible.

The Iron Age Project celebrated its fifth year in September 1998. Although the major buildings are complete, many of us feel that we have only scratched the surface of this interesting period in history.

We have worked on many living history events and television programmes. We have also educationally entertained over four thousand children with our school visits.

As well as the project, kit making and living history events, we also host the Beltane festival. I know all this sounds like hard work – well it is, but we try to have as many parties as possible to balance the hard work with lots of fun. Some of our members are infamous for their ‘partying’ abilities, and all members will agree that –WE DO HAVE A LOVELY ROOF !!

Cantiaci try to be as non-hierarchical as possible. The Tribal Chieftain is Joe Toomey who originally founded the group in 1993. Chris Toomey is the group secretary and is responsible for events and school group visits to the Iron Age Project. Carol Wigley and Joe Toomey are the current double signatories for the tribe and project accounts.

Each member is encouraged to air his or her opinions about all aspects of the running of Cantiaci. We have tribe meetings on a regular basis and regular information handouts so everyone knows what is happening. How much time and effort you put in to Cantiaci is up to the individual. Generally, the more you join in, the more fun you’ll have.

Many hours of research have gone into the production of this information pack. It’s purpose to give each member basic information about Cantiaci and the Iron Age. If you f