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 Beltaine – Fire festival.................Sunday 25th April 1999.

Traditionally held on May 1st.

Sunday 25th April 1999...........................If you would like to hire a stall ........contact Chrissy...............email : Chris.Toomey@virgin.net


Beltaine heralds the coming of summer, this festival, is to appease the God’s, Belenos – The God of Fire being the foremost deity. Summer can be a time of great uncertainty, if the weather is not fair the crops can fail and the live stock may not flourish, meaning there would not be enough food stuff stock piled to get them through the long dark days of winter.

The Celt’s would light massive bonfires, quite often on hilltops, also along with ancient tradition two fires would be lit at the site of the festival, to keep away evil & sickness, the domestic animals would be driven between the fires to protect & purify them. Sacrificial offering’s were also made to the god’s, both human &animal.

In an account by Caesar, he describes huge wickerwork figures filled with living sacrificial victims of both animal & human, being set ablaze.


Now you know a little about our festival why not come and join us Cantiaci – Kent’s Iron Age Living history group and some of our friend’s at Riverside Country Park.

Riverside Country Park.

Lower Rainham Rd,

Gillingham, Kent
How To Get There(map)

Contact Chrissy: Cantiaci

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