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April, 2000 Conference on Genocide in Chicago Ann Lousin at 312-987-1434 or by email at 7lousin@jmls.edu
June, 2000 Conflict Transformation Summer Institute E-mail:cspid@sit.edu WWW: >http://www.sit.edu/conflict
July, 2000 Peace Summer School in Canada Tel: (905) 628-2356, Fax: (905) 628-1830 > E-mail: info@prid.on.ca > >Website: http://www.prid.on.ca
August 5, 2000 Colloquium on Language and Peace in Finland Abstracts may be sent to my email address or by >snail mail to my HOME address 97-37 63rd Rd. #15E Rego Park, New York 11374.