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Other Miscellaneous Programs
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8/8/2000          Of course, one thing we all need is a GOOD E-Mail Service!

This one is FREE and the features go on and on: options on the appearance, optional auto-responder, mail merge and import/export capability, html and signature preferences -- even an optional "vacation message"!  PLUS you get PAID for using it -- and telling others, too. What more do YOU need?  Well, probably has that too...

Check It Out HERE:

Free E-Mail @          -WOW!  Great-looking html links in your out-going E-Mail. This Opportunity is HOT!  ... And people WILL remember you, both for using it and sharing it!
Add graphics to your E-mail that your recipients can click on, and YOU EARN MONEY and Shopping Credits...  TONS of options are your's for the "getting", including the addition of your own personal selection of Graphic Links  -- so you can Promote what's important to YOU and your Mailing List Recipients!  
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Check It Out HERE:

Adsenger                    -Making Money Is Good!  Make up to $10 for viewing a commercial!
This program is presented by, and is creating a new media business model for the Internet. By doing away with plain banner ads and paying their Members to see a new medium of Internet advertisements, the company is attracting a vast number of users daily to its online community. Not only do they provide click-throughs, but also interactive explorations of their advertisers' websites to us, the users! These  2-Way communcation ads are revolutionizing the advertising industry by giving advertisers the ability to obtain feedback and opinions from their viewers.

For every advertisement sent that you elect to view, you will be paid for your efforts!  The Adsenger Icon sits quietly in your taskbar and doesn't take up any of your valuable desktop space or distract you when you're busy (I LIKE that!). Whenever you are connected to the 'net you will have the option of accepting ads to view, so you are in total control, and need only "accept" when you want to!  They offer other options for making money, too!
Check It Out HERE:

It Pays To          -I think this is a great idea, and if you do too just sign up, and then please tell others about it! (IPTL) is the exciting new website that will pay its members of all ages for learning lots of important and interesting things. The fun and learning all happen through short interactive quizzes and brain challenges on a variety of subjects and knowledge levels, from beginner to very advanced. IPTL is for everyone from young kids to college professors and senior citizens. And it's all completely free for everyone! You learn a lot while you're having fun....and you get paid to do it! In addition to the money there are lots of great prizes that will be given away randomly to members every month, as well as other much larger merit prizes (even educational "cash scholarship vouchers" you can use yourself or give to others).
As a member you'll be paid for each attempt at every answer or challenge, whether you get it right or not. But you'll receive considerably more for getting the answer right. So you are paid to learn lots of things you don't know, and even more if you know them already. Checks for IPTL are sent out monthly to members who have at least $20 accumulated in their "Knowledge Bank". If there isn't at least $20 in the Knowledge Bank yet, earnings will build until there is at least $20, then a monthly check will be sent to you!
Check It Out HERE:

RadioFreeCASH          -"You say you want a Revolution?  We-hel, you know...  We all wanna change the World" pays you to listen to your favorite music on their Internet Radio Station while you do whatever else you'd like—surf the net, work, send email, write term papers …whatever!  And Not only do you get paid while you listen to music on, you also get paid when your friends listen and your friends’ friends and so on…through 4 levels of referrals.  You are under no obligation and can quit at anytime—however, once you get used to getting paid for listening to the radio, you won't want to stop—ever!

Beginning July 15, 2000, you'll be able download our free RFC Radio Bar ™ which rests below your browser. You are free to do whatever else you’d like on your PC. The RFC Radio Bar ™ plays your music and monitors the time you’ve spent listening.  In the meantime you can get signed up, and listen from the Web Site!  So start making those referrals TODAY!

Check It Out HERE:

LookSmart Shops Affiliate Program          -You can build your own on-line Shopping Mecca, or just help hook up others who would like to, or BOTH!
LookSmart has a wide array of interesting Programs you can access to MAKE MONEY on the Internet, AND a super selection of Site Enhancement Tools!  Several can be seen on this Site!
 Check It Out HERE:          -A 4-in-1 email containing: An INTERNET RESOURCE of the Day, A Quotation of the Day, A Trivia of the Day and A Joke of the Day!
The world's first FREE Internet resource 100% opt-in mailing site! Everybody all over the world may join.  Subscription is FREE!  You can use the resources you will be receiving  from us to gain more internet marketing knowledge and to help explode whatever business you do on the net!  And don't let me forget to mention these guys will PAY YOU $10 just for Signing Up, and offer NUMEROUS options for co-promoting the Service...even if you don't have a Web Site, so you can really make some GREAT MONEY by sharing this GREAT "Web Gem".  That's even BETTER than FREE...
Check It Out HERE:

NetFlip          -YES!  Now you really CAN be paid--just for SEARCHING the Web...  and this program does a few more things, too!
But don't just take my word for it!  Visit the Site to learn all about the opportunity and the options; And just for kicks, if you want to, go AHEAD, you can use the search box below right NOW!  Check It Out HERE:

Dawn Hunt's Making Money Site     -Another "self-starter" with a lot on the ball, here!

Dawn is an "outside scheduler" in the Mystery Shopping Industry, so if you get involved with that type of work, you'll probably get a chance to work with her, one time or another.  She like most of us who are long-time "actives" in the MS Industry, also has a few other tricks up her sleeve, where it comes to making money independently--and with your computer.  She's a super-nice woman, a hard worker, and has a TON of great money-making leads to share!
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HERE:          -Text Links That WORK to make YOU money!

This innovative Company will provide you with advertisement for FOUR "PG-Rated" Web Sites in "text link" format.  Just place the HTML on your Web Site, just like the one below, and EARN when visitors "click through".  You can see the quality of the Sites this Service represents, and access complete information on how to sign your own Web Site up for the Program, by clicking any of the text links provided below!  This Program is very nice...

Check It Out HERE: