Jobs & Internships


AUSPCR strives to keep peacemakers apprised as to opportunities in the field. We have established this page as a references for users and encourage you to explore all options below. If you know of an opportunity in the peace and conflict resolution field, please click here.

Position Location Date Posted
Nuclear Abolition Intern Physicians for Social Responsibility 12 Nov
Position Location Date Posted
Justice and Peacebuilding Advisor Catholic Relief Services, MD 12 Nov
Asst. Professor of Social Change and Development University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 12 Nov
Research Coordinator Association of the US Army 12 Nov
Communications Consultant Washington, DC 12 Nov
Administrative Coordinator HandsNet, DC 12 Nov
Policy Analyst Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, DC 12 Nov
Manager Time Systems Development, DC 12 Nov
Junior Analyst DynMeridian, VA 12 Nov
Research Associate Institute for National Strategic Studies 12 Nov
Executive Director Education for Conflict Resolution, Inc 12 Nov
Co-existence Facilitator Seeds of Peace, MA 20 Dec
Peacebuilding Coordinator American Federation of State 20 Dec
Associate Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 20 Dec
Staff Associate SPIDR 20 Dec