Links of Peace


Below, you will find several categories in which we have organized hotlinks to pages relevant to peace and conflict resolution. Select one of the categories and choose from the links that are presented.

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American University (IPCR)

Antioch University Peace Studies

Beaver College Peace Studies

George Mason University (ICAR)

Harvard Negotiation Project

Peace Magazine

Peace Research Institute - Oslo

University directory for P&CR


American Peace Network

Common Bond Institute

NEW! Common Ground Productions

Human Rights Watch

International Peace Bureau


Peace Brigades International

PeaceLinks Web

Nonviolence International

Nonviolence Web

Peace on the Net

Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Saji's Home Page - Peace links

Search for Common Ground

Center for Global Peace

United States Department of State

United Nations Development Fund (UNDP)

United Nations Home Page

International Criminal Court (ICC)












Gender and Peace

International Human Rights Law

NEW! Hunger Site

NEW! Digital Journalist